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ENoLL at the Ecsite annual conference 2014 - byaversano


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Overviewing the European Network of Living Labs, its members, projects and links to the galaxy of science museums

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ENoLL at the Ecsite annual conference 2014 - byaversano

  1. 1. ECSITE Annual Conference World Forum Convention Centre - Den Haag (Netherlands) April 24th, 2014 Paolo Aversano (@paoloaversano) European Network of Living Labs @openlivinglabs #LivingLabs #smartcities #creativecities #openinnovation
  2. 2. What is ENoLL about?
  3. 3. Diversity!! Community: Living Lab researchers and Living Labs practisioners Network: +320 accredited Living Labs International non-profit association: facilitates cooperation and exploitation of synergies between members
  4. 4. Living Labs A Living Lab is a real-life test and experimentation environment where users and producers co-create innovations in a trusted, open ecosystem that enables business and societal innovation
  5. 5. Evaluation Criteria Operations: Evidence of expertise gained from the LL operations Business-citizens-government partnership - strength & maturity Organization of LL governance, management & operations Interest and capacity to be active in EU innovation system Openness: Level of own commitment to open innovation process IPR principles supporting capability and openness Openness towards new partners and investors Channels (web etc.) supporting public visibility and interaction Resources: Availability of required technology and/or test beds Business model for LL sustainability International networking experience and capability People/positions dedicated to Ll management & operations Users & Reality: Measures to involve users Reality of usage contexts, where the Ll runs its operations User-centricity within the entire service process Quality of user-driven innovation methods and tools Value: Evidence of co-created values from Res Dev and Innovation Values/Services offered/provided to LL actors Full product lifecycle support - capability and maturity LL covers several entities within value-chain(s)
  6. 6. ENoLL: Supporting organisation to the Open living labs community •ENoLL Office in Brussels facilitates knowledge exchange, joint action and project partnerships between the members •Community management, communications, dissemination •Partner in key strategic initiatives and projects of strategic importance and benefit to the whole network (14 projects) •Services to members •Policy influencing •Engagement with other networks and initiatives •Worldwide reference point for #livinglabs •OpenLivingLab days (ENoLL Summer School and Open Living Lab Summit)
  7. 7. Observing the ENoLL Living Lab ecosystem
  8. 8. Living Labs operations
  9. 9. Best practices from the ENoLL community A number of science museums are part of the ENoLL community. Spaces bringing together audiences, local authorities and researchers and acting as multi-stakeholder facilitators. - MIMMA (Interactive Music Museum) in Málaga, Spain. Involving visitors to test technologies related to sound and music - Living Lab Tokyo, Japan. At the National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation (Miraikan) living space environment tested by visitors - Universcience Living Lab in Paris, France. It groups two Parisian science centers: Le Palais de la Découverte and la Cité des sciences et de l'industrie
  10. 10. ENoLL and its projects Why? • To contribute to building ENoLL assets, sometimes also targeted by ENoLL working groups; • To support joint activities in-between ENoLL members, typically gathered in groups or sub-networks related to ENoLL thematic domains; • To contribute to meet one or several ENoLL objectives as per bylaws. Habitual tasks in projects: dissemination, community building, exploitation, linking projects to members through e.g. best practices or tools.
  11. 11. ENoLL and its projects Smart cities Future Internet Creative industries Design, gamification, …
  12. 12. The Creative Ring and Europeana Creative The Creative Ring is a new experimental community for sharing creative contents all over Europe. Four pillars: hubs, partners, tools and projects. Europeana Creative promotes greater re-use of cultural heritage resources by creative industries. It sets the stage for collaborations between content-providing cultural heritage institutions and creative industries stakeholders.
  13. 13. Strategic initiatives Collaboration with the World Bank, where ENoLL is supporting the creation of a toolbox for cities to improve public services, increase civic participation and drive green growth.
  14. 14. The ENoLL OpenLivingLab Days 2014
  15. 15. OpenLivingLab days 2014 Amsterdam Sep 2-5 ENoLL Summer School + Open Living Lab Summit
  16. 16. OpenLivingLab days 2014 A Living Lab mosaic made of: - Research day - Visits to Dutch Living Labs - Workshops - World Living Lab Summit - Networking activities The OpenLivingLab Days 2014
  17. 17. Paolo Aversano European Network of Living Labs @paoloaversano @openlivinglabs