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Analysis of Music Posters


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Analysis of Music Posters

  2. 2. LADY GAGA POSTER A seductive pose has beenHer eyes are directly used which attracts a malefacing the audience as well as a femalecamera, immediatel audience.y attracting theaudience to theposter. The colour of the poster isThe name of the album is in black and white whichclearly stated at the attracts the audience as itbottom of the would stand out if it wasphotograph, in a bold placed in-betweenfont, however the focus is colourful posters.more on lady gaga herself. The image is a medium shot and is clearly within the frame. The only negative point I have about this poster is that the date the album is released is not on it. Therefore the target audience does not know when to purchase it.
  3. 3. BEYONCÉ POSTERWhat stands out the most is Her name is in an attractiveBeyoncé herself. She is using astrong sharp pose to reflect she bold font which draws theis a strong individual woman. audience in and tells them theThis attracts not only a male iconic Beyoncé has a new singleaudience but a female audience out. The singles name is in aas well because they may aspireto be like her. littler font as that seems to be not irrelevant but more insignificant than the artist herself. It seems that the photographer has focused more on her than the name becauseBeyoncé is all in black and that’s all her fans need towhite whereas the back ground know, that she has a new singleis a sepia colour. This is out.presents Beyoncé more thanthe actual name of the album. Again the only bad point is that just like the Lady GaGa poster there is no mention of when the single is out.
  4. 4. THE HOOSIERS TOUR POSTERThe font immediatelyattracts the audience to the To attract the audienceposter as it is unusual and even more they have a saidstands out. special guests will be attending, this will make the audience want to attend the gig as they will be curious as to who theyEven though they have may be.not used the band astheir image they haveused an intriguingborder/image to The colour scheme isattract the audience. quite plain using natural, nature colours. The place where the tour will be is clearly in red which immediatelyEven though the poster is attracts the audience.effective I think it wouldhave been better topossibly add another imageto draw the audience infurther.