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How did you attract/address your audience


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Published in: Education
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How did you attract/address your audience

  1. 1. Evaluation5. How did you attract/address your audience<br />Lydia Owen<br />
  2. 2. Front cover<br />For the font of my magazine I used a band member from ‘only boy’. With the use of direct address it gives the main image a sense of attitude which fits in well with the genre of rock. Also using a sub line ‘do you...’ Catches the reader’s attention, I also included a block coloured drum kit which is also associated with the genre of rock.<br />The use of a destroyed look on the Masthead also attracts the reader as to word ‘rock’ reminds you of destruction and imperfection.<br />
  3. 3. Contentspage<br />I chose the colour scheme purple, blue and black because I created a questionnaire and distributed it to the specific social group I was going to base my magazine on. I tallied up the results and these three colours where the most popular. The colour black gives the neutral colour of both genders whilst representing the dark qualities of rock. I would say that the colour purple represents the female audience of rock and that the blue represents the male audience. The first image shows attitude because of the body language, The second image is a an action shot of head banging, I decided to include this because that’s the stereotypical view on rockers. The drum kit is also a stereotypical instrument associated with rockers. I added a cartoon effect to the shot of a person playing a guitar to represent the ‘Art’ or rock and roll, its also a different look on guitars than a still shot of the model standing. <br />
  4. 4. Double page spread<br />I ensured that the main image for this double page spread was from a low angle shot and have direct address to give it an attitude. The use of their guitars and clothes show that they like rock music but not grunge or heavy rock. The colour scheme used on this double page spread has been decided from the results for the questionnaires. The most popular answers where black, purple and blue so I decided to use blue for the questions, headline, stand first and drop capital, I then used the default black for the answers.<br />