The White Legacy--Generation 5, College (Part 2)


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The White kids graduate from school, a mission is launched, and tragedy strikes.

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The White Legacy--Generation 5, College (Part 2)

  1. 1. Flirtatious Moo The White Legacy: Generation Five, College (Part Two)
  2. 2. *smack*
  3. 3. Jonathan: “The Jonathan likes it, baby.” Andi: “I thought you might.” Jonathan: “The Jonathan thinks you make a great senior.” Andi: “Well, in that case…”
  4. 4. Andi: “Let‟s stick together after school, huh?” Jonathan: “Well, on two conditions.” Andi: “What‟s that?” Jonathan: “One… The Jonathan never gets a new hairstyle. You marry me, you marry the bowl cut. You dig it?” Andi: “Sure, sure. It is pretty smexy. But I‟ve got a condition, too.” Jonathan: “The Jonathan isn‟t sure he likes the sound of that…”
  5. 5. Andi: “Honey, darling, apple of my eye, sugarplum, my pig in a blanket… let‟s talk about your socks with sandals habit.”
  6. 6. Dane: “Hey… Andi. Taxi‟s here.” Jonathan: “The Jonathan wonders if his crème a la crème is going somewhere in the middle of her own party.” Andi: “Sorry, Jonnie… I‟ll be right back. Why don‟t you go bond with Hyde? He‟s the family heir, you know.” Hyde: {Pretty colors…}
  7. 7. Dane: “Cool, so we change clothes and go down to Peachtree Valley and get Grandpa‟s grave back, right?” Andi: “Right.” Lyra: “Is Hyde, like, following us?”
  8. 8. Dane: “Doubtful. He finally found his people.”
  9. 9. Lyra: “This has gotta be it, right? I mean, big, scary house, evil witch and her brother… seems to go kind of, like, hand in hand, don‟t they?” Andi: “Lyra, shut up! Do you want them to hear us!?” Dane: “I think I see a graveyard over there. Let‟s go see if they‟ve stored Grandpa‟s grave in it.” Andi: “That would be awfully convenient, wouldn‟t it?”
  10. 10. Andi: “Lyra, quit rattling the door!!” Lyra: “Andi, keep your voice down! I don‟t, like, see any platinum graves in there!” Dane: “Let me see… hold on, let me get these tree branches out of my face first.”
  11. 11. Dane: “Nope. Nothing.” Andi: “There‟s a lot of them in there… and all normal stone. There sure has been a lot of unhappy deaths here.” Lyra: “Would you stop that, Andi? Come on, then. Like, inside we go. Hopefully they‟re not, like, at home tonight.”
  12. 12. Dane: “See anything through that window, Lyra?” Lyra: “Nope. It‟s just, like, a regular bathroom.” Andi: “Dang. So do we crash through the window?” Lyra: “You‟re kidding, right? There‟s, like, a door right over there.” Andi: “Spoilsport.”
  13. 13. Lyra: “So… who‟s, like, going in first?”
  14. 14. Dane: “This place gives me the willies…” Lyra: “Hey, we have lamps like this at home! Do you suppose she, like, stole this one, too?” Andi: “Focus, please. I want to find Grandpa‟s grave and then get out of here as soon as possible.” Dane: “If it‟s even here… this is feeling more and more like a monumentally bad idea, guys…”
  15. 15. Lyra: “Alright, so there‟s, like, no grave in this room, but there‟s also, like, no people here, either. I say we split up, and meet back here in no more than, like, ten minutes. If we can‟t find it, we leave and come back another day. Deal?” Dane: “Deal.” Andi: “What else could we possibly try, Lyra? If we don‟t find it tonight, we‟re not going to find it at all!”
  16. 16. Dane: “What do you want us to do, Andi? Do you want to be a grave, too?” Andi: “Fine, fine. Deal.”
  17. 17. Dane: *whispering* “Remember… ten minutes.”
  18. 18. Andi: “Okay… not on the dining room table, then…”
  19. 19. Andi: “Dane‟s right… this place is certifiably creepy. What do we think we‟re doing here, anyway?” *scream*
  20. 20. Andi: “Lyra!?”
  21. 21. “You idiot, you hit her too hard! Do you care about his safety at all!?” “I did what you asked! What did you expect!? Now let him go!” “Oh, no. One show of good faith isn‟t going to change our minds.” “Andi… Andi, wake up, be okay, come on…”
  22. 22. Andi: “Ugh…” Lyra: “Andi…”
  23. 23. Arc: “Good morning, Andromeda. Why don‟t you get up off the floor and take a seat with your brother and sister? There‟s no need to be melodramatic. It isn‟t possible Seraphine hit you that hard.”
  24. 24. Andi: “Ow…” Arc: “There‟s a girl.” Merry: “Hurry it up! We‟ve got things to do!”
  25. 25. Dane: “Andi, are you okay?” Merry: “Quiet!!”
  26. 26. Arc: “Are you ready, Merry?” Merry: “Well, duh.” Lyra: “Wait! Aren‟t you going to, like, tell us what you‟re about to do?” Arc: “Who do you think we are, those pussy super villains on the TV shows? Really, have you no respect for your aunt and uncle?”
  27. 27. Merry: “Hehehe. I‟m going to turn Dez into a zombie.” Arc: “Merry!” Merry: “And then, once he‟s a rotting, mindless slave, I‟m going to make him kill you three. Heh heh heh.”
  28. 28. Dane: “No… Grandpa wouldn‟t do that! I mean, I never met him… but he wouldn‟t!” Arc: “He will if he‟s bound to Merry through her magic. He won‟t have a choice. You see, we thought it would be much more moving to have your beloved grandfather deliver the final blow than us. We were hoping you‟d bring your brother along, though. Seraphine, come get this chair out of the way.” Seraphine: “Hmph.”
  29. 29. Andi: “Well…”
  30. 30. Andi: “See ya!”
  31. 31. Andi: “Why can‟t I get up!?” Arc: “That‟s a very special couch, you see.” Lyra: “You don‟t think we tried that, stupid!?” Arc: “Whenever you‟re ready, Merry.”
  32. 32. Merry: “Come out to play, dear brother…”
  33. 33. Dez: “…no.”
  34. 34. Dane: *whispering* “Hey Lyra… is that Grandpa? He‟s not a zombie, is he?” Lyra: *whispering* “This is like, so not the time, Dane…”
  35. 35. Dez: “…run.” Dane: “Guys, I’m not stuck anymore!” Dez: “…”
  36. 36. Andi: “We‟ll cover you, Dane. Grab Grandpa‟s grave!” Lyra: “Um, won‟t he, like, follow it?” Andi: “If we run fast enough, it won‟t matter!"
  37. 37. Lyra: “Like, see you later, losers!”
  38. 38. Lyra: “We, like, totally did it! For a minute there, I thought we were like, totally toast!” Andi: “Shut up and keep running Lyra!” Lyra: “Whatever.”
  39. 39. Lyra: “Ah! What!?”
  40. 40. Andi: “Lyra!” Lyra: “EXTINGUISH MEEEE!!”
  41. 41. Merry: “That‟s for kicking me!”
  42. 42. Andi: “Lyra, no!” Dane: “Andi… Andi, come on, we have to keep moving, she‟s still standing right there…”
  43. 43. Merry: “Dangit, missed. Hold still, won’t you!?” Andi: “Fine, come on… grab her grave and let‟s go.”
  44. 44. Hyde: “What happened!? Where were you!? I looked around and suddenly you weren‟t there! Wait, where‟s Lyra? I thought she was with you!” Dane: “…” Andi: “…”
  45. 45. Dane: *muted* “Andi, Mom and Dad are here to pick up the graves.” Andi: “…” Dane: *muted* “You coming inside to meet them?” Andi: “...”
  46. 46. Hyde: “Andi, since you didn‟t want to come inside… we‟ve, um, come out to you.” Andi: “Thanks, but no thanks. I don‟t need your pity. She wasn‟t just my sister. I‟m not the only one who lost her. I‟ve got no right to sympathy. So leave me be.”
  47. 47. Sun: “I totally, like, need a hug right now, Flower.” Andi: *sniff*
  48. 48. Hyde: “Alright, today‟s a new day. We lost a few hit points back there, but we can still find an inn, take a rest, and bounce back stronger than ever.” …That was extremely nerdy, Hyde. Hyde: “Geeks are cool. Besides, how else are you going to poorly transition from heavy plot to your usual observational not-funny jokes?” And one more thing. Quit breaking the fourth wall.
  49. 49. Dane: “Dang, but that cheerleader is fine!” Cheerleader: “Wait… is a legacy sim… checking me out!?” Don‟t look now, but he is. But you know, he‟s not an heir like you wanted—
  50. 50. Dane: !!!
  51. 51. Cheerleader: “Dibs!”
  52. 52. Andi: “You know, Author, I noticed this overgrown pond in the background of those last few outdoor shots…” Do I sense a question in there, Andi? Andi: “Where in the name of all things simmy did it come from?” Oh, Hyde spent the night out here with a shovel. Andi: “Ha ha. Very funny.”
  53. 53. Andi: “Awww, Hyde…” Hyde: *sniffle* “I‟m not crying!” Andi: “Of course not. I miss her, too. A lot.”
  54. 54. Andi: “How do you move again?” Dane: “A button, Andi! Jump! A button!” Hyde: “Heh. Beatcha again, sis.” Andi: “Sure, sure. When are you going to start dating somebody, Hyde?”
  55. 55. Hyde: “Where did that come from? Ha, you‟re way behind, Andi.” Andi: “You‟ve got to date someone, Hyde. You‟re the heir to the family, and the last thing we need is for the line to die with you!” Hyde: “I‟m only a junior. I‟ve got plenty of time.” Andi: “You‟re almost a senior!” Dane: “Whoa, I never knew you could fall off that cliff… nice going, Andi.”
  56. 56. Cow Mascot: “Hey there, buddy. Just wanted to letcha know, I‟m on your side.” Hyde: “Gee, thanks—”
  57. 57. Bzzt! A cow after my own heart!
  58. 58. Andi: {I wonder what Grandma Snow was like…} She was a lovable pain in the rear end. Andi: {I wonder what it would be like to not have my mind read by the Author all the time…}
  59. 59. Aww, is it that time already, Andi? Andi: “What, „already‟? I‟ve pumped four years of my life into this place, I am so ready to be out of here!” Did you consider having your party at night so your dear old dad could come? Andi: “Um… oops.” Yeah, oops. And it‟s totally her fault, not mine. Yup, yup.
  60. 60. I see the guests have begun to arrive. I love that clothing mod I got so that everyone wears appropriate clothes to graduation parties. I‟m not loving Zircon‟s suit as much.
  61. 61. I mean, look at that thing! Do you suppose if Zircon takes his coat off during the party, it‟ll get up and start walking on its own? Arie: “You know, Zircon, I could do ten minutes on your suit, but I think the Author beat me to it. So, how‟s Neffy doing these days? It‟s been awhile since we‟ve seen either of you.” Zircon: “Not so well, actually, Arie. See…”
  62. 62. Gizmo: “Hm. So this is what the inside of the family Greek house looks like.” Gizmo never attended college, if you recall. Dane: “Oh, no! No one must see into my very personal, private diary, least of all Jane Stacks, who seems somewhat out-of-place at this party full of relatives and fiancées!” Jane: “I think I‟m just going to ignore that.”
  63. 63. Gizmo: “I can‟t wait until the spares update. I heard the Author is going to make a trip to Peachtree Valley soon to tell everyone what‟s been going on there while she‟s been focusing on the main line.” Hear that? That‟s the sound of the fourth wall, smashing to bits. I seem to be having a hard time with that this chapter, huh? Andi: “Hey, where‟s Mom? I swear I invited her.” Don‟t worry about Jade, Andi.
  64. 64. She‟s carrying out an age-old family tradition: smustling in inappropriate places during the big graduation party.
  65. 65. So, after a little bit of party score raising with Jonathan…
  66. 66. …out into The Real World Andi goes! I wonder what Jade did to make Arie and Zircon disapprove so much?
  67. 67. Oh, I see. Hogging the bathroom. Old lady bladders, you know. Jade: “I resent that remark.”
  68. 68. So Andi is gone, and we all know what happened to Lyra, poor girl, which just leaves us with… Dane: “Hey bro, I visited campus in my PJs and brought back another pizza.” Hyde: “Sweeeeet.”
  69. 69. Dane: “So bro, when are you going to pick up a girl?” Yes, I second that question! What‟s with the wait, Hyde? Hyde: “Meh, I‟ll get around to it.”
  70. 70. Dane: “Must *huff* work off *puff* THE PIZZA!! GRAAAAAAGH!!”
  71. 71. Dane: {Neat sim must clean…} Alright, that does it! To the computer with you, Dane! Dane: “What!? What‟s wrong with raking? The Great Dane wants to rake!” No. Sorry. None of that. You‟re not taking after Jonathan. Dane: “But—” Computer!!
  72. 72. You are in the second half of your sophomore year. Pretty soon you‟re going to default to a Philosophy major. I will have none of it. None of it, I say! So, since you have forfeited the right to rolling your own major, I will decide for you! You will study drama! Dane: “So what does this have to do with raking?” Nothing. It just happened to be what you were doing when I got fed up with your indecisive shenanigans. Dane: “I wasn‟t being indecisive. I was being fashionably late in choosing my major.” Uh-huh. Sure.
  73. 73. In case you‟re wondering why Mr. Heir hasn‟t been featured for a few slides, allow me to talk about the schedule he‟s lapsed into. It‟s pretty simple, really. It comes in three steps. Hyde spends his nights right here. His one true hobby is science, you see. Hyde: “Not gaming?” Nope. Sorry, Hyde.
  74. 74. His mornings are spent here…
  75. 75. …and this is where he is all afternoon. When the sun sets, he heads right back up to the telescope, and somewhere in there he also goes to class.
  76. 76. Meanwhile, Dane is a Knowledge Sim, and actually enjoys college. Imagine that. He rolls all kinds of wants for term papers and assignments, so he tends to fill up his grade bar within the first twenty-four hours of the semester. He likes to dance to get his fun bar filled up, but otherwise spends a fair amount of time free range. This is why we‟re seeing more jokes about him than Hyde since Andi‟s left. Dane: “Everything I do is pure comedy.” Yes, Dane. *pat pat*
  77. 77. And Blizzard does… whatever it is he does. Blizzard: {You can‟t prove anything.}
  78. 78. Hyde: “I am so glad all of my finals are over. All that‟s left is the graduation party! …Good thing Professor Butters doesn‟t dock points for showing up to finals in pajamas.” Indeed.
  79. 79. Wow, it‟s nice to see you without your hair in your face, Hyde. Hyde: “It is such a relief to be getting out of here… Pleasure Sim does not like University.” But hey, you did it. And now you can go back home, and find a nice girl, and have a few kids… Hyde: “Ugh. I‟ll do that later.”
  80. 80. And look, we even remembered to hold the party at night to accommodate the graduate‟s father! Sun: “Do I really, like, have to wear a suit, man? I still don‟t, like, get it. It don‟t feel right, man.” Jade: “It‟s for Hyde, Sun. Do it for me?” Sun: “Well… I guess.”
  81. 81. Ever watch a sim serve food at the buffet table? I wonder if the dishes are inside that platform the serving platters stand on, and they just have to be pulled up out of them… through the ceramic dishes… yeah. That sounds logical.
  82. 82. Sun: “Congratulations on your graduation, man!” Hyde: “Whoa, Dad! You‟re in a suit! Don‟t scare me like that!”
  83. 83. Jonathan: “Hey, man. The Jonathan sees Bella Collin came to your party. The Jonathan doesn‟t understand why you‟re not flirting with her right now.” Hyde: “Eh, maybe. She‟s just a friend, though.”
  84. 84. Family bonding time. Isn‟t it sweet?
  85. 85. I see a cowboy shirt… where‟s the confetti?
  86. 86. Aha, there it is. Bye, Hyde! See you back at legacy estate!
  87. 87. Dane: “Well, that‟s it. I guess it‟s just you and me now, Blizzard. *sigh* The next two years are going to be so boring. I was counting on having Lyra here for at least one of them, but, well…”
  88. 88. Dane: *sigh*
  89. 89. Dane, don‟t you do it. Dane: “And just what would that be, O Author Dear?” Don‟t play coy with me! You don‟t need any more pizza! Stop trying to visit campus all the time!
  90. 90. Cow Mascot: *flirtatious moo* Dane: “Ee-yuck. Get away from me, foul bovine!” Cow Mascot: *disheartened moo*
  91. 91. Dane: “Thank goodness you‟re here, Lucy. The cow mascots lately have had no sense of personal boundaries.” Luciana the Cheerleader: *giggle* “Glad to be of service, boo-bear.” Boo-bear? *snicker snort* Dane: “Shuddup, Author.”
  92. 92. Luciana the Cheerleader: “So, boo-bear, when are you planning to propose?”
  93. 93. Dane: *cough hack splutter choke* Luciana the Cheerleader: “Dane! Are you alright!? Do you need the Heimlich!? Speak to me!!”
  94. 94. Dane: *cough* “I‟m fine. But you have to understand, Lucy, that I could‟ve been heir to my family legacy, but I gave it up so I could focus on my career instead of worrying about a family.” Luciana the Cheerleader: “But what about us!?” Dane: “There, uh, there could still be an „us.‟ But… let me get settled as an actor/singer/songwriter first. Then we can think about marriage and children.” Luciana the Cheerleader: “Well… alright, I guess. I‟ve waited this long…”
  95. 95. Dane: “Yeah, it‟s tonight. Come on over. There‟s nobody else here. No, just bring him, no one else. This shouldn‟t be something open to the public.” Suspicious…
  96. 96. Dane: “Hey Andi, Hyde. Thanks for coming.” Hyde: “Wouldn‟t miss it for the world, man.” Andi: “This was a great idea, Dane.” Dane: “I know.”
  97. 97. Hyde: “…” Andi: “…” Dane: “…Happy graduation, Lyra.”
  98. 98. Andi: “Someday, something is going to go terribly wrong for Latimeria, and she is going to pay for what she‟s done to us.”
  99. 99. Dane: “Aw, come on, Author.” No. Dane: “It‟s tradition for the new summa cum laude graduate to celebrate with a large pepperoni pizza.” It is not. Back inside. No visiting campus for you.
  100. 100. Dane: “Well, this is it, Blizzard. I‟m heading out. Here‟s hoping Hyde‟s kids—if he ever has kids, anyway— remember to feed you.” Blizzard: {Here‟s hoping they redecorate. Do you realize how long I‟ve been staring at the same room? Well? Do you?}
  101. 101. June. June: “Author. You‟re not going to get me booted out of this house next year. I have a plan.” I‟m sure. June: “I do! And it is INFALLIBLE!” We‟ll see.
  102. 102. Any thoughts on this the day of your graduation, Dane? Dane: “I knew from the moment of my birth that I was destined for greatness. This was a fact that was given more and more credence as my life continued: strange and wonderful things have happened around me since I was small. In fact—” Okay, that‟s good enough.
  103. 103. Jonathan: “The Jonathan must be seeing things. That almost looks like a bat over there.” Sun: “Squeak!” Andi: “Bat? Oh, that‟s just my dad.” Jonathan: “The Jonathan‟s father-in-law-to-be is a bat?” Andi: “Nope, the Jonathan‟s father-in-law-to-be is a vampire.” Jonathan: “Uh… you are pulling the Jonathan‟s leg, right, my apple dumpling?”
  104. 104. Dane: “Lucy, you look radiant this evening.” Luciana the Cheerleader: “Aww, thank you, Dane. I love you.” Dane: “Love you too.” Luciana the Cheerleader: “Get yourself settled into that career fast, okay? I don‟t want to wait for our wedding any longer than necessary.” Dane: “Uh… yeah. Of course, darling.”
  105. 105. Well, somebody knows how to pick transition clothes! Hyde: “And then with this mod, you can build a rocket and launch yourself to the moon, and build a moon base…” Jonathan: “The Jonathan finds this to be a very odd game, Hyde…”
  106. 106. And with that, we bid farewell to Sim State for another generation! *throws confetti* Thanks for sticking with us for the full one hundred and ten slides this chapter took! Stay tuned for the up and coming spares update, where we will dive back into Peachtree Valley for the first time in ages! Wait, a hundred and ten slides… ugh, I‟ve been writing that long?