The Robinson Round Robin: Generation One, Part Four


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The Robinson Round Robin: Generation One, Part Four

  1. 1. Night had fallen over Pleasantview, and some of the teenagers hadventured out to spend time together.“This must be the weirdest bunch of people Ive sat round a camp firewith,” Alice commented, “Im related to two of you.”“Skip is my uncle.” Riley pointed out, giving the others reason to laugh.“Im almost an adult, its not going to be weird for much longer,” Skipchuckled, “anyway, what do you guys want to talk about?”
  2. 2. “Were not telling scary stories like last time.” Alice decided.“Aw, did someone get scared?” Skip teased, cheerfully.“No, its just my life is a scary story.”“Yeah, I forgot you have to live with Don. Must be scary seeing himwithout his make-up. Yikes.”Alice couldnt help herself, and joined in with the laughter. She wantedto explain the real reasons why she hated it at home, but Skip made ajoke out of everything. There was no point trying.
  3. 3. Anthony was the opposite of Alice – he didnt want anyone to know, hedidnt want to talk about it, he didnt want to think about it. He kepthimself to himself.Irritated that Alice had almost brought up their home situation, Anthonyhissed at her, “Dont start, Alice.”Alice glared at her brother, “Dont tell me what to do. You know why Imworried.”Both twins rose to their feet, furious.
  4. 4. “Oh dear plumbbob, theyre at it again.” Dimitri Goth sighed. Rileysmiled at the flames.“They do this often?” She asked, curiously.“Often enough for us to grow intensely bored of it.” Dimitri answered,gravely. Riley looked at him, admiring him.Dimitri rose to his feet, stretching and cursing that the Caliente siblingswere fighting once again.
  5. 5. “Dont let their fight get to you.” Riley said, suddenly, getting to her feetas well, “Its not worth it.”Dimitri observed her for a moment, “Its just irritating how they only getalong some of the time.”“Thats what siblings do!” Riley replied, with a smile. She suddenlynoticed how handsome Dimitri was and promptly blushed.“Youre blushing. Why are you blushing?” Dimitri raised a teasingeyebrow, and grinned, “Is it me?”
  6. 6. “I was wondering if you had a girlfriend, actually.” Riley responded,coolly.“Nope,” Dimitri answered, “but you knew that already, Riley. This isPleasantview. Everyone knows everything about everyone else.”“Well, maybe,” Riley smiled. Not everybody knew everything, “I quitelike my privacy. Im pretty sure not all of Pleasantview knows mysecrets. But anyway. Did you want to, yknow, go out with me onenight?”
  7. 7. “Im too old for you, Riley. Im only slightly younger than Skip.”“Theres no such thing as too old,” Riley laughed, “dont compareyourself against Skip, hes my uncle.”Dimitri laughed, “You dont care that Im older than you?”“Does anyone?” Riley demanded. She didnt give him time to answer.
  8. 8. Riley didnt even give Dimitri a chance to continue his but Im too oldfor you argument.But after the kiss, he didnt want to, anyway.
  9. 9. Claras desk was a mess. A growing curiosity had encouraged her tofind out who her real parents were, because she grew up in anorphanage in Sim City.The facts hadnt looked good when Clara read them, and she learnedsomething she wished she could forget.“Clara?” Beaus voice called as he wandered over, “Whats wrong?”
  10. 10. “I found out I descend from travellers, Beau. We get to a certain ageand just decide to pack up and leave.”“Well, yeah, how else did you end up in Pleasantview?”“But this means our children will leave us soon.”Clara got up from the chair and looked at Beau, sadly.
  11. 11. “Its a good thing, isnt it?” Beau asked, earning a stern look from Clara,“I mean, well miss them like crazy, and theyll never forget where homewas, but theyll have the entire world to travel.”“I suppose...” Clara sighed, “Wes is growing up soon, and I dont want tolet them go...”“But I think we might have to, Clara,” Beau replied, softly, “even if werenot ready, they might be.”
  12. 12. Clara said nothing, and hugged her husband. The idea of theirchildren wandering the world on their own wasnt a comforting one, butthey both knew it would give their children many opportunities.Though neither of them were willing to let go yet, neither of them werewilling to deny Riley and Wes opportunities.
  13. 13. The next day, Riley was extremely happy.“Hooray! I got a date with Dimitri Goth! Dimitri Goth! I got a date withDimitri Goth!” Riley sang, boldly dancing after she had taken out therubbish. Her singing voice was not all that unpleasant.Far behind her, someone was contemplating her cheerfulness...
  14. 14. “Shes got a date with my son?” Don wondered, aloud, “Maybe I canwork this information...”
  15. 15. Later that evening, Riley sat with her younger brother, while waitinguntil Dimitri pulled up.“I cant believe youre going out,” Wes said, sulkily, “especially after theDon thing.”“Were safe now, right?” Riley shrugged, “They dont need to knowwhat I heard at Alices party.”“I still think they do.”Riley shook her head, dismissively.
  16. 16. “Youll understand when youre my age.” Riley stated, cheerfully. Shechecked the clock, “I better get outside.”Wes watched her leave in silence.
  17. 17. “I dont think Ill ever understand teenagers.” Wes decided, with a hintof a smile, and picked up a book.
  18. 18. Outside, Riley was getting into Dimitris car, excited. Lucy Burb waswandering by, conveniently.“So Don was right. She is dating his son.”
  19. 19. As the car pulled away with the young sweethearts inside it, Lucylooked at the bin she had knocked over, contemplatively.“Everything is falling into place.” She murmured, before continuing onher walk round the block.
  20. 20. “If you dont get caught, you havent broken the rules.” Riley toldherself with a smile as she wandered into the house.“Riley Robinson, where have you been?”Riley sighed, irritated, and wandered into the living room, where thevoice had come from.
  21. 21. “How about we sit down and talk about this, hmm?” Clara asked, witha smile, gesturing to the empty space on the sofa.Riley rolled her eyes and reluctantly sat down.
  22. 22. “Let me guess,” Riley smiled, “dont ever leave the house at a stupidhour again, dont trust any male completely, dont-”“Dont get smart with me, Riley,” Clara shook her head, “the thing is, Idont want you making too many connections.”“Why?” Riley demanded, “You must have had boyfriends at my age!”“Maybe. But thats not why Im having this conversation with you,Riley.”“Then explain why.”
  23. 23. “Everyone moves away in our family, eventually,” Clara said, quickly, “Iwas only a little older than you are now.”“Thats silly...Im not going anywhere...” Riley realised how appealingthe idea of a fresh start was to her.“You doubt that, and you know it,” Clara replied, firmly, “and you canttake Dimitri with you. He had the Goth legacy to maintain.”“Im not giving him up. Not yet, anyway,” Riley answered, “Anyway...Imgoing to bed.”
  24. 24. Soon, it was time for Wesleys birthday, and while Riley was stillcontemplating the idea of leaving, she put it aside for his birthday.“Arent our children growing fast?” Clara smiled, nervously, at Beau.She knew this was going to be the last birthday party they would hold.Beau sympathised, feel slightly sad their youngest was going to growup, “Lets get dressed for the party.”
  25. 25. Eventually, it was time for cake, after the arrival of the usual guests –Lilith and her family, Brandi and Skip jr. Broke, Alice Caliente andDimitri Goth.Wes was ready to step into his teenage years, regardless of howmany people were watching.
  26. 26. “Everything about this is cool.” Wes decided, turning round to face hisfriends and family.Every except his outfit, maybe.
  27. 27. Wes grew into a handsome young man of the romance aspiration.
  28. 28. Later that evening, Riley sat down on the couch next to her brother.“So hows the new teenager?” She asked, with a grin.“What, not hanging out with Dimitri tonight?”“Nope. He has to see his Dad, anyway.” Thinking of Don, Riley pulleda face, “You didnt answer me, Wes.”“Its pretty cool.” Wes smiled.
  29. 29. Riley was about to reply, when the siblings heard a noise from outside.Exchanging a confused look, Riley moved to get to her feet.“Riley...dont go outside.” Wes warned.“Relax. Im only going to go have a look.”
  30. 30. Wes insisted on going outside before Riley, and smiled at her, as sheexited into the warmth of the summer night.“See, Riley? Nothing out-”“Dimitri!” Riley gasped, and Wes followed her gaze.
  31. 31. Dimitri was sat, possibly injured, at his fathers feet, while Lucy smiled.Things were going to work out this time. No more failures.“Theres the dog thats claiming to date my son.” Don scowled, andaimed a kick at Dimitri.
  32. 32. “Dimitri!” Riley cried again, trembling as she looked at him. Wes saidnothing, his eyes firmly locked on Don and Lucy.“Riley?” Dimitri croaked, earning himself a kick from Don. Riley couldstand it no longer, and she ran to Dimitris side.
  33. 33. Riley sat on the pavement, opposite Dimitri, furious at Don as shelooked at him, bruised from his fathers blows.“Riley, why did you do that?” Dimitri whispered, “They wanted you todo that.”Rileys eyes widened as Don and Lucy shifted their positions.
  34. 34. “I did that because I cant bear to see you in pain.” Riley smiledwarmly, and Dimitri managed to smile a little back.In the background, Wes began to move closer, unsure of what heshould do.
  35. 35. Don made up Wess mind. He kicked at Riley, and both Lucy andDimitri looked away, unable to bear it. If they didnt see it, it didnthappen.Wes did what everyone expected him to. He ran to his sisters side.“Lucy!” Don commanded, “Go inside and do what you need to do!”
  36. 36. “Riley!” Wes said, urgently, “Are you okay? Are you hurt?”“You idiot. We both came running over here. Who is going to wake upMum and Dad?”Wes tried to answer, but couldnt, and he didnt get an opportunity to.Don insisted they were to be silent.
  37. 37. Lucy, meanwhile, ran up the stairs, following Dons directions to theroom she needed.This was it. Everything was going to work.
  38. 38. Lucy woke the couple with her entrance, and the pair of them roseslowly, Lucy observing Beau in his underwear. It was a sight shehadnt seen in a while.“We can never have a normal night, can we?” Clara questioned, “IfWes isnt bloody up all night, some weirdo has wandered into room.”“Only in Pleasantview.” Beau muttered.
  39. 39. The couple wandered over to Lucy, frowning in confusion. Clara wastoo tired for politeness, “What do you want, Lucy?”“I want my husband back,” she responded, simply, “Beau, come hometo your true wife.”Beau looked at Clara, “I live with my true wife. I live with my true love.”Lucy looked disgusted, and took a step towards them.
  40. 40. Downstairs in the garden, Nina and Alice were hiding behind a wall,Nina trying to smile while anxiously pulling at the clothes.“Were too late, arent we? I knew we were too late...” Nina worried.“Were not too late,” Alice said, grimly, “just not on time.”Nina glanced round the corner, and nodded, “Stick to the plan.”“I promise I will.”
  41. 41. “Don?” Nina called, walking towards him. He automatically grewsuspicious.“What do you want, Nina?”“Oh, just to talk,” Nina smiled, warmly, “we used to talk all the time,Don.”“I dont remember much talking in our relationship.”
  42. 42. “How could I help myself?” Nina asked him, playfully, “Youre suchgood shape.”Baffled, Don looked from Nina to himself and back again, “I guess Iam. I completely forgot I liked to work out.”“Its what obsession does, love, it ruins our minds.” Nina took anotherstep towards him.
  43. 43. “I am not obsessed about anything!” Don insisted, anger rising.“Of course not, sweetie. Youve just forgotten some things.”“Like what?” Don demanded, moodily.“Me, Don,” Nina sighed, straightening up, “you forgot me.”Knowing Nina had Dons full attention, Alice was able to slip round andget to the group of teenagers sit on the path.
  44. 44. “Right guys,” Alice murmured, “move as quick and as quietly as youcan into the house. Well call the police. Dont draw attention toyourselves and-”“Were saved!” Wes whispered, grinning.Alice shot him a stern look, “None of that. We have to get moving.”
  45. 45. And so the teenagers disappeared silently into the house, while Ninacontinued her discussion with Don.
  46. 46. Upstairs, Clara and Beau were still experiencing some problems.“I cant believe you just walked in here and expected Beau to leavewith you!” Clara yelled.“We have your kids,” Lucy said, matter-of-factly, “you have no choice!My life was perfect until you wandered into Pleasantview!”
  47. 47. “I cannot believe youre blaming me for everything that is wrong withyour life!” Clara exclaimed, disgusted. Beau watched his wife carefully,before looking at Lucy.Lucy said nothing, just letting the tears build up and fall from her eyes.Clara stalked away, and looked out the window.
  48. 48. Beau smiled at Lucy, “Im recommending you leave.”“Why should I?” Lucy sniffed, before adding, “Not without you, Beau.”“Because,” Clara answered, from the window, “the police just pulledup.”
  49. 49. Downstairs, Nina still had Dons attention.“Don, baby, youre not angry with me,” Nina whispered, “come on, youknow youre not angry with me.”Dons scowl loosened into a peaceful expression, “Im not angry withyou, Nina. I never have been.”
  50. 50. Thats when the police car pulled up.In between kisses, Don breathed, “Marry me, marry me, Nina.”“No, Don.” Nina replied, quietly.
  51. 51. Nina watched as the policewoman subdued Don, ignoring his remarksconcerning handcuffs, not responding to any of his advances.Lucy, Nina noted, left via the back door. Lucy knew she was in thewrong. She knew she needed to fix things. So she went in peace.Nina decided not to follow it up. Instead, she watched Don leave, thistime, for good.
  52. 52. “Goodbye, Don.” She said, finally.
  53. 53. Inside, the teens celebrated, Wes by hugging his mother, while Rileyhugged her boyfriend. No permanent damage had been done. Nina and Beau entered, smiling at the happy atmosphere present inthe room.
  54. 54. Clara smiled at Nina, “How can I ever thank you enough?”“You dont have to,” Nina returned the smile, “now, I heard your kidswill probably leave when they reach a certain age?”“How did you...” Clara let her question trail off, “Pleasantview gossip?”Ninas smile broadened, “Beau told Lilith who told me...Thats not thepoint. The point is, I think the kids should get going sooner, rather thanlater.”“I agree,” Beau said, “but for tonight, I think we all need to rest.”
  55. 55. The early morning sunshine arrived with mixed feelings in Pleasantviewthat morning, eagerness, excitement, promises and goodbyes.It was time for the Robinson children to move on.
  56. 56. Riley Robinson was discovering that she hated goodbyes, “You wontforget me, will you?”Dimitri laughed, “Is it even possible to forget you, Riley? Of course Iwont.”“You know Ill never forget you.”“I know.” Dimitri grinned, “Theres always a home here in Pleasantviewfor know...if you choose to come back.”
  57. 57. Riley didnt bother pointing out that she couldnt come back. Shewasnt comfortable with the idea of returning to where she was from.Instead, she kissed him, before beginning another set of finalgoodbyes.
  58. 58. Meanwhile, Wes was chatting to Alice, cheerfully accepting that it wastime to go.“Hey Alice,” he grinned, “how about a kiss for the road?”“Oh, Wes.” Alice laughed.
  59. 59. “Why is your son kissing my daughter?” Nina demanded, grumpily.“Relax, Nina, she cant be young forever,” Beau grinned, “besides, itsnot like we can ever be in-laws.”Nina gradually came to see the funny side, and Beau looked at hischildren, “Come on, its time you got moving. Dont want to hit traffic.”
  60. 60. “Shouldnt we have given them some advice?” Beau asked, as Rileyand Wes got into the pick-up truck.“Like what? Dont leave your girlfriend at the alter?” Clara replied,playfully.“Or dont sleep with the first man you meet?” Beau laughed.“Harsh,” Clara chuckled, “nah, well let them figure it all out on theirown.”
  61. 61. “You ready for this?” Wes asked, quietly.“Nope,” Riley answered, boldly and truthfully, “but lets do it anyway.”With that, they backed the car out of the driveway, and drove down theroad, the road that headed out of Pleasantview, and into the unknown.
  62. 62. Thats it from me and Pleasantview! Beth is going to take over, fromRiverblossom Hills! Im sure youre excited as I am to see whats goingto happen next.Thanks for reading, and all of your comments. :)