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Creating my doube page


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Creating my doube page

  1. 2. Here is my first attempt of my double page spread. I decided not to use this one as I didn't think it was very effective, due to the white background and the title. First Attempt At My Double Page Spread
  2. 3. The First Stage My first stage was adding my chosen images. I decided to put them in a film strip. This was because I thought this would be the best way to display the images. Placing the images took a Long time as I had to make them smaller to fit into the strip. However, once I did that I linked the layers so that if in the end I wasn't happy with the way it was set out I could easily move it. The reason why I put the images on a slant was so the audience would pay more attention to it.
  3. 4. Stage Two beginning to add the text I found beginning to add the text very difficult as I had to be precise on exactly where I put it. That's why throughout this process I made sure I had the grid and rulers on photoshop appear so I could keep checking if everything was in the correct place.
  4. 5. Stage Three- Continuing to add text For the opening paragraph of my article I decided I would like it to stand out so I put a deep red that I had used on my front cover as the background. I also made the first letter a lot bigger than the rest of the text as I thought this would grab my targets audience attention and make them read the article To show the difference between the questions asked and the answers I decided to change the colour of the text to the same red as the box. As for the quotes I decided I would like to make them stand out by places box's of red around them. I took this technique from my contents page, which I had used for the titles.
  5. 6. Stage Four- Changing the brightness and contrast of the images To begin with I attempted to change this image here. However, I decided I didn't think it was very effective as it made her look very ghost like. Nevertheless, I did change this image. To this as I did think this had an impact, and I wanted to show she's very happy at home which is why I preferred the image lighter.
  6. 7. In the end This is what my finished product looks like