Robinson Round Robin: Generation 2: Part 1


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Robinson Round Robin: Generation 2: Part 1

  1. 1. The Robinson Round Robin Generation 2: Part 1
  2. 2. Wesley Robinson was sitting in front of a fire, contemplating where he should go next. His thoughts were interrupted, though.
  3. 3. “ Who are you and what are you doing in my barn?” A man’s voice demanded. Wesley was rather surprised that someone actually owned the barn. After all, he hadn’t seen any lights on in the house next door to it. Then again, it was the middle of the night.
  4. 4. Wesley stood up and turned to face the man. The man’s brows furrowed together and he said, “You’re just a kid. What’s a kid like you doing in my barn? And why are you green? And what’s up with your eyes? And your ears are pointed like Daisy Greenman’s…but I don’t think you’re a Plantsim.” Wesley opened his mouth to say something but the man cut him off, “You look hungry and it’s rather cold outside. Why don’t you go inside and cook something for yourself?” Wesley sighed and decided to just obey this man.
  5. 5. Well, I feel lucky enough. Anyone else probably would have sent me out to the streets or called the police or something. Then again, my parents didn’t call the police after Don broke into our house. But that could’ve been because they were too shocked to do so. I think everyone was surprised by how Don acted, though, Wesley thought while he ate a TV dinner. These carrots taste kind of like rubber…and the peas taste like chapstick.
  6. 6. The moment that he was done eating, Wesley found himself being accosted by the man again, “I feel so rude for not introducing myself. I’m Leod McGreggor. I have a daughter, Tamara, that’s probably about your age. She’s adopted, actually. So, who are you?” “ How about we sit down and I’ll tell you? I saw a nice couch in the other room,” Wesley suggested, glad to actually be able to get a word in.
  7. 7. “ Well, I’ll start off with my name. I’m Wesley Robinson, Wes to my friends and family. I come from Pleasantview, which could be nice at times and then…not-so-much other times. My mother, Clara, is an alien. We descend from travelers, so we usually get this…urge to go out and start anew. My older sister, Riley, and I separated not too long ago. I let her take our family’s truck. I don’t know how long I’ll be in Riverblossom Hills but…well…I could end up staying here. It seems like a nice place.”
  8. 8. Leod just stared at Wesley for a moment before he replied, “That’s an interesting story. I can assure you that Riverblossom Hills is a great place to live. I’ve heard about Pleasantview, you see, so I know how unpleasant it can be there sometimes. Anyway, if you want to, you can stay at my house until you’ve figured something out. Unfortunately, I only have the couch to offer you to sleep on.” Wesley smiled and responded, “That’s fine. I’m kind of an insomniac, so I’m used to sleeping on a couch.”
  9. 9. “ No can be used to sleeping on a couch.” “ I really am, though. I’m also a light sleeper, so if anyone breaks in, I’ll be the first to know and I’ll try my best to warn you.” “ You sound like you’ve done that before.” “ Yes. I have. But I’ll tell you about that another time, okay? I’m rather tired now.” “ Alright, Wesley. Try not to sleep in, though, because you have to go to school in the morning.”
  10. 10. Naturally, Wesley went right to sleep after Leod left. However, that didn’t last too long. “ Green skin and pointed ears. He’s either a sickly elf, an alien, or a Plantsim.” “ I’m an alien. And thanks for waking me up. I really appreciate that.” “ You’re welcome.” “ I was being sarcastic.”
  11. 11. Once Wesley stood up, the teenaged girl walked right up to him and held her hand out. “ Morning. I’m Tamara McGreggor. My dad already told me about you.”
  12. 12. Wesley reached out to shake her hand but Tamara pulled her hand back. “ Psych! Ha! I got you! I can’t believe you fell for that! I should have done the joy buzzer trick instead!” “ I have a feeling that we’re going to get along…” “ Oh? Well, good. I need someone around here who has a sense of humor.”
  13. 13. Wesley soon found out that Tamara had a boyfriend. His name was Xander Roth. They had been friends as children and, gradually, they became more than just best friends. It was very obvious that they adored each other. This made Wesley wonder if he and Alice Caliente would have ended up like Xander and Tamara. But then he remembered that he had only kissed her…well…he really couldn’t explain why he’d kissed Alice.
  14. 14. Wesley befriended Xander and Tamara fairly quickly, despite only just meeting them. They didn’t ask him about his family or anything, which did feel a little nice. For once, everyone wouldn’t know everything about him.
  15. 15. After Xander had gone home, Wesley approached Tamara and said, “I just thought that I’d let you know that I approve.” Tamara gave him a blank look. “Approve of what?” “ You and Xander, of course.” She laughed and said, “Acting like my big brother already? You’ve only been here for a day.” Wesley grinned but didn’t say anything back.
  16. 16. The next day, Wesley went out for a walk when he was accosted by a little boy wearing very large glasses. “ Hiya! I’m Seth Greenman! But you seem to be the one that’s green here! Are you a Plantsim or something?” “ Um…hi. I’m part alien and my name is Wesley Robinson…” “ Oh! An alien? That’s even cooler! You know, my mom is a Plantsim and my older sister was one but mom and dad cured her so that she would have a normal life and she’s really super cool and you should totally meet her.”
  17. 17. Seth went on to talk about his twin sister, Lily, and his dad, who happened to be the top police detective. However, Seth was interrupted midway through talking about how cool he thought his mom was by a little girl who demanded that he stop talking to strangers and play tag with her. Seth bid farewell to Wesley and ran over to the girl.
  18. 18. Before Wesley could even think about moving from his spot, a teenaged girl popped up in front of him. “ So, you’re the stranger that Seth’s been chattering at for the last thirty minutes.” “ You must be his older sister.” “ Yep! Daisy Greenman at your service.” “ And I’m Wesley Robinson.”
  19. 19. Wesley and Daisy got along quite well. They had a lot in common with each other, except for family, obviously.
  20. 20. In fact, even long after Wesley had left, Daisy found herself thinking about him while she was fixing the piano. She wondered if he can play any instruments and, if not, she could always teach him. She smiled at that thought.
  21. 21. Before he’d left, Daisy had had to flirt with him. She thought back to that moment and her smile grew wider.
  22. 22. “ Hey, Seth, have you noticed that Daisy is all smiley and stuff after that green guy left?” “ I did notice. I wonder why she’s so happy, Lily. I mean, she just met him.” “ I can hear both of you over there!” “ Whoops…”
  23. 23. Daisy shooed her younger siblings off to bed and sat down at the now-tuned piano. They were right. She had just met Wesley. And yet…she was sneaking out with him that night. Just to go out to the country and look at the stars. She wondered if he’d seen stars like that before.
  24. 24. An hour before Wesley was to arrive, Daisy found herself looking in the mirror, pondering whether or not she should put more make-up on. She decided that she didn’t want to look desperate, so she stuck with her usual self.
  25. 25. Fifteen minutes until his arrival. Daisy was getting restless, so she went to check up on her siblings. They were sound asleep.
  26. 26. “ Sleep tight, little boogers,” Daisy muttered before she ran outside.
  27. 27. A quick change to her winter coat and Daisy was ready to go. “ Hey, Wes,” she greeted as she got into the car. “ Er…hi. Where to?” “ The middle of nowhere!” “ Alright then! Middle of nowhere, here we come!”
  28. 28. Unfortunately, Daisy and Wesley’s night out was ruined when they were arrested for being out too late. Neither of them even knew that it was a crime. Luckily, no one was awake when Daisy got home, so she got off without a lecture.
  29. 29. Daisy and Wesley gradually got even closer than they were before. “ I should definitely introduce you to my parents. They’ve been pestering me about you for days now.” “ I’d love to meet your parents.” “ Good. Because you reaaally didn’t have much of a choice anyway.”
  30. 30. “ Hello there, Wesley. Just so you know, I’m the top police detective and, if you hurt my little girl, I will come for you.” “ Er…okay. But I don’t think it’ll come to that. I really do love her.” “ Is that why you can’t tear your eyes off of her?” “ Yep.” “… I approve, kind of.”
  31. 31. “ Hiya, Wesley! It’s nice to see a fellow green Sim!” “ Yes, nice to see you too.” “ Oooh…I like this one! If you don’t decide to marry him, Daisy dear, I will adopt him!” “ Mom! That’s embarrassing!”
  32. 32. “ Also, don’t think that I didn’t see you two kissing earlier! It was adorable!” “ MOM!”
  33. 33. The next morning… “ Daddy, why does mommy always make the food?”
  34. 34. “ Er…well…I was cooking and then the stove burst into flames. And then there was panic. And fire.”
  35. 35. “ And then?” “ The firefighter lady came and saved the day.” “ Wow.” “ Yep. After that, your mother banned me from the stove.”
  36. 36. Meanwhile, not too far from the Greenman’s home…
  37. 37. “ Why did you—” Betty Goldstien’s question was cut off as she fell to the floor. “ I have my reasons,” her killer declared. “Now then, where’s Catherine?”
  38. 38. “ You! You’re—” Catherine cried. “ I’m your murderer. That’s all I am,” the other woman hissed, turning her back to the dying old woman.
  39. 39. Andrew Martin was the one who found Catherine and Betty’s bodies. He was horrified and completely devastated. The police arrived to the scene fairly quickly. They didn’t leave until later on that afternoon.
  40. 40. The moment that the police were gone, Andrew decided to call up his old friend, Jason, to talk about what had happened. After all, Jason’s job was to catch murderers.
  41. 41. “ Hey, Jason. Any leads yet?” “ No. I’m sorry, Andrew, no.” “ Oh. I expected that answer. Man, this is awful. Right after Jacob gets married and this happens.” “ Yeah, well, how’s Oz taking the news?” “ Betty’s adopted son?” “ Yeah. Is there any other Oz Howe?”
  42. 42. “ As expected, he isn’t taking her and Catherine’s deaths well.” “ Have you tried talking to him?” “ Well, yeah. He doesn’t want to talk, though. He’s been in the back garden on that red bench, crying his eyes out. I feel so bad for him. I mean, Betty was his mother and then she died. He’s lost two mothers now. He’s supposed to be a teenager soon. I don’t know what I’ll do about him as a teen. What if he decides to hunt down Betty’s killer on his own?”
  43. 43. “ He’s a sensible enough kid. He probably won’t do that. Besides, I hope to have this killer caught soon enough.” “ Do you think this was an isolated incident?” “ It’s hard to tell.” “ That’s reassuring.” “ I’m sorry, Andrew. There’s not much that I can say right now. I mean, it just happened. I’ve got to go but I’ll call you if I get anymore information.”
  44. 44. Jason woke up early the next morning. He was thinking about his conversation with Andrew.
  45. 45. Jason had also noticed Oz’s…lack of wanting to talk about anything. He figured that that was just because Oz was nearing his teenage years. Jason shook his head and got out of bed.
  46. 46. While Jason was getting ready for the day, Rose found out that she was pregnant again. She was delighted by this news and hurried inside to tell Jason.
  47. 47. Her husband was equally as delighted by the news of a new baby. It really showed that life goes on after death.
  48. 48. Oz Howe was a teenager now, which meant that he could do more than he could as a child. Much, much more. He had met Wesley Robinson through Lily when he was a kid. Oz figured that Wesley would be the perfect person to befriend.
  49. 49. However, his conversations with Oz kept Wesley up until early in the morning. This wasn’t too much of a problem, except for the fact that they both had school to attend.
  50. 50. Wesley always managed to get up, though, and get to school on time.
  51. 51. Not all of Wesley’s time was spent talking to Oz, though. Wesley always found time to be with Daisy. Truly, they were in love.
  52. 52. Of course, Wesley spent his time doing other things, like fishing. He did most of this at night, though, due to his persistent insomnia.
  53. 53. These late night activities led Leod and Tamara to the conclusion that Wesley was not the average kid. “ Seriously, I don’t know how he makes it through the day,” Leod remarked. “ For starters, he isn’t old like you,” Tamara joked. “ Oh, very funny.”
  54. 54. “ Well, what do you think about him, sweetie?” “ I think he’s cool.” “ Why?” “ He just is. He’s also kind of like the older brother that I never had.” “ Oh. I see.” “ Gosh, I really hope you do.”
  55. 55. Meanwhile, in the living room… “ I don’t know, Oz. The police are investigating well enough on their own. Yes. I understand completely why you’d want to launch your own investigation but it would be dangerous. Sure. I’d help you if you wanted me to but I don’t know what I could possibly do. Okay. Alright then. We’ll meet up this weekend then, okay? Bye, Oz.”
  56. 56. Later on that night… “ Is there a reason why you waited until Leod was gone before you invited Xander over?” “ Hush, Wes, and just keep reading.”
  57. 57. At long last, Tamara snagged her first kiss from Xander. She’d been waiting for the right moment for ages.
  58. 58. This is where I’ll leave you for now! Aren’t I evil? ------------------------------------------------------------->
  59. 59. As I’m sure you know by now, I’m Beth. I’m sorry about how long this took to get out but between college and a mega snowstorm and being sick for six days, I just didn’t have as much time as I thought I would. Anyway, I hope that you enjoyed this part! The next one should be longer. Of course, I can’t guarantee when the next part will be out, so have patience.