Analysis of pop digipacks


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Analysis of pop digipacks

  2. 2. RIHANNA: DigipackRihanna has a digipack which is appropriate for what kind of artist she is. As an artist sheis provocative and powerful therefore her digipack helps portray this with the boldcolours and image choices. Her red hair is noticeable and unique giving her atrademark which will make her album stand out from the rest of the albums on the shelfin a shop. This promotes her as an artist resulting in her target audience choosing topurchase the album. The colour scheme is mainly red which is feminine but provocativeat the same time. She is wearing bright red lipstick making her stand out and lookattractive. The insert of the album makes her look feminine and delicate as she is layingamongst roses; this shows the audience that as well as provocative songs there may alsobe some girly and delicate songs within the album. The disks are plain yet effective asthey have an image of a rose on them. This goes with the theme of her digipack.
  3. 3. LEONA LEWIS: Front Cover Of Digipack The main image of the front cover of the CD is In the main image, a mid shot of the artist Leona has glamorous Leona Lewis. This will makeup making her look promote the artist and more attractive which attract her target will attract the audience. audience as they will She is wearing bright red see the image of her on lipstick giving her a the front of the CD and provocative image automatically know it’s which links to her her album. Therefore provocative facial using an image of the expression and pose. Her artists face will attract red lips contrast to the more buyers making her dull background making CD more successful. her stand out from the background putting The grey dress she is emphasis on her as an wearing is flattering artist and making the and feminine making digipack cover appear her appear more appealing. glamorous. She is showing a lot of skinThe plain grey background The writing ‘Leona Lewis’ is which female popmakes Leona appear to pop out white which stands out from the artists often do toas she stands out. Even though image making it easy to read make them lookthe background is simple, it works so the audience can easily more desirable.well on this CD cover as it makes identify whos album it is. Thethe image of Leona appear even title ‘Echo’ is grey which fits inmore appealing and glamorous. with the colour scheme.
  4. 4. LEONA LEWIS: Insert and CD Of DigipackThe insert of the digipack is a close up of Leona Lewis. This will furtherpromote her as an artist and attract her target audience as they willwant to see images of the artist herself. In the image she looksattractive as she is wearing glamorous makeup which presents her well. The CD disk is grey which fits in with the overall colourFemale pop artists often scheme of the digipack. There is no image on the CDhave close ups of themselves which giving it a simple but effective appearance. Thein their digipack to attract CD has the same font on it as the front cover to give thetheir target audience and to digipack a consistent style. The name of the album andemphasize their glamorous artist are on the CD disk so the target audience canand attractive image. identify the disk easily making it hard to lose.
  5. 5. LEONA LEWIS: Back Cover Of Digipack The simplicity of the back cover works well as it isThe back cover of the usually one of the lastdigipack is simple things the audience willwhich works well as see of a digipack.the whole digipack Almost all album backlayout and style is covers have a list of thesimple but effective. songs which are on theThe grey colours CD. This will inform thematch the colour audience of what songsscheme giving it they are purchasing.consistency. Thecolour scheme also fitsin with Leonas music The tracks have numbersas she sings many slow beside them to inform thepop songs about love target audience of whichand heartbreak which song is which numberlinks to the dull grey when they are listening tocolours used. the CD. This will allow them to choose which song they want to listenThe back cover of a digipack often to easily. I shall includehas a barcode on. This is so the item track numbers on mycan be sold in shops. To make my album back cover todigipack look professional I should make it look realistic andput a barcode on the back cover professional which willwhich will make it look like it is a attract my targetgenuine media product. audience.
  6. 6. PIXIE LOTT: Front Cover Of Digipack The main image on the front cover is aThere is a sticker on mid shot of Pixie. Thisthe front cover which will attract thesays ‘includes mama audience as they willdo, boys and girls & automatically knowcry me out’. This the album is hers andpromotes the album will be able to find itas these are three easily amongst otherwell known songs CD’s in a shop. Herwhich Pixie has big hair andreleased as singles attractive makeuptherefore the make her appearaudience are more more desirable tolikely to purchase the the target audience.album if they knowthe songs in it areones they like. The background is dark and plain to The artists name is written in white font make Pixie stand out which will draw which contrasts heavily to the image. the audiences attention to her and This will allow the audience to identify make her appear more desirable. It who’s album it is making it easier to also shows that she is the main focus find on the shelf of a shop. of the album as she is a solo pop artist.
  7. 7. PIXIE LOTT: Insert Of Digipack Her makeup is subtle The insert of the but still makes her digipack is often a look attractive and picture of the artist. appealing. Pop female artists want to appear glamorous and attractive to appeal to their audience therefore this image of Pixie is used to promote her. Her hair is big and glamorous which will make people aspire to be like her. The colours in this image are neutral giving it a simple but effective appearance. This makes Pixie the main focus of the Her pose with her hands on her image as she is a chest make her look innocent, female pop artist and vulnerable and girly which may her music is all about make the audience relate to her. her as an artist.
  8. 8. PIXIE LOTT: Disk Of Digipack The disk has the track list of the CD on it which isThe grey symbol on useful as the audiencethe disk is unique will be able to identifyand gives the disk each track name evenmore detail making if they lose the CD look visual more It also adds someinteresting. interest to the disk so it isn’t plain and boring. Many pop artists choose to have their track list on the disk; therefore I will consider this when making my digipack. The disk is a bright red colour which makes it stand out. This vibrant colour reflects Pixies music as she is a pop artist who sings upbeat and exciting songs. The colour also contrasts from the background colour of the digipack which is grey.
  9. 9. PIXIE LOTT: Back Cover Of Digipack The track list is also listed on the backThe long shot of cover of thePixie wearing tight digipack so theblack provocative audience can pickclothing makes her up the CD in a shoplook attractive and get a glimpseportraying her as a of what they willdesirable pop artist. hear when theyIt also makes her listen to the album.stand out from the This promotes thebackground as the album is noticeableand bold. Pixie’sbody language isprovocative whichgives her powerand makes her looklike a good popartist. The background is grey following the The barcode is placed at background colour scheme of the the bottom of the back whole digipack. Having a plain cover which is suitable as it background works well on this album is out of the way. The as it makes the artist Pixie stand out barcode makes the CD look more and makes the writing readable. professional and genuine.
  10. 10. FRONT COVER OF DIGIPACKS Female pop artists often have bright colours on the front cover of their digipack which links to the genre of music they perform. It will also attract their target audience as a bright and colourful front cover will grab their attention making them more likely to purchase the CD. Some female pop artists choose to have chaotic designs on their album covers to make it more interesting and unique. A large number of solo artistsMany female pop artists include choose to have either a close upprops in their album front cover. or mid shot image of themselvesThe props often link to their on the front cover of theirmusic and their act which will digipack. This makes the audiencepromote them as an artist as the recognize who’s album it is easilyaudience will get a glimpse of which will promote their album aswhat their music is like. The the target audience can locate italbums above have props such easily. Female pop artists areas guitars and microphones made to look glamorous andwhich link to the genre of music appealing in the image.they sing which is pop.
  12. 12. EXAMPLES OF FEMALE POP ARTIST DISKSThe disks in a digipack are often simple but effective. The designs are simpleand use colours which match the digipacks colour scheme. The CD is usuallybright and colourful to fit in with the genre of pop. The main features whichare often found on the disk are the artists name, album name and the artistsrecord label. These are important features as it will allow the target audienceto identify whats on the disk without having to look at the CD case. Anotherfeature which is often included on a pop disk is the tracklist.
  13. 13. EXAMPLES OF FEMALE POP ARTIST BACK COVERSAll of the examples of back covers above have an image of the female pop artist. Theimage of the artist takes up roughly half of the back cover and is usually a long shot. Theback covers also have a list of all the songs which are on the CD which provides the targetaudience with relevant information about what they are purchasing. It will also promotethe CD and give the audience a glimpse of what they are likely to get when they listen tothe CD as they can see the track list which includes the song titles. The back cover willoften follow the colour scheme of the overall digipack to keep style consistency and all ofthem should feature a barcode to make them realistic and professional.