The Wrongway Legacy - 2.5


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Teenage times as Grim pays a visit (or two)

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The Wrongway Legacy - 2.5

  1. 1. Welcome back to the Wrongway Legacy! Last time, most of the generation had a birthday at some point, Jim and Lindsay took their grandchildren to Twikki Island, where Eli and Elizabeth discovered they had a “twin telepathy” of sorts, and Grace came close to finding out who would be heir. After the holiday, Alice got the lead in a school play, a role which Elizabeth wanted, and we ended with a birthday party. So, onto this chapter!
  2. 2. It was Friday night, and Lindsay was bored. Tomorrow, a party would be taking place in the same room, because Alice was turning into a teenager, but right now, there was nothing. “Hmph.” Lindsay coughed, “I suppose I could stargaze.”
  3. 3. A brisk winter chill let itself in when Lindsay opened the door, an ice cold breeze that felt like death itself. Oh, wait, it was death. “Lindsay Wrongway, your time on this Earth is up.” Lindsay didn't dare look back, as she knew there was only one voice in the world that could make her flesh crawl and spine tingle like that. The Grim Reaper had well and truly arrived.
  4. 4. Death affects everyone, but in a variety of ways. No one could tell if Alice was putting up a front so that she could cry later, whether Elizabeth had disappeared so she could be alone, or why Eli had a mental breakdown. “Shh, Eli,” Grace murmured, comfortingly, pulling her only brother into a hug. “Death is part of life as much as family is. We have to accept it.” “Grace, why did Grandma go tonight and Grandpa not yet?” “Grandpa has a bit of time left with us yet, Ali. But I'm not sure how long.”
  5. 5. Grace spoke truthfully – Jim did still have a while to go, but how does one go on when their soulmate has passed? “Life will never be the same!” Jim sobbed. Apparently, it will. About two hours later, Jim rolled the want to fall in love.
  6. 6. But of course, that want faded quickly when Jim visited the urn of his dearly beloved. Lindsay's will left us enough money to build a mausoleum, where one day, all the portraits and urns will be stored. Jim, however, would never be the same again.
  7. 7. With death still fresh in their minds, the cousins decided to spend their Saturday together. “I don't get why the teenagers said they'd take us out and then dump us in the park while they go have fun!” Alice groaned. “Parks are so boring now.” “I still like the park.” Julia smiled, whimsically. “Bah, teenagers think the park is lame.” Frankie was clearly on Alice's side in this opinion. “But we'll be able to join them soon.”
  8. 8. “I'm not a teenager until next week.” Julia frowned. Frankie leaned back and gave another one of his cute smiles. “You're cool enough to hang around with me and Alice.” “Really?” Julia's smile was huge. Alice sighed. “I still wonder what the teenagers are doing that is so fun we can't join.” She said.
  9. 9. “Okay, Eli, meet my friends, Orlando, De, short for Deirdre, Penelope and Carl.” Grace waved at them, and Eli grinned. “Hi! I'm Grace's brother!”
  10. 10. “We gathered that much, Eli.” Penelope giggled a little, dancing with her boyfriend. “I didn't make that assumption.” Carl smiled, “nice to meet you, Eli.” Orlando was watching Carl, curiously. Something had been off with Penelope and Carl lately, but he couldn't place what it was. Orlando turned to face Eli. “Good to meet you. I know family is important to Grace.”
  11. 11. “What's your verdict, De?” Whitney asked. She was quickly becoming Deirdre's best friend, but Whitney would never admit that to Grace. Grace was her first best friend, and Whitney wasn't likely to forget that. “Your cousin is cute.” Deirdre commented, dancing furiously, “Does he have a girlfriend?” “He grew up three or four days ago. I doubt it.” Deirdre grinned at Whitney. “I'm not about to change that status. I'm such a heartbreaker, it'll do him no good.” The pair of them laughed.
  12. 12. “So, how are you, best friend of mine?” Grace questioned, sitting down next to Orlando. She couldn't figure out why he wasn't dancing, but decided not to mention it. “Good. It's been a few weeks worth of parties and hanging out now.” A smile appeared on Orlando's face, “Life is good.” “Glad to hear it.”
  13. 13. “Aw, is my big brother not cool enough to hang with the teenagers?” Alice teased as Eli sat down with his younger cousins. No one had noticed him leave, but he hadn't felt comfortable with Grace's friends. “Shut up, Ali,” Eli smiled, “What are you lot talking about?” “Wondering what's so cool about teenage parties.” Julia gave a small smile. “It's unexplainable, Julia. Let's just say our older sisters are well-connected teenagers.”
  14. 14. A person caught the corner of Eli's eye. “Hey, who's that?” “How are we supposed to know?” Grumbled Alice, “we're not well-connected teenagers with an elaborate circle of friends.” “Hold that thought.” Eli whispered.
  15. 15. On the swings not too far from Eli, was a beautiful young girl, wearing clothes that weren't suitable for the late autumn weather. She didn't seem to feel the cold, but she felt Eli's stare. She grinned at him, hoping she had found someone to talk to at last.
  16. 16. “Hey, good-looking. I just noticed we've got three natural bolts.” Eli smiled. The girl looked at him for a moment. Eli nibbled his lip. “I guess I am kind of good-looking...” She smiled, “Actually, you're not so bad yourself.” “Yeah, I've been told that before.” “Really?” “No. I just presumed I was good-looking.”
  17. 17. “Male stereotype.” The girl chuckled. “My name's Nancy, what's yours, pretty- boy?” “Pretty-boy? I could get used to that. No, my name's Eli.” “That's an interesting name for an interesting boy.” “Is this flirting going to go anywhere, or should I just announce that I'm taking you out sometime?” Nancy laughed again.
  18. 18. “Oh, this flirting is definitely going somewhere.” Nancy winked. “So where would we go, say if, you were taking me out.” “I'd take you to the best places I know. Like the clifftop my sister told me about, where you can see all of Rubix. Or the quaint little street where my Dad got his first kiss. Or out to dinner, a classic way to win a girl's heart.” “You would do that, for me?” “Of course I would,” Eli grinned, “Three bolts!”
  19. 19. “Then I insist you take me out sometime.” Nancy put her arms around Eli. “Okay. Where do you want to go? One of the places I suggested, or somewhere else?” “Anywhere is fine by me as long as you're there with me.” “Sounded like poetry, that did.”
  20. 20. Soon, Eli and Nancy stopped talking, filling the silence with their kisses.
  21. 21. “I don't understand.” Alice complained, “Why does Eli want to hang around with that teenager, but not the other ones?” She'll understand when she's older.
  22. 22. Meanwhile, the other teenagers had decided to head home, whilst Orlando and Grace finished up their conversation. “Okay, I completely understand that you were kidnapped as a baby and that's going to have repercussions and whatever, but why won't you trust me enough to date me?” Grace put her hands on her hips. “I'm trying! I'm trying to learn to trust! It's difficult!”
  23. 23. “Orlando, I like you, but I don't know if I can manage being that close to someone. It terrifies me.” “Like I said, I understand. I'll always be there for you, though. I'll never let you down.” Grace's heart started pounding and the voice inside her head was chanting Now or Never. Now or Never. Now or Never.
  24. 24. Grace decided upon Now instead of Never, and leaned forward to kiss Orlando. After spending quite a while avoiding this exact situation, Grace was sure this was the right way forwards. Orlando was pleased to say the least – his heart was set on Grace since the day they met.
  25. 25. “Thank you for being such a good friend, Orlando.” Grace murmured, pulling him into a hug. “You're welcome. Like I said, I'll never let you down.” “I know I can trust that.”
  26. 26. “So then, Edward, Orlando tells me he's never going to let me down. I'm pretty sure I can trust that, but what do you think?” Grace questioned, rummaging around in the fridge. Edward gave a small bark. “I think it sounds sweet.” Grace looked over her shoulder in surprise, only to find Liam entering the kitchen, chuckling.
  27. 27. “Oh, it's only you, Dad.” Grace sighed with relief as Edward disappeared into the living room. “Yes, 'only' me, your father.” Liam laughed. “I need to talk to you about something, is that okay?” “Sure, fire away.” “I passed by the nursery the other day, and it got me thinking. My mind was running in circles, you see.”
  28. 28. Liam hoisted himself up onto the counter. “My thoughts came out something along the lines of 'just think, the next baby to be born in this house will be Grace's'. At this point, I hadn't even thought about heirs.” Liam turned to look at his eldest as Grace turned to look at him. “Grace, you're my heiress.”
  29. 29. Grace continued steadily mixing her recipe as Liam waited. “Say something, sweetie, I need to know if you want the job.” “I'd be more than happy to do it, but don't you think you should pick one of the bolder kids, like Alice or Eli?” “Grace, you doubt yourself. Sweetie, you've done nothing but try to keep your siblings together since you returned. You've proved that this family is important to you, and I want you for my heiress. Will you be my heiress?” “I will do it.” Grace grinned.
  30. 30. Soon, it was cake time once again. “I wish...I wish that the play will go well next week!”
  31. 31. Liam watched from a distance as his youngest grew into a young lady. It was official – he felt like an old man now. Four teenage children. Soon, he would retire and hand heirship over to the next generation. It was a peculiar thought. Liam shook his head at himself and went over to congratulate his daughter.
  32. 32. “This is insane!” Alice was saying, as Liam approached. “Look at me! Seriously, look!” Alice grew up predictably gorgeous, and rolled Fortune, with a LTW of earn $100,000.
  33. 33. “I have an announcement to make,” Liam called, loudly. “What's the matter, Liam?” Cassidy asked. “This was originally going to be about heirship, but apparently, the family problem has decided to get in the way of tonight's celebration...”
  34. 34. True his word, the family 'problem', as it had been nicknamed by the Wrongways, was stood outside in a light dusting of snow. “Ready?” Ralph asked. Ariel smiled evilly. “When was I ever not ready?” “Wrongways,” Ralph yelled, “If you do not surrender yourselves, I will torch your house, with you inside it. Simple as.”
  35. 35. “Right, I'm going out there. After everything they've put this family through...” George began to head for the door. “I'll distract him, you sneak the kids out via the backdoor, so we know the next generation is safe.”
  36. 36. “George, he'll kill you. I'll come with you.” Ash frowned. She had stood up to Ralph before, no way was she going to let George die. She wondered, briefly, if Hex would come to their rescue again.
  37. 37. “You'll never get away with this,” George said, strongly. “You'll never kill my family.” “Yes, I will.” Ralph replied, bored. “But not until after I've killed the Wrongways. Wait your turn, yes?” “You'll never kill them.” “So sure?”
  38. 38. Ralph nodded once to Ariel who started to throw magic at George, knocking him again and again. “This is fun!” She cackled. George fell in a heap on the floor.
  39. 39. “If you're quite finished trying to kill my husband.” Ash said, confidently, as she stood in front of Ralph and Ariel. She knew Hex wasn't coming, she could feel that, but she knew she could do this on her own. “Not quite, he's alive, but go on.” Ralph sighed. “I'll make sure you never kill a Wrongway.” “On the contrary.” Ralph nodded at Ariel. “She's harmless, kill her.”
  40. 40. “Harmless, hey?” Ash asked, the familiar sparkles appearing around her. “Yeah, I'm entirely harmless.”
  41. 41. A burst of light exploded from Ash's body, a power she had learned to control. George opened his eyes for a brief second, only to catch sight of his luminescent wife. He thought he was dreaming.
  42. 42. Ralph and Ariel ran for it. But they'd be back. Everyone knew it, but no one ever mentions it.
  43. 43. Elizabeth ran after Ralph and Ariel, with Eli, Grace and Whitney in pursuit of her. They knew she wouldn't be going after them to play the hero. They knew Elizabeth wanted revenge.
  44. 44. “Oh George, please, please, please wake up!” Ash pleaded. “Well, since you asked so nicely.” He croaked, and tiredly climbed to his feet. “I love you, Ash.”
  45. 45. “Found her yet, Eli? It's freezing out here!” Whitney complained again. They had put all their faith in the 'twin telepathy', a power that connected the twins whether they liked it or not. “She's around here, I can feel her.” He mumbled. Grace looked worried. “This...this is near where Ralph lives...I remember it...”
  46. 46. “Go home, you lot,” Elizabeth called from the shadows. “I'm joining Ralph.” “What makes you think he wouldn't kill you?” Whitney exclaimed. “Let's go! There's still time for cake.”
  47. 47. Eli hugged his twin while Grace and Whitney laughed. “Please come home, Liz. This isn't what you want.” Eli murmured. “You don't know what I want.” Elizabeth whispered back, but reluctantly came home with the others.
  48. 48. With little time left until the performance, Alice, who had the lead role of Sleeping Beauty, met up Jake, who was playing Prince Charming, to perfect their final scene. Meaning, the friends had grown so close they were on the brink of dating.
  49. 49. “It's a beautiful day.” Alice grinned, enjoying the unusually warm day in the middle of winter. “Perfect day for hanging around the pond with a friend, don't you think.” “Yeah.” He didn't dare mention he'd rather be watching football. “You know, I keep meaning to talk to you about something.” Jake got to his feet and Alice followed suit.
  50. 50. As it happens, Jake didn't really want to talk at all. He had wanted a kiss. Which was just what Alice was willing to provide.
  51. 51. Alice brought Jake home from school with her the next day, and he quickly got cold and started searching for some hot chocolate when he bumped into Elizabeth. “Hello. I wonder if there's any hot chocolate that I can....” “I know what will warm you up.” Elizabeth smiled, and for the first time, Jake noticed she was pretty. Not just pretty, but beautiful.
  52. 52. They ended up kissing as well. Exactly as Elizabeth had planned.
  53. 53. “Oh hey, have you heard the latest gossip, Liz?” Eli asked. “No! Tell me!” “Rumour has it that Alice Wrongway's boyfriend is cheating on her with her older sister! It can't possibly be true, can it?!” Eli dropped his little act.
  54. 54. “You're ruining everything for her and you don't even care!” Eli exclaimed. “What kind of sister are you? You're not a Wrongway, Wrongways look out for each other. And you're sat up here, wondering why Dad didn't make you heir. Take a look in a mirror!” “Eli, I-” “Save it!” Eli waved a hand and left. Elizabeth felt miserable. Her twin had never been that mean before.
  55. 55. That night, despite the fights and silences, Grim and the Hula Girls (sounds like a band!) came to collect Jim. “Jim Wrongway, you were so awesome in your lifetime that we welcome you to the five star heavenly resort!Eternal rest made fun!” “Sounds alright, if Lindsay is there.”
  56. 56. All our live we had fun, We had seasons in the sun, But the wine and the song, Like the seasons have all gone. I miss them already. Jim was a blast to play, and to write, and he loved his family dearly. Him and Lindsay took the first steps in this legacy.
  57. 57. It was the night of the play, a few days after Jim's passing. Grace had recently left for university, and three girls who were co-starring with Alice were gossiping in the dressing room... “So apparently he was flirting with her sister. I feel sorry for that Alice Wrongway girl.” “Same. I didn't expect Jake to break her heart.”
  58. 58. Little did they know, Alice could hear everything they were saying, and without them even using names, Alice knew it was Elizabeth who had been flirting with Jake. Of course, She fumed silently, Of course Elizabeth would steal MY boyfriend instead of finding her own!
  59. 59. Most of the play went exactly as planned, but Alice's mind kept fast-forwarding to the kiss at the end. Jake had joked and said they should make it look as realistic and loving as possible. But how could Alice love someone who betrayed her?
  60. 60. “How beautiful she looks, I shall kiss her as she will awake knowing my presence,” Jake said, loudly, highlighting a change that had been made to the script. Alice swallowed, this was the bit she was dreading.
  61. 61. “I have awoken knowing my true love is close by. I shall find him and give him a kiss.” Alice recited the line and pulled a face. “I am your true love, sleeping beauty. You may kiss me.” Jake said, watching her steadily.
  62. 62. Despite everything, Alice's acting meant she was in role. This was Prince Charming. He was the love of her life. She had to kiss him. But Alice's own mind was still very active, and Alice knew she couldn't kiss Jake. So she air kissed him, fooling the audience into thinking it was all okay. Only Jake was confused.
  63. 63. As the finale took place, with each character coming forward to receive applause, Alice leaned over and whispered to Jake. “Can we talk?”
  64. 64. Outside, Alice sighed. “I heard you flirted with my sister. I don't blame you, she's prettier than I am, and hates me for some reason, but I can't be with you any longer.” “Why not? I'll stay away from her, Ali, I swear! I love you!” “No you don't, Jake, and that's the thing; we're way too young to know what love is yet. But I'm old enough to know that this isn't it.” “Alright...if this is what you want.” “I know this is what I want.” Alice smiled. “Goodbye, Jake.”
  65. 65. “I knew I shouldn't have kissed your sister.” Jake sighed. Alice raised her eyebrows but said nothing, walking out into the night air and the rest of her life. ____________________ And here is where I leave you! Join us next time for University – mascots, dorms, togas and the return of placeholder, Stella Torrano! What will uni have in store for generation three? Thanks for reading, and I hope you liked it!