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Chest presentation 2.1

  1. 1. CHEST Collective enHanced Environment for Social Tasks Integrated Project Objective ICT-2013.5.5 Collective Awareness Platforms for sustainability and Social Innovation Francesco S. Nucci, Engineering
  2. 2. Title: CHEST: Collective enHanced Environment for Social Tasks Instrument: Integrated Project Mission: Foster Social Innovation and sustainable cooperation through the provision of an open collective deliberation platform to support innovative ideas and initiatives with a seed finance and crowd-funding approach. Partnership Engineering SpA (IT): Management and Coordination: PNO Group (UK): Visibility, Communication, Venture EIPCM (DE): Social Innovation, Digital Media CHEST Supporting Partners: more than 21, TRENTO-RISE Incubator, POLIMI, etc. Budget: 2,950 k euro (2,500 open) Duration: 30 months Project Identity Card
  3. 3.  Engage a large base of organizations, networks, and programs that already operate successfully in the areas of social innovation, entrepreneurship, early stage business incubation, service design, and creativity. ◦ An effective Community has been started with more than 20 important organizations already involved as CHEST supporting partners;  Create a liquid information and social deliberation platform, based on a cooperative awareness approach and implemented on top of a broad spectrum of social media, ◦ Giving voice to communities bearing interests about hard-tosolve, high-impact social problems, ◦ promoting the emergence of innovative social innovation ventures that address those problems, ◦ allowing a transparent and collective testing and selection of social innovation proposals; Main Objectives
  4. 4.  Launch and manage two rounds of open calls to distribute a consistent part of the project budget (around 2,5 Millions of euro); ◦ these funds will be allocate with a public completion for ideas on social innovation,  Experiment with and measuring the effectiveness of innovative evaluation and co-funding schemes, including public assessment of proposals, crowd cofunding, and mixed expert/stakeholders evaluation. Open Calls
  5. 5. Crowd-based process
  6. 6.    What we can do for you ? ◦ Coordination, Discussion, Events ◦ And last but not least: money What you can do for us ? ◦ Exchange of Results, Communication channles, dissemination, etc ◦ And last but not least: ideas, people What we are going to do togheter ? ◦ A new Social Innovation Cluster, success of our initiatives, more interest from the EC, community animation ◦ First Goal, a Networking session in Vilnius: Social innovation, Collective Awareness Platform and crowd-funding: a new promising synergy. Cluster Collaboration
  7. 7. CHEST Supporting Partners
  8. 8.  The SUPPORTERS of the project are of two kinds:  1) interest-bearing communities and organizations that are active in a wide range of societal issues and can put their expertise to work in the definition of problem  2) social innovation operators in a large sense, higher education institutions, foundations, venture capital firms, business incubation and creativity networks, idea management companies, crowdsourcing software providers, who can contribute with their already existing programs and tools to the discovery, evaluation and cofunding of social innovation ideas. Supporters
  9. 9.  The Direct Beneficiaries of the project are individuals, companies and organizations that ◦ not only look for funding original social innovation projects, ◦ but also wish to have their ideas field-tested by the large crowd of experts and interest bearers that will be gathered around the Project. Direct Beneficiares
  10. 10.  Here below are listed our main criteria for the selection: ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦  1. Social attitude 2. Multiply and leverage effects 3. Diversity 4. Open mind; that for us means flexibility and open innovation approach and, last but not least, ◦ 5. Passion, passion and passion CHEST Criteria
  11. 11.     Social Organisation, no profit and NGOs ◦ Solidar B ◦ ARCI Cultura e Sviluppo IT ◦ Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance D ◦ Forum Terzo Settore IT Educational and University ◦ City University ◦ La Sapienza ◦ Helsinki Institute for Information Technology Business-oriented organisations and incubators ◦ TrentoRise Incubator ◦ PoliHUB Incubator ◦ Copenhagen Business School Media and communication partner Some examples
  12. 12. CUbRIK Platform
  13. 13.  As a collateral aspect the Project will also promote the reuse of the CUBRIK crowdsourcing platform, as: ◦ 1) a means for effectively implementing the collective awareness approach to open call management for project proposals elicitation and evaluation; ◦ 2) as an asset made available to social innovation operators to accelerate the prototyping of their project and the field test with a broad audience of citizens and/or prospect customers reached over a wide range of social communication media. CUbRIK
  14. 14. ◦ Cubrik has built a “dual-core” platform for processes implementing a harmonic cooperation of humans and machines ◦ A Cubrik “pipeline” consists of tasks: a task can be performed by a machine, by an individual, or by a crowd ◦ Cubrik can be interfaced with any social collaboration tool: social networks (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn already integrated), paid crowdsourcing markets (Microtask), deliberation tools ◦ Embedded in Cubrik is advanced support for crowd contribution quality monitoring and transparency Cubrik as a collab. Awareness Platform
  15. 15. Cubrik architecture
  16. 16. Partner added value
  17. 17.      Strong expertise in EU and National project coordination and management. Deep participation in the Future Internet PPP, in the vertical uses cases (Finseny and outsmart projects) , as well in the core Platform (FI-ware projects) Since many years investigate intersections and synergies between human, business and technologies (ex. BRICKS living memory experiences, BeAware project on sustainable energy consumptions, DICET projects on participative and sustainable tourism, etc) One of the two Italian Companies in the KIC EIT Lab in Trento CUbRIK coordinator and responsible for the delivery of the crowdsearching CUbRIK platform. Engineering
  18. 18.  A no profit organisation, based in Berlin in cooperation with Humboldt-Viadrina School of Governance, Berlin based university dedicated to social change issue Expertise  Social Innovation Methodology and Approach  Trans-disciplinary playfield for learning about and experimenting with novel forms of social innovation  Relationship with the Berlin system (incubator, hubs,etc) for start-ups EIPCM - Social Innovation Lab
  19. 19.  located in several European Countries (UK, NL, IT, BE, France, Germany Czech Rep, HU, SLO, RO)  Public Funding and Innovation Management Social Innovation Transfer A collaboration is under discussion with the Netherland Government to manage a seed capital fund of 10 Millions    Innovation Place platform ( : The Open Innovation Platform supporting collaborative research through Public funding (with more than 6.000 contacts) PNO Group