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Place: Spatial organization

Urban design focused presentation

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Place: Spatial organization

  1. 1. Relaxation: Simplicity. Familiar objects and materials. Flowing lines. Curvilinear forms and spaces. Evident structural stability. Horizontality. Agreeable textures. Pleasant and comfortable shapes. Soft lights. Soothing sound. Volume infused with quite colors- whites, grays, blues, greens.
  2. 2. Fight: Sensed confinement. No point of orientation. No means by which to judge position or scale. Hidden areas and spaces. Possibilities for surprise. Sloping, twisted, or broken plans. Illogical, unstable forms. Slippery, hazardous base plane. Danger. Sharp elements. Contorted spaces. The unfamiliar. The shocking. The startling. The weird. The uncanny. Symbols connoting horror and pain. Cold blues, cold greens. Abnormal, monochromatic color.
  3. 3. Gaiety Free spaces. Smooth, flowing forms and patterns. Lack of restrictions. Forms, colors, and symbols that appeal to the emotions rather than to the intellect. Warm, bright colors. Sparkling, Shimmering, shooting, or glowing light. Exuberant, lilting sound.
  4. 4. Contemplation: Scale not important.Total space mild and unpretentious. No insinuating elements. No distractions of sharp contrast. Symbols, if used, should relate to subject of contemplation. Space providing a sense of isolation, privacy, detachment, security, and peace. Soft, diffused light.Tranquil and recessive colors. If sound, a low muted stream of sound to be perceived subconsciously.
  5. 5. Sensuous Love: Complete Privacy. Inward orientation of room. Subject the focal point. Intimate scale. Low ceiling. Horizontal planes. Fluid lines. Soft, rounded forms. Juxtaposition of angles and curves. Delicate fabrics. Exotic elements and scent. Soft, rosy pink to golden light. Pulsating, titillating music.
  6. 6. Sublime spiritual awe : Overwhelming scale that transcends normal human experience. Soaring forms in contrast with low horizontal forms. Orientation upward to or beyond some symbol of the infinite. Complete compositional order, often symmetry. Highly developed sequences. Use of costly and permanent materials. Connotation of the eternal. Use of chaste white. If color is used, the cool detached colors, such as blue-greens, blue, and violet. Diffused glow with shafts of light. Deep full, swelling music with lofty passages.
  7. 7. Displeasure: Areas and spaces unsuited to anticipated use. Obstacles. Discomfort. Annoying textures. Improper use of materials. The illogical. The false. The insecure. The tedious. The blatant. The dull. The disorderedly. Disagreeable colors. Discordant sounds. Uncomfortable temperature or humidity. Annoying lights.That which is ugly.
  8. 8. Pleasure: Spaces, forms, textures, colors, symbols, sounds, light quality, and odors all suited to the use, whatever it may be. Satisfaction of anticipation, requirements, or desires. Sequences developed and fulfilled. Unity with variety. Harmonious relationships. A resultant quality of beauty.
  9. 9. Reference: Ormsbee, S., (2006), “Landscape architecture : a manual of environmental planning and design”, McGraw-Hill, NewYork.
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