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Attracting & addressing your audience


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Published in: Technology, Business
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Attracting & addressing your audience

  1. 1. Attracting & Addressing Your Audience Firstly I researched existing magazines after I had determined which genre I would like my magazine to be. I researched Kerrang!, NME and Rock Sound to analyse what parts and conventions of the magazines made them popular with the audience which they wanted to attract and how it appealed to them.I found that there are many things within the existing magazines that appeal to the audience and so aimed to replicate some of them for my own magazine.
  2. 2. Masthead & HeadlineI examined the font of Kerrang! magazine with it‟scracked, distressed look and felt like this appealed to the audiencebecause of this particular genre of music, as the fans arestereotypically violent and aggressive and so I replicated this on I found that using a large headline attracted the audiencemy own masthead for ACID by using a font called Northern into the magazine, especially if the band featured wasTerritories with looked equally distressed and so I felt this would either well-known or a recently-discovered band,best attract my audience when ACID is displayed in shops as the because from my research I have determined that thegenre can be easily identified against other genres such as pop or target audience enjoy learning about new bands as IR&B. Also, the colour black is often associated with rock found this from my target audience survey which Imagazines because of the dark, sinister connotations it holds and produced in my research. I similarly set out the headlineso having this colour for my masthead is a convention of the over the main image so that it is easily noticed whengenre. looking at the magazine cover.
  3. 3. Images Also for my double page I created a photoshoot for my band members and included this look in the main image as well as smaller images surrounding it. This is because from my research I found that the audience for the rock genre respond better to large amounts of images than text, so this draws them in as they are more visual. I made the subjects in my main cover image appear to look menacing and „violent‟ as this appeals to the audience more as these words are often associated with them. The guitar and microphone in the image also help to sell the magazine because it shows a passion for music and makes the image more visually pleasing. Similar to:For my double page Icreated an album cover for I dressed the subjects in dark colours tomy band because I felt like connote mystery and make them appearthis would entice my sinister. Some images were formal-looking asaudience as they often like this have a more serious appearance to maketo feel as though they have the audience feel the passion they feel forexclusive access to content music but some were candid shots which feltthat they wouldn‟t find like the audience were involved in the musicanywhere else. This is a so they felt a connection. By having theselling technique as they „photoshoot‟ shots they audience feel like thiswould buy the magazine for is something they can aspire to be like.this purpose.
  4. 4. ColoursThe colour scheme for my magazine is red, black, white and yellow. This is because I have found these four colours are oftenfeatured heavily in already-existing rock magazines.• I used yellow as a highlighting colour to pick out important points for the audience and the things that will entice them the most(“EXCLUSIVE POSTERS!”)• Red was used for the banner because it stands out well against the white background and was used throughout the magazinebecause of the connotations it holds to the rock genre, such as blood, violence and passion. This helps to sell the magazine andattract the audience as these things are associated with the fans because they are often very passionate about the music theyenjoy. Black was used for the masthead because it stood out well against the white background and so would be easily recognised on the shelves in the supermarket/stores and so could be indentified by the target audience easier. Black has dark and mysterious connotations and so is unlikely to be mistaken for a different genre such as pop which would feature brighter colours. I also included a black The sepia tone on this image from and white photo on my Kerrang! magazine enhances the image contents page as these and helps to draw attention to the main colours fit into the colour title of the page, as well as making the scheme well and help to highlights of the image stand out. This enhance the image by is what I aimed to achieve in my own darkening a lot of the magazine. image and giving it mood and a certain mysterious tone/atmosphere. Also, the pose is relaxed/action and so this appeals because the audience feel as though they are involved in the music.
  5. 5. Posters, Cover Lines & PricePosters: These bands are well-known and would be liked by every young rock enthusiast (who are the targetaudience of the magazine) and so they appeal because the audience would often feel like they can idolizethese bands so would buy the magazine to own their images. These covers lines would entice the audience because they are snappy and quick to read, while also being quite humorous, and this appeals because fans of rock arent often as serious and so would appreciate humour as this would make them want to read more. The play on words used for Nine Inch Nails – “Trent Reznor hammers in 50 quick facts” is directed towards the male audience as this is more stereotypically likely to entice men because of the reference to hand tools. The use of rhyme draws the audience in as this makes the magazine seem more entertaining with the prospect of an innuendo on the front cover as fans of rock are more likely to enjoy sex-related humour because of “ sex, drugs and roll „n‟ roll”. The price is important for a magazine, especially a rock magazine which is usually only issued once a month. I chose £4.99 as a reasonable price for ACID because it is only published 12 times a year and many magazines are around this price range as it is reasonable for the audience as they are not considered wealthy (the TA is young males).
  6. 6. Writing StyleI spoke to my audience in a fairly informal way in most parts as this better suits my target audience as theyare more used to informal language and profanities. I have shown this often in my article and also thecover lines of my magazine.The use of asterix covers upthe profanity but still packs apunch to the audience as thiswill be the kind of language that they are used to, and so makes them feel more comfortable readingmaterial in which welcomes improper language, because then it feels more edgy which the audience enjoyas they don‟t like to feel as though they are conforming to the social norm, as it is usually considered badetiquette to use profanities in public.“passion”, “rush”, “vibe”, “mosh pits” and “wild at the word “brutal” is heavily associated with thegigs” are all specialist words and phrases that rock genre s fans are often found stereotypicallyare associated with the rock genre of music, as to be more violent and aggressive than fans ofthey wouldn‟t work in any other context, pop, as “brutal” has extended connotations pastespecially “mosh pits” as fans of pop wouldn‟t what the band member meant and this attractsunderstand this terminology which only apples to the audience as they want to hear the story howrock concerts as these fans are more it is without it being censored.enthusiastic and passionate.