The Wrongway Legacy - 3.2


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The Wrongway Legacy - 3.2

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Wrongway Legacy! Last time, we saw the generation arrive at university. Grace arranged a date with Orlando, but had to dash home unexpectedly and Orlando believed he was stood up – Deirdre comforted him just as Grace showed up. Eli and Deirdre got a little closer, Elizabeth met Knut Wheeler, and began dating him. Elizabeth also left to visit the family villain, Ralph, only to be killed by his sidekick, Ariel. Using their twin telepathy, Elizabeth was able to give Eli her final message. Eli also managed to get Orlando and Grace back together right at the end of the chapter. So, let's begin. :)
  2. 2. When you try your best but you don't succeed, When you get what you want but not what you need, When you feel so tired but you can't sleep Stuck in reverse.
  3. 3. And the tears come streaming down your face When you lose something you can't replace When you love someone but it goes to waste...
  4. 4. Could it be worse?
  5. 5. The autumn air was warm as the Wrongways gathered at the beach, but the sea was too cold to swim in. Time had passed since Elizabeth had died, but it was still fresh in the memories of every single Wrongway. Grace stood on the hill, a smile on her face as she watched her family enjoy the last of the sunshine.
  6. 6. “Someone looks deep in thought,” Orlando said, as he arrived at Grace's side. She dropped her hands from her hips, but continued watching her family. “I was. You know, recent events, Orlando, have shown me that time is short.” Grace told him, quietly, her attention elsewhere. “No, Grace. Life is short, but time...we have all the time in the world.” Orlando smiled. He was feeling cheerful despite everything that had happened. “Either way, it won't be long until I graduate.”
  7. 7. “Grace, are you worried about life being as short as it is?” Orlando asked, seriously. “Is this because of Elizabeth?” “I miss her, Orlando. Everyday. Her death just proves we can go at anytime.” Grace pulled a face – she was hoping to live until she was a grandmother. “If any of us can go at anytime, Grace, it gives us a reason to live like there's no tomorrow,” Orlando grinned. “Elizabeth would have wanted you to make the most out of your life, wouldn't she?” Grace nodded, and cracked a small smile. She reached into her pocket.
  8. 8. Grace sunk to one knee, heart pounding. “Orlando, I hope you don't think I'm rushing things, but I want to be by your side for the rest of time...” “Are you proposing, Grace? I thought I was supposed to do that!” Orlando laughed. “Well, I wanted to do it. Will you marry me, Orlando?”
  9. 9. “I will.” Orlando put the shiny ring on his finger and smiled at it. “But promise me you didn't just propose because you think time is short.” “Orlando, I love you and I always will, that's why I proposed.” Grace tried to sound honest. Of course, what she said was true, but time was now a worry occupying Grace's mind.
  10. 10. “Grace, I promise you, we'll have the most beautiful wedding. I can't wait to be Mr Wrongway.” “I'm glad to hear that.” And Grace pulled him close.
  11. 11. Down on the beach, Eli was sat with his long-term girlfriend, Deirdre, the waves slowly washing in, slowly soaking the couple. “Did you hear that, Eli?” De asked, happily, glancing over her shoulder at Grace and Orlando. “Grace just proposed!” “That's great! I'm glad she's back with Orlando,” Eli sighed, “If I proposed, would you say yes?” A shiver went down De's spine.
  12. 12. “Yes, I think I probably would. I quite like the idea of being a blushing bride,” De looked out at the waves, as Eli grinned, “But we're almost at the end of our Junior year. We should wait until we're seniors to make it official.” “Absolutely. I will ask you to marry me at some point before we graduate.” Eli promised, and turned his attention back to the waves. De didn't try to hide her smile. Truthfully, she couldn't wait until she could wear his ring on her finger. But the little romance sim inside her wouldn't agree.
  13. 13. Whitney and Debbie were already engaged, and the pair of them were too busy to hear the announcement of Grace's engagement. Alice wandered past their beach towels. “Hey, I'm the only single one on the beach!” Alice told them, “Grace just proposed.” “Really?” Whitney said, not moving, “That's great! Just you, and my siblings left now.” “No fear, I'm not getting engaged anytime soon.”
  14. 14. While Alice wasn't dating anyone, Julia was dating everyone. Frankie McCarthy was more or less settled with his choice of bride – the family placeholder, Stella Torrano. “It's your party tonight. Last night before you leave us for the real world.” “I know,” Stella smiled, a touch of sadness in her voice, “But let's forget about reality and the world for tonight. Let's just enjoy ourselves.”
  15. 15. The party began shortly after that, and Stella, one of the shyer members of the household, disappeared into the crowd, whereas the bolder sims danced in full view of their guests. Like De and Eli here.
  16. 16. “Alice! There you are! Julia went to the trouble of inviting a good-looking guy to the party for you, so you're going over there, right now, to talk to him.” Grace grinned, pointing to a guy dancing alone in the corner. “Do I get a choice in the matter?” Alice asked, tiredly. “No. Go talk to him. Okay?” Grace didn't leave room for any more objections, and instead, pushed her little sister in the right direction.
  17. 17. “Hi, I'm Alice, you must be the guy Julia invited over,” Alice smiled politely, and thought to herself, He's good looking, I'll give Julia credit there. “Right. Well, the name's Jerry. Jerry Thompson.” The guy returned her smile, but said no more. “Um,,,well...” Alice couldn't think of anything to say, and made a mental note to guilt-trip Julia and Grace later. “Want to dance?” Jerry suggested, and Alice grinned. “Please.”
  18. 18. The party continued, Alice spending a majority of her time talking to Jerry, and, just as predicted, the pair were good friends as the night wore on. Frankie tracked down Stella's hiding spot, and the pair of them jumped in the hot tub, while Grace grabbed the microphone and sang the night away, completely care-free. The party was turning out to be a good one.
  19. 19. “So how about you and I go out sometime?” Jerry asked Alice, hopefully, “Like on a date.” Alice immediately took a step back, “No! No, I don't date. Sorry, no.” “What? All of this flirting and you don't date? Will you even keep in touch after the party?!” Jerry scowled as Alice folded her arms. “It's not you. It's anyone. I just don't date.” Alice turned away, but called back, “Look, I'll see you around.” Jerry sighed and relaxed his expression. The girl of his dreams didn't date.
  20. 20. Meanwhile, outside, Frankie and Stella had got out of the hot tub, and were stood facing each other in the quiet calm outside the party. “My last night has been fun,” Stella said, a small smile on her face. “I'll still see you after you go, right?” Frankie questioned. Stella nodded. “I hope so. I love you, Frankie.” “In that case...”
  21. 21. “Stella Torrano, will you marry me?” Frankie asked, falling to one knee. “Aw, how long have you been waiting to ask me this?” “A long time,” Frankie winked, “So, will you marry me?”
  22. 22. “Oh Frankie, yes I will!” Stella launched herself into Frankie's arms. “I'm so glad to hear you say that.”
  23. 23. “Excuse me, but I need to talk to a placeholder or someone.” “Right. Well, as of tomorrow, I'm the official placeholder of Wrongway House, so what do you need?” “I was invited to this party with the promise of a hot sister-cousin-type person. Someone named Alice? Have you seen her? Because I certainly haven't.” “Oh, you're the mysterious hot guy Julia sent our way.” The placeholder, Shenene, smiled, “Alice met another guy who better suits her. Sorry.” The stranger frowned, and left, muttering to himself.
  24. 24. The guests were leaving slowly and Stella left the company of Frankie to have a serious discussion with Shenene. “You'll have to stock up the fridge, none of these sims remember to go shopping for food, and...if Eli is cooking, the number for the fire service is on speed dial, the spare juice kegs are in the cupboard in the red corridor-” “Stella, everything will be fine, stop flapping.” Shenene lifted a hand, “Just relax.” “Okay, I know I can count on you.” Stella smiled.
  25. 25. The morning came quicker than the house anticipated, and a length of time was spent saying goodbyes. A horn tooted from outside. “That's my cab,” Stella announced, and she smiled at each member of the house.
  26. 26. “Bye Stella!” Grace waved. As soon as the taxi turned round the corner, her smile began to droop. “Mine and Whitney's last semester. Time flies.”
  27. 27. Now he was a senior, Eli had decided to take studying more seriously, and headed down to the local library. His quiet, studious silence was interrupted by somebody behind him. “Hey, Eli!”
  28. 28. “Knut, hi.” Eli smiled. Knut was frowning at Eli and he folded his arms. “You're going to find a way to bring Elizabeth back.” “You're in the secret society, Knut, surely you can do something!” “Our resurrection phone was stolen. Eli, you have to bring my soulmate back. Surely you miss her too?”
  29. 29. Eli thought for a moment. His last talk with Elizabeth had been a little comforting in his time of grief, but Knut was right. Eli did miss his sister. “Alright. After graduation, I'll do everything I can to bring Elizabeth back.” “Thank you, Eli, you have no idea how much she means to me.”
  30. 30. “And you have no idea what she means to me.” Eli murmured.
  31. 31. In a garden on the outskirts of Downtown Rubix, Alice and Julia were stood at the foot of an enormous statue, deep in thought. Julia fidgeted slightly. She wasn't so good with keeping still, preferring to be busy and doing things all the time. “Alice, do you need much longer or...?” Julia let her words trail off, and Alice tore her attention from the statue to glance at Julia. “Go on without me. I'll be home later, I promise.” “Okay, Alice. Try not to over-think.” Julia said, meaningfully. Alice waved her off.
  32. 32. With a sigh, Alice sat down on the bench. Of course she was here to think about Elizabeth. There were so many what-ifs that had passed Alice's brain since the day of Elizabeth's death – what if they had been better sisters, what if Elizabeth had been heiress, what if, what if, what if. However, Alice's thoughts were soon disturbed.
  33. 33. “Hey, Alice.” Jerry nodded once, and offered a smile. In those few minutes, Alice's mood changed dramatically. She was no longer distant and mourning. She was annoyed.
  34. 34. “What the hell is your problem, Jerry? I came here for a few moments to think about my sister, and you follow me here to ask me on a date?!” Alice let out a sharp sigh, “That's low. Real low!” “Alice, I have no idea what you're on about. I just bumped into Julia, and she said that-” “Stay away from me and my family! Stalking me won't get me to date you!”
  35. 35. “You know what? I don't care if you think that about me. I know that I wasn't looking for you when I left my dorm this morning.” “Jerry, I told you I don't date.” “That wasn't why I was here.” Jerry sighed. “Alice, you don't date, I get that, but who said we couldn't just be friends?”
  36. 36. Suddenly, Julia came back, seemingly out of nowhere. “Oh no you don't. You two have chemistry. You spark. You're going on a date.” “Do I get a say in this?” Alice asked, tiredly. Jerry grinned at Alice. “One date can't hurt. I promise you won't regret it!” “Go for it, Alice.” Julia nodded, “One date honestly won't hurt.” “Fine. When and where?” Alice eventually gave in.
  37. 37. Alice showed up for her date, making no more effort than usual with her appearance. She was glad for this, because when she sat down, Jerry clearly had made no extra effort. After that, the date progressed naturally, and Alice realised that Jerry was more than she originally thought. “You know, Jerry, this has been really fun.” “I'm glad you finally let me take you out.”
  38. 38. “Well, I hope it isn't too soon...” Alice put a velvet box on the table and pushed it towards Jerry. “I've learned that I always want to see you...that I never want to lose touch...” For the first time since Alice had learned to talk, she was speechless.
  39. 39. However, Jerry needed no further words; he had already received the message. “You want to marry me?” He questioned in a small voice. Alice nodded, “I hope it's not too soon...”
  40. 40. “Oh, Alice,” Jerry smiled, picking up the small gold ring from the box. “I will!” Inside, Alice was thrilled, but she decided not to make a huge girly-squeal in the middle of the restaurant. Either way, she now had Jerry's promise that he would never leave.
  41. 41. A few days passed, and it was time for Whitney and Grace to graduate. Of course, Whitney had decided to announce this while standing on the sofa, and Grace had gone along with it. “We did it, we did it!” Whitney sang. Her family laughed. “Toga party, or full-on graduation caps and gowns party?” Julia asked. Grace and Whitney exchanged a look. “Definitely toga!”
  42. 42. “Better get the spare bedsheets out.” Frankie smiled. “I'll get the keg.” Alice added, quickly. Eli grinned at his younger sister. “Is that so you don't have to draw up a guestlist?” He questioned. “It's quite easy, by this point – partners and whoever happens to be wandering by.”
  43. 43. The Wrongways put the stereo on before their guest arrived, and erupted into a family dance. The last dance. “You know,” Whitney said, breathlessly, “This is probably the last time any of us will live with our siblings.” “Forget about that for tonight! Forget everything except the music!” Julia shouted from her position by the speakers. “Amen to that!” Alice called back.
  44. 44. Soon, the family dance dissolved as the guests arrived. “You call that a toga?” Eli grinned as he started dancing with De. “Can you truthfully say that you're wearing a toga?” She raised an eyebrow. “Good point. Let's just dance.”
  45. 45. As the party got into full swing, less and less attention was paid to guests who weren't romantically involved with the members of Wrongway House. Knut was feeling very left out as he lined up the snooker table. Still, he had Eli's promise that Elizabeth would eventually be brought back. All he had to do was wait.
  46. 46. Eventually, ACR dragged couples off to bedrooms and the hot tub, while Eli sunk to one knee. “I know I said I would propose a semester ago. But I decided to wait until now...De, I know you're a romance sim, but will you marry me?”
  47. 47. “You want to marry me?” De smiled, “Of course I want to be your bride, Eli!”
  48. 48. “Oh, De.” Eli held his wife-to-be. “Hot tub?” “Hot tub.” She agreed, as the door opened behind them.
  49. 49. Elizabeth stumbled in, with tell-tale signs that she was a zombie. She gave a slow chuckle. “Congratulations, Eli.” The room fell silent other than the music pumping out of the stereo.
  50. 50. “Elizabeth? You're alive?” Eli questioned, as the family and guests gathered round. “Not technically.” Elizabeth smiled, “But good enough.” “Elizabeth!” Came another voice, pushing their way through the crowd.
  51. 51. Knut put his arms around Elizabeth. “That's definitely Elizabeth.” Eli grinned, “We're linked by the telepathy again.” Some of the others smiled, and agreed, but Grace wasn't so sure. They had mourned Elizabeth, they had tried to move on, yet here she was alive. But then something else struck Grace's mind. “Elizabeth, you're home!”
  52. 52. Carefully, Elizabeth dropped down to one knee. “Knut, while I was dead, I realised that I should have proposed to you before I died...will you marry me?” “Oh, Elizabeth. Of course I will.”
  53. 53. Outside, Hex and my simself were smiling after dropping Elizabeth off at the Greek House. “Did we do the right thing?” I asked. “She's back with her family,” Hex said, happily, “That's all that matters.”
  54. 54. So the party continued, with usual toga-party antics. Taking all bets on who will still be wearing their toga at the end of the party. Anyway, after the party, Whitney and Grace phoned for cabs, and went back to Rubix to plan their weddings.
  55. 55. The next morning was the morning of Grace's wedding. Orlando arrived bright and early in order to meet Grace's parents, both of which had aged in the time spent away from home. “Mum, Dad, this is Orlando.” Grace laughed as Orlando put his arm around her. Cassidy and Liam exchanged a look. “I thought it was bad luck to see the bride before the wedding?” Liam asked. “Only if you believe it is, sweetheart.”
  56. 56. Cassidy and Liam gave their approval to their daughter's choice of spouse, and Liam delivered his “break her heart, I'll break your legs” speech, as the guests began arriving. The late spring day was perfect for a walk down the aisle.
  57. 57. “She's beautiful.” Someone murmured as Grace nervously walked up the aisle. What if Orlando left her at the alter? In front of all her friends and family? Grace didn't need to worry, as Orlando was waiting patiently, a smile on his face.
  58. 58. “Ready to become Mr Orlando Wrongway?” Grace questioned, in a whisper. “I've always been ready, Grace.” He grinned. “You look beautiful.”
  59. 59. “Grace, I promised you could trust me, years and years ago, but you can still rely on it. I will never leave you, and I promise to love you until death do us part.” Orlando gave a warm smile. “And I'd still love you then.” “Oh, Orlando.” Grace put her hands together, “Words can't describe how much I love you. I promise I will love you until the end of time. Forget death.”
  60. 60. Once the vows had been made, then came the exchange of rings. Grace was married, something she never thought would have happened, back when she was growing up at Ralph's, or at her first party. Grace was glowing with happiness.
  61. 61. And here is where I leave you! Join us next time for more weddings, the birth of generation four, and more! Thanks for reading!