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  1. 1. spatial relationships +organisations + sense of space created by
  2. 2. space within a space A space may be contained within the volume of a larger spacespaces linked by acommon spaceTwo spaces may rely on anintermediary space for theirrelationship. interlocking space The field of a space may overlap the volume of another spaceadjacent spaces Two spaces may share a common spatial relationships
  3. 3. Linear Organization Centralized Organization A linear sequence of Grid Organization A linear sequence of repetitive spaces repetitive spaces Spaces organized within the field of a structural grid or other 3D framework Clustered Organization Radial Organization Spaces grouped by proximity A central space from which or the sharing of a common linear organizations of space visual trait or relationship extend in a radial spatial organizations
  4. 4. Associated with Associated with scary/unseen religious, spacious, creatures, minimum high ceiling, natural • horror/frightening space lighting, dark colour/blood Not properly • sacred space link/directed, creates arbitration, makes Cheerful colours, person feel puzzled • fun and joyful space entertainment feel of space • confusing space • grand/welcoming space Dark colours, use of Feel invited, situated unusual texture and at the entrance, pattern, full of more lighting and • mysterious space huge, magnificent, mystery, wide, infinite space splendid • calm/peaceful space Natural lighting, • claustrophobic space Long and narrow, greenery and fresh minimum light/air, environment, crowded and usually relaxation & found at services recreation Sense of space ( space in emotion)