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Analysis of Digipacks


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Analysis of Digipacks

  2. 2. GREEN DAY ALBUM- 21 ST CENTURY BREAKDOWN <ul><li>What’s intriguing about this album colour is the image. It looks almost as if it’s from a comic book as if today isn’t a reality. </li></ul>The main part of the background is orange and yellow which could connote a new day. The fact that the image of the people are in black and white make them stand out more against the background. The name of the band is centred at the top of the album cover in an fascinating font. There is an x marked in the R insinuating the death of the 20 th century which links with the song title in yellow at the bottom. The image of the man and women is loving, which attracts both a female and male audience. However, even though this is the case it still looks more manly and doesn’t have an element of a female touch, therefore females may not be as attracted to it. A negative I have for this is about the actual image and format of the whole cover even though it is interesting a person that didn’t know the band wouldn’t know what it was.
  3. 3. MICHEL JACKSON – THIS IS IT The colour purple connotes royalty, which implies power. Therefore they are representing Michel Jackson as powerful his music is powerful and there trying to get that across to the target audience. The image of Michel is his iconic pose that is known around the world. The image I feel is what immediately attracts the audience to the cover, they know it’s him The colour scheme also connotes how Michael is known around the world as the king of pop and that’s what the audience is drawn to. Michael has been photographed on stage which represents how he was born to be on stage which again links with the purple as king’s are born into royalty they were born to be king. Just as Michael was born to be the king of pop. Here they have broken conventions of the typical album cover as Michael is in a long shot, normally it is a close up or medium. The font is bold and draws the audience in. They have never-before released which catches the audience in as they will be curious as to what the songs sound like. One negative is that Michael looks small and insignificant as they have not went with the typical convention of the album cover.
  4. 4. TAKE THAT - PROGRESS The image represents the song as it looks like evolution and how man came from apes, which links with the album cover title. A negative would be that there is a lot of space because the image is quite small. The font of the name of the band and title of the album is in a dull font which I don’t think would attract the audience much even though it was a number one album, I feel it wasn’t because of how attractive the album cover was. The colour scheme is yellow and orange which could represent a new day, which I think would attract the audience as it is bright and would stand out from other albums in the shop. The album is a representation of how much progress Take That have made and how they have formed friendship again with one of the band members Robbie, the image is the most representation of that. However, I feel if they weren’t such an iconic band and if they were an unknown band the album wouldn’t have attracted the audience.