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Questionnaire results quantitative results


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Questionnaire results quantitative results

  1. 1. Resultsfollowing ourQuantitativeQuestionnaireBy Amy and Rachel
  2. 2. Why have we created thisquestionnaire?We have conducted a quantitativequestionnaire to hand out to 20 of our targetaudience in order to tell us how manylocations people like to see in music video’sand so on. This is so we can produce thebest music video possible.
  3. 3. What grenre of music do you listen to most 2 4 8 Alternative Rock pop R+B 6 OtherAs you can see by the data collected the most listened togenre is Alternative Rock.
  4. 4. What music video do you think from the ones listed below? 7 10 Lady Gaga- You and I Jason Derulo- Home 3 Green Day- American IdiotFrom the questionnaire we can see that the mostvideo our target audience thinks is effective is LadyGaga- You and I
  5. 5. Does the music video have a strong Impact on whether you buy the single or not? 5 15 Yes NoLooking at the data we can see that only 5 people areinfluenced to buy the single by what the video looks like.
  6. 6. Which song would you most like to see our group make a video from? 3 7 Lady Gaga- Hair Muse- Feeling Good 11 Ashley Tisdale- OverratedFrom the data we have collected from our target audience thesong we have chosen to do is Muse- Feeling Good.
  7. 7. How many different locations do you like to see in a music video? 23 One- Three Three- Five 6 8 Five-Seven Seven- Nine Nine- TwelveAs you can see from the data we have collected the most popularnumber of locations our target audience like to see is 3-5.
  8. 8. Do you like to see a range of costumes throughout the video? 4 1 Yes 15 No Not SureFrom the data we can see that a high number of our targetaudience likes to see a range of costumes throughout a musicvideo.
  9. 9. Do you like music videos to have a narrative or a performance or both? 14 Narrative Performance Both 15 4th QtrFrom the results it is apparent most people like to see both aspectsin a music video. Therefore, in our music video we will have both.
  10. 10. Would you rather see males or Females or Both in a music video? 5 3 Male Female 12 BothFrom gathering this information Rachel and I have decided to make afemale the main protagonist in the narrative telling the plot of thesong.
  11. 11. Do you like to see elements of dance in a music video? 2 18 Yes NoSince the majority of our target audience like elements of dance ina music video, we have decided to put that in our music video.
  12. 12. That conducts our quantitative re-search, which has helped us understand whatour target audience like to get out ofwatching a music video and what they like tosee. We will use this information to ouradvantage, and help it decide what wewould like to do.