The Wrongway Legacy - 2.4


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The Wrongway Legacy - 2.4

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Wrongway Legacy! Last time, we saw Whitney meet Grace at the park, a game of football, Grace leave the house of the Wrongway villain, only to bump into Liam and eventually find her way home, the birth of Alice Wrongway, and a triple birthday, as well as Ralph's threat at the end of the last chapter. So let's get going!
  2. 2. It was the early hours of the morning before Alice's birthday, a Saturday. Eli and Alice had been left to themselves for quite some time, left alone to draw. “It's funny, Elizabeth doesn't like drawing with me.” Eli noted, pausing to choose a different colour crayon. “Red crayon! I like drawin'.” Alice insisted. Eli grinned at Alice.
  3. 3. Eli leaned over to continue his drawing. “Wait! Alice! Don't eat the crayons!”
  4. 4. Alice just laughed at her older brother, and took another bite of her crayon just to do the opposite of what he said. He tried wrestling the crayon off of Alice, but she was determined to continue biting it.
  5. 5. Eli had not been lying when he had mentioned Elizabeth not joining in with him. Little Lizzie preferred solitary activities – she was the shy one among her siblings, Instead of drawing with her twin and her little sister, Elizabeth could often be found playing the piano, tapping out tunes with the keys.
  6. 6. However, as soon as Eli and Alice had left to play with something else, Elizabeth sat down by herself to draw. She wasn't alone for long – soon, Grace joined her younger sister. “How come you only ever play here if no one else is?” Grace asked, bluntly. She wasn't the boldest of her siblings, but she certainly wasn't the shyest. “Oh, you one really needs me to hang around with...everyone loves Alice...”
  7. 7. “That's what this is about?” Grace looked up from her drawing. “Lizzie, are you scared that Alice is going to replace you?” Elizabeth shyly looked to her blank piece of paper. “Maybe a little?” “You don't need to worry. I like you and Alice the same.” “But you're going to be a teenager soon...”
  8. 8. “That doesn't change a thing, Lizzie. You're my little sister, and nothing is going to change that.” Elizabeth smiled, but as soon as Grace turned away, her smile dropped. Nothing anyone said would change her mind about Alice.
  9. 9. Later that day, the Wrongways adopted their first pet. Everyone meet Edward, the border collie.
  10. 10. As six 'o' clock drew closer, the four Wrongway siblings sat down to play one last time before Alice grew up. Elizabeth remained silent, despite Grace's earlier reassurances. “Cake now?” Alice questioned again. Eli laughed. “In a minute, Alice. We have to finish our pictures first.” “She's so sweet when she knows it's her party.” Grace grinned. She looked at Elizabeth, who ignored the conversation and continued to build with the blocks. Grace sighed.
  11. 11. With one last hug off the dog, Alice insisted it was cake time now. And yes, this picture is only in here because it's adorable.
  12. 12. “Cake now?” Alice asked, impatiently. Cassidy grinned. “Yes, sweetie, cake now.”
  13. 13. “Alice! Happy Birthday!” Grace yelled. Behind her, a newly teened up Whitney was joining her Uncle Liam in a chorus of party horns. Soon, Grace would be the same age as Whitney again. But tonight was not about Grace; tonight was about Alice.
  14. 14. “Yay, I am old enough to hang out with ALL of my cousins now!” Alice cheered. “Cake, cake, cake, cake!” Cassidy laughed, and George joined in with the cheering, as Alice ran off to get dressed and eat cake.
  15. 15. “Look at me!” Alice grinned as she burst out of the bathroom. “Eli? Grace? Anyone? Come on, I want to party!”
  16. 16. The next morning, only hours after the cops had broken up yet another Wrongway party, Grace was stroking Edward. “Who's a good boy? Yes, you are!” Grace grinned. “It's your birthday today.” Elizabeth stated, entering the kitchen. Grace looked up, unsure of how to answer. “Yes. But that doesn't mean we can't still be good friends.” “You'll be out doing other things.” Elizabeth sighed, “And my twin is too busy hanging around with perfect little Alice.”
  17. 17. “Look, let me tell you a secret,” Grace grinned and leaned towards her sister's ear, “You will always be really important to Eli, you know why?” Smiling, Elizabeth replied, “No. Why?” “Because you're twins. And twins are always important to each other.” “Really?” “Really. Elizabeth, just be yourself, okay?”
  18. 18. As the Wrongways began planning the next party to take place in the household, Whitney was doing a little party-planning of her own. “Is this going to take long, Whitney? I'm going to be late to work!” Deirdre complained, leaning on the wheel arch of her banged-up car. “You don't want to help plan a birthday party for Grace? Then go to work. I'm sure Orlando can give me a ride back in his fancy loan car...” “I've only got it because I wrapped my pick-up truck round a tree.” Orlando sighed. “So, we'll throw the party here? On the edge of the woods?”
  19. 19. “Hey, that's actually a pretty cool idea!” Deirdre grinned. “I know some hot guys we can invite!” Whitney laughed, “Only if there's hot girls for me and Orlando.” “Right. Well, I've got to go to work. Need a ride home, Whitney?” Deirdre considered for a moment, “And a ride to the party later on?”
  20. 20. “I'll take the ride home,” Whitney leaned back a bit more on the car, “But Grace's parents own a pick-up truck, I'm sure they'll let us borrow it for tonight.” “Right. Just don't smash it up.” Orlando grinned. Whitney winked, “No promises. See you later.”
  21. 21. Of course, within a matter of hours, Grace was standing before her cake. Now that I think about it, I could have held Alice back and held a double birthday. Oh well. Grace waited patiently for her family to gather round the cake. It was her first birthday at home with the family, and perhaps even her last. Still, Grace grinned – the perfect place for a Wrongway was with their family.
  22. 22. And so, the sparkles came to get Grace. “Wait! I haven't made my wish!” With a giggle, Grace muttered something under her breath, before turning into a teenager...
  23. 23. And here is Grace, all teened-up and made over. She rolled popularity. Fortunately for Grace, the cops didn't come to break up her birthday party. Well, her family birthday party. Because shortly after aging up, Whitney had dragged her best friend to the pick-up truck in the driveway, ready to live it up for the night.
  24. 24. The party was in full swing as Whitney and Grace pulled up, and Whitney, despite being shyer than Grace, was bursting with energy, eager to join the party. It turned out that Whitney knew everyone there already, whereas Grace felt like she had done at the park all that time ago... ...Grace felt alone.
  25. 25. Grace was quite happy to observe for the time being – having never attended a teenage party before, Grace wanted to watch before trying to join in. However, her silent state on the fringes of the party was about to come to an end. “Hi, you're the birthday girl, right?” A girl asked, coming up to her, “I bet you don't know anyone here. I'm Penelope and this is my boyfriend, Carl, right?” Grace swallowed, and started to answer, “Yeah, I'm the birthday girl. My name's Grace.”
  26. 26. “So, is she the girl you were looking for? The girl your Mum's friend was telling you about?” Carl questioned immediately after Grace escaped their company. He wasn't the smartest of boys, but he knew Penelope well enough to know she wouldn't talk to random kids without a reason. “Definitely. There's only one Grace, right? Not sure why Ariel cares, though.” Penelope shrugged, “Come on, let's get some punch.”
  27. 27. Carl and Penelope had already moved away by the time Whitney reached the juice keg, still in mid-discussion with Orlando. “So your cousin is the red haired the art dress, right?” Orlando smiled. He didn't want Whitney to read too much into his body language. “Yeah. Have you seen her around? Since we arrived, I haven't managed to speak to her...” “She's over there, on the bonnet of that car. I'll send her over, shall I?” “If she wants.” Whitney shrugged.
  28. 28. “Don't care much for parties?” Orlando smiled, trying to be friendly, as he joined Grace on the front of the car. She looked up at him, finding him staring off into the distance. “It's not that. I don't mind parties. I just...don't know anyone here.” “Well, you're not going to get to know them hiding away from them.” “I am not hiding away!” Grace protested, sitting up. “Cars are so uncomfortable to sit on. Mind if we move this conversation to the ground?”
  29. 29. “So your excuse for not liking new people is?” Orlando wasn't prepared for the answer Grace offered him. “Kidnapping,” She said, light-heartedly. “I was kidnapped as a baby. I don't trust anyone without reason to.” “Wow. I was not expecting that.” Orlando looked down at her. “But you're okay now?” “Perfect, thank you.” Grace hesitated. “I think we can be friends, Orlando.” Orlando had no response but to smile.
  30. 30. The next morning, the Wrongways were scheduled to fly out to Twikki Island – Jim and Lindsay were taking there six grandchildren away for a few days. “Well, I was already to go to school, but going to Twikki Island sounds like a better deal.” Grace told herself as she carried her suitcase to the taxi. Despite being a tiny bit tired because of last night's party, Grace was unusually happy.
  31. 31. Once at the holiday home, the children immediately headed for the playground in the villa's backyard. “Eli! Eli! Come on the roundabout with us!” Alice called, waving as she flew past her older brother. He blinked at her. “Alice, we have one of those at home.” “Shut up, this is fun!” Alice announced. “I agree!” Frankie laughed.
  32. 32. Up on the patio of the villa, Whitney had tracked down Grace, with several questions to ask about the previous night. “What happened last night? I hitched a ride home with Deirdre in the end.” “Is...Deirdre the blonde one? The cashier?” “Does it matter? You disappeared with Orlando for ages.” “We were just talking, Whitney. We're friends.” “That's disappointing. I was hoping for something better than that.” Whitney winked.
  33. 33. The family had yet to rise from their beds on the second morning of their stay on Twikki Island. Lindsay sleepily put her arm around Jim. “Beach today?” She questioned. He didn't open his eyes. “I've never seen the sea before.” He confessed, in a dreamy tone. “I don't think any of the kids have either.” Lindsay smiled.
  34. 34. “Isn't the sea brilliant, Alice?” Eli exclaimed. Alice gave him a reassuring grin. “Eli, we're playing hide and seek. Use your twin powers to find Lizzie, or something. She's the last one we have to find.” Eli blinked for a moment. “Actually, I know exactly where she is.” “What? You do have twin powers?”
  35. 35. “I dunno if it's twin powers, but she's by the fire dancers.” Eli clapped his hands together. Alice raised an eyebrow. “That's really cool. I wish I had a twin!”
  36. 36. “Hey, short stuff, seen our cousin Grace anywhere?” Whitney asked, stopping in front of her younger brother. Frankie folded his arms. “She went with Eli and Alice to find Lizzie. The twins might have superpowers.” Frankie considered this for a moment, “why don't we get cool powers?” “We're not special enough, Frankie,” Whitney shrugged, “I'm going to go track down by best friend.”
  37. 37. Grace was wandering across the beach by herself, bored of watching the kids enjoy the fire dancer, when Whitney appeared in front of her. “There you are! Frankie was telling me something about the twins?” “Eli and Elizabeth know where their twin is all the time, not much of a big deal, really,” Grace smiled, “maybe in the future.” “Right. So let's go hang out before it's time to go to the next place.”
  38. 38. Over by the shore, the elderly Wrongways were watching the waves. “It won't be long when we get home, will it?” Lindsay murmured. Jim studied her for a moment. “We've lived long, we've seen the birth of all of our grandchildren...I don't suppose it will be much longer, but I'm prepared to enjoy what I have left.” “That's deep, Jim,” Lindsay smiled weakly, “I love you Jim.”
  39. 39. After their slightly depressing discussion, Jim insisted it was time for a family photo. You probably can name everyone in the picture, but just in case: Back: Grace, Jim, Lindsay, Whitney Front: Alice, Eli, Elizabeth, Frankie.
  40. 40. Jim and Lindsay agreed it was time to change destinations, and settled on taking the kids to the ancient ruins of Numchuck. “Right, your grandmother and I are going to eat before joining you guys at the fountain. Make sure none of the kids misbehave,” Jim paused, “that means that Eli shouldn't put soap in the fountain, like he did to the school fountain.” “No doubt he'll try that trick again when we get home.” Grace smiled, “I can handle it.”
  41. 41. Following an aged stoned path, Grace found the fountain through an archway, a stone carving of a monkey pouring water into a small pool. Grace let out a breath. “It's beautiful.”
  42. 42. Eli, Elizabeth and Alice were already at the fountain as Grace approached it. For some reason, Alice was skipping around in her pyjamas. “Eli...what are you doing?” Elizabeth asked as Eli dipped his hand in the fountain. “This.” He grinned, and threw a handful of water at his twin, making her shriek.
  43. 43. “Um...Liz, what are you doing?” Eli watched Elizabeth dip her hand into the pool in a way that was similar to his actions only moments ago. “What? You're allowed to throw water at me, but I can't get you wet?” She giggled. Far behind them, Grace pulled a coin out of her pocket. “Shut up, you two, I'm trying to make a wish.”
  44. 44. “Numchuck appreciates the offer from the eldest Wrongway!” As soon as Grace's coin had landed in the fountain, the enormous carved head of the monkey had started to pour lava. “What did I do?” Grace's breath ran short. “Numchuck knows all. For the offering, Numchuck will reveal the heir of the Wrongways.” “What? It's way too soon!” Grace gasped.
  45. 45. Luckily, before Numchuck could continue, the tour guide, followed by Whitney and Frankie came into the courtyard that held the fountain. “The fountain of Numchuck is a mystery to us,” the tour guide was saying, until he caught sight of the orange lava flow, “how did this happen?” “Wow. That's awesome.” Frankie grinned. Grace watched from a distance, trying to calm down after being spoken to by a stone monkey.
  46. 46. Back at the villa, Grace was still processing earlier events. Although it was way too early to even be considering who was heir, Grace couldn't help her curiosity. What would the fountain have said? Grace wasn't left to her thoughts for long, because the oddest thing happened...
  47. 47. “Wow, you guys are great at learning the hula!” A local grinned. Grace and Frankie joined in the smiling. “Thank you for randomly coming into our house to teach us the hula!” And that is how Grace became my first sim to ever learn the hula. Frankie learnt it a touch later than Grace, so Grace is the first.
  48. 48. “Well, I did originally break into the house to steal the stereo, but these tourists don't seem to mind because I taught them to dance!” The hula girl paused thoughtfully. “I should try this on the cops sometime.”
  49. 49. Shortly afterward, it was time for the Wrongways to go home. “Goodbye! I'll be fine in your empty holiday home with all of your expensive- looking furniture!” Lindsay gave the hula girl a curious look before taking her suitcase to the roadside, leaving the stranger to hula by herself.
  50. 50. “It certainly was an interesting holiday. “ Alice said, waiting to get in the car. “That's true. But we learnt some interesting things. Like the hula.” Frankie beamed . He had inherited Ash's love of dance. “And twin powers.” Elizabeth murmured, behind Alice. “Exactly!” Alice smiled encouragingly. Elizabeth didn't mention that this didn't compare to how perfect everyone thought Alice was, and carried her suitcase away in silence.
  51. 51. A few days passed, and a mysterious green figure was entering a burger bar on the north side of Rubix. “Mummy, that lady's green!” A small child said, loudly. “Shh, honey, I know, but it's not polite to announce things like that. Come on, let's go.” Behind them, the green lady rolled her eyes.
  52. 52. Ariel was wandering up the counter, not caring about the remarks made by people when they saw her. In fact, Ariel quite liked the attention. “Good to see the humans are observant, as ever.” She gave a tiny, mean-looking grin. “Hey, Ralph.”
  53. 53. Ralph looked up from his cash register to see Ariel, and was happy. It had been almost a week since she insisted they go “undercover”. Ralph had refused to change his identity, but took a job that Ariel recommended. “Please tell me you're here to save me.”
  54. 54. “You need rescuing?” Ariel laughed, and sat on the counter. “No, actually. You're going to be here a little longer.” “What? Why?” Ralph demanded, despite his smile. “You know my friend Angelica? Well, her daughter, Penelope, told me all about her new friend Grace Wrongway the other day. I'm thinking we can use this.” Ariel whispered, then raised her voice. “Let's talk in the kitchen.”
  55. 55. Alone in the deserted kitchen, Ariel waited for a response from Ralph. “Well, inside information is good. Does this Penelope have any idea...” “None at all.” “Why are you doing this for me?” Ralph questioned, eventually. He put his hands on his hips, as Ariel dropped her gaze. “Well...I don't like Hex and he cares for them...” She looked up at Ralph. “And I may or may not have fallen for you...” “Aw, you went all shy then.” Ralph murmured.
  56. 56. Within minutes, Ralph and Ariel were making the most of the kitchen being empty. I'm glad I don't have to eat there, to say the least.
  57. 57. It was the late afternoon of the twins' birthday, and auditions for the part of Sleeping Beauty were taking place at the school the twins attended. Elizabeth was waiting for her turn, eagerly watching the others perform for their drama teacher, Mrs Hopkins. “I liked it. Good work.” Mrs Hopkins smiled once the child in front of her had finished. “Elizabeth, you're next.”
  58. 58. Elizabeth repeated the few lines she had learnt for the audition in a nervous, quiet voice. “And on my sixteenth birthday, my father tells me to avoid spinning wheels, “ pulling her best curious face, Elizabeth continued, “I wonder why?” With a minute bow, Elizabeth grinned and headed to her seat to watch the rest of the auditions.
  59. 59. Elizabeth grew pleased and proud of herself as she watched the next few auditions. She was sure to get the part if her only competition were bad actors, or a boy who was convinced he could play the princess. Mrs Hopkins wasn't very good at containing her opinions, either, which helped. Elizabeth relaxed – until her younger sister walked in, apologising about being late several times.
  60. 60. “Once again, I'm sorry I'm late.” Alice announced, standing centre stage. “Alice, where is your school uniform?” Mrs Hopkins asked, raising one eyebrow. Elizabeth suppressed a laugh. “I figured I'd look more the part wearing a princess dress, particularly if I get the role.” Mrs Hopkins smiled. “Good idea. Okay, begin.”
  61. 61. The minute Alice began, you could tell that she wasn't just acting – she had become Sleeping Beauty. Her passionate performance filled Elizabeth with worry. “Sixteen, and the most beautiful girl in the kingdom.” Alice began, “but at what price? I am lonely, and my parents have always been too protective of me. True love's first kiss? I'm still waiting.” Alice's audition took three minutes longer than any of the others, but Mrs Hopkins didn't seem to mind at all.
  62. 62. Mrs Hopkins had her attention firmly focused on Alice and her performance, and she didn't interrupt as she had done in earlier auditions. Mrs Hopkins let Alice continue, and joined in the applause when Alice ended her audition with a bow and a “thank you” Elizabeth grew annoyed.
  63. 63. I still have a chance, Elizabeth thought to herself as Mrs Hopkins called three girls back onto stage. Lizzie was pleased to know she was among the top three, but of course, her competition now was Alice. “Girls, you've all done really well, and there is a part for each of you, even if you don't get the lead,” Mrs Hopkins nodded at each of the girls, “I've chosen our sleeping beauty. Alice, well done, you've got the lead role.”
  64. 64. The reactions of the three girls took awhile to come into effect. Alice was the first to react, with a cheer and a dance, whilst the girl Lizzie didn't know burst into tears. As for Lizzie herself? She was furious.
  65. 65. “That's so unfair!” She fumed. “Alice showed up late, and she gets the lead? She might not even be a teenager by the time the play opens, this isn't fair!” The anonymous girl backed away from Lizzie in fear, and Alice stopped her dancing to face her older, jealous sister.
  66. 66. “Oh, this is about the heir thing, isn't it?” Alice growled. “What?!” “I heard you tell Grace the other day that you were jealous of me because I'm perfect or some lie!” “So? What has that got to do with anything?” “You think that I'm perfect and then I'll be heiress, right? Well, you're wrong, Liz.”
  67. 67. “Whatever.” Lizzie snapped. “Because you've been worried about me and what I'm doing, you haven't even realised that Grace is probably heiress,” Alice stomped her foot, “you thought that you were both in the same, so you decided you didn't like me.” “That's not true...” “You've never liked me!” Alice turned to leave, “See you at home. Oh, and Happy Birthday.”
  68. 68. “What kind of birthday wish is that?!” Elizabeth yelled, but Alice didn't answer her. Straightening up, Liz looked out at Mrs Hopkins and all the kids who had been watching. With a bow of her head, Elizabeth left the stage to go home.
  69. 69. Over at the McCarthy residence, George was home after a busy day at work, and was about to lounge on to sofa to watch some TV before the birthday party later. “Hey, Ash. Hey...are you a friend of Frankie's?” The little girl looked quizzically at George as Ash smiled, “She's our daughter. This is Julia, I adopted her this morning.” “You're my new Daddy.” Julia grinned. “Well...that's a lot of information to process,” George chuckled. “welcome to the family. You don't have to be mad to live here, but it certainly helps.”
  70. 70. “So, Debbie,” Whitney said, coolly, in a different room of the house, “thanks for coming over to play pool. Frankie's not bad, but it gets boring quickly.” “It's no problem, it's fun to hang out with you.” Debbie gave a reassuring smile, as Whitney had suddenly gone all shy. “Here's the thing, Deb, I...I...” Whitney continued to stammer for a few moments before collecting her thoughts together, and added in a small voice, “I like you.”
  71. 71. Debbie was flattered, “Really? That's great news! I was hoping to ask you out but...I guess I was too shy to ask...” Whitney smiled widely. “You have no idea how happy I am right now!” “I think I have some idea.”
  72. 72. “You're beautiful.” Debbie murmured, shyly. “Thanks, I know.” Whitney winked, “But only as pretty as you.”
  73. 73. “So, yeah, Debbie and I are now an item,” Whitney concluded her tale with a modest smile. “cool, right?” She now looked to the other teenagers for reassurances.
  74. 74. “That's great, Whitney. Carl wasn't anywhere near as shy when we got together.” Penelope looked at her boyfriend lovingly. Deidre reached up to leaned her head on her hand. “Methinks I need to find myself a boyfriend.” She sighed, “So, Orlando and Grace, how is your romance going?” “What?!” Orlando shrieked as Grace fell extremely silent.
  75. 75. “You guys having been making eyes at each other long enough. When are you actually going to get together?” Deirdre questioned, as Whitney looked away from her friends to hide a smile. Orlando was speechless, but Grace breathed out, “We're not a couple, and I don't think we will be a couple in the future.” “Well, that sucks. No gossip there.” Deirdre smirked as Orlando gave her a look of fury.
  76. 76. “That's all we are to you, De, gossip?” Orlando asked, furiously. “No, I just meant that-” “I know what you meant.” Orlando said, sourly. Grace chuckled lightly. “I've got to get home for my brother and sister's party, so I'll see you all later.” Grace got to her feet and gave Orlando one last look. “Calm down.”
  77. 77. “Carl, I need to stop by Ariel's on the way home.” Penelope whispered. “She said she wanted to see me soon...and it's on the way..” Carl blinked, not quite grasping why Penelope visited her Mum's friend so often. “That's fine, precious. If we can stop for milkshake on the way back as well.” Penelope laughed. “Of course.”
  78. 78. “Nice job, De, I honestly thought Orlando was going to kill you.” Whitney grinned and pulled a face that was clearly her interpretation of Orlando moments ago. “He was this close to tearing my head off my shoulders.” Deirdre grinned. “One day, the pair of them will admit they like each other, and we can say 'I told you so'.” Deirdre's smile broadened. “I am looking forward to that day.”
  79. 79. Grace was about to get into the pick-up and drive home when she heard footsteps behind her. In the reflection of the mirror, she spotted Orlando. “Oh, hey.” She smiled. “Grace, I need to ask you...” Orlando paused, trying to build up his courage, “I actually like you in the way De suggested.” “ I like you're one of my best friends, and if it didn't work out...well, I'd hate to lose you. As a friend.”
  80. 80. “If everyone thought like that, then no one would ever get together. How about it, Grace? The cinema, next Friday?” Orlando smiled encouragingly. Grace was gripped with a sudden fear. She couldn't explain what it was, or where it came from, but Grace wished she wasn't stood in front of Orlando at that moment. “Orlando, I really have to get home. Can we talk about this later, maybe?” “Yeah. Okay.” He replied, feeling slightly numb.
  81. 81. Grace and Whitney arrived at the Wrongway home in time for cake. Liam didn't question why they were almost late, and Grace failed to mention she had taken longer to drive home than usual. “Make your wishes, twins!” Grace called, waiting for the sparkles to start. “I wish my sisters would stop fighting.” Eli whispered to his cake. “I wish I could have revenge.” Elizabeth muttered, and the pair of them leaned towards their candles.
  82. 82. Predictably, Elizabeth grew up pretty and Eli grew up handsome. Eli rolled Popularity like Grace, and Elizabeth rolled family.
  83. 83. One thing hadn't changed since her last birthday, Elizabeth still didn't care much for parties. Without a best friend to arrange a huge party like Whitney had for Grace, Elizabeth slipped alone onto one of the balconies. Out of the darkness, she could see two people standing on a balcony just a few streets away. “Looks like they're having fun.” Elizabeth smiled, until she heard Alice's voice informing someone else about the auditions earlier. “I wish I was perfect.”
  84. 84. Over on the balcony Elizabeth was watching, Ralph was watching her back. He pulled Ariel close. “If what Penelope told you about this Wrongway sister is true, then we may be able to use this to our advantage.” He said, happily. “Just as I thought.” Ariel laughed, sparkling in the darkness. Soon, their plans would come to pass.
  85. 85. And this where I leave you! Will Elizabeth be entangled with Ralph's plans? Will Grace and Orlando work it out? What does the future hold for the generation? Is Eli going to lose his patience with his sisters? Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoyed it!