The Wrongway Legacy - 1.1


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The Wrongway Legacy - 1.1

  1. 1. Welcome to the first chapter of The Wrongway Legacy! This is my third Legacy now, so let's hope it's third time lucky! This is the first time I've used slideshare to publish a legacy, so hopefully it all looks okay. Also, I bet you're thinking that this legacy must be called “Wrongway” for a reason, like a bizarre set of rules or something. It's nothing like that, not really, just that I'm doing the Legacy 'wrong' because I'm still using my hacks, like ACR. Anyway, on with the Legacy.
  2. 2. This is Jim, on the left. Just Jim. There's nothing particularly interesting about Jim yet. He's like average Joe, but called Jim instead. Jim Wrongway is a Family Sim, who wants six grandchildren. I rolled his aspiration so it was completely random. He also has a personality of 5/5/5/5/5, which gives him the star-sign of Cancer.
  3. 3. There was, however, one thing about Jim that could be considered interesting. A few nights ago, he had met a girl named Lindsay Lawson, and they had immediately hit it off. Jim was slightly shy in the presence of this confident woman, but was soon talking to her properly... ...on the floor of the Nightclub. Odd. “So, do you dance?” Lindsay demanded. “Or do you just sit on the dancefloor?” Jim remained quiet for a moment. “You want me to dance?” “Are you chicken?” She asked, with a smile. Soon, the pair were on their feet, moving to the beat of the music.
  4. 4. It wasn't long before Jim had found his comfort zone around Lindsay, and invited her over to his..Legacy Field. There was no building on it yet, so he couldn't exactly call it a house...besides, what could compare to lying out under the stars every night? Jim loved nature. “Hey, looking good!” Jim smiled. Lindsay tightened her posture. “Not so bad yourself.” Lindsay winked. “How've you been, Jim?” “Fine, I guess. Haven't really done anything...” “Am I really surprised by that?”
  5. 5. Jim laughed, “Well, I can think of some things we can do today.” “Slow down, cowboy.” She raised an eyebrow at him, but she was giving him her most reassuring smile. He reached for her hand and softly planted a kiss on it. “Maybe when it stops raining we can go cloud watching.” “The ground will be wet.” “But I can't afford to take you out to dinner!” Jim released her hand. She shook her head. “You don't need fancy meals to win my heart.” Lindsay said. “I like you, Jim.”
  6. 6. The clouds cleared from the sky as Jim pulled Lindsay closer. Both of them were smiling, and sealed their love with a kiss. Yeah, I know he fell in love quickly, but I lost the pictures of them meeting and so on.
  7. 7. Eventually, Lindsay moved in, and paid for a small house, complete with wallpaper. Jim was slowly rising up the career ladder for the Entertainment career, buying the small amounts of furniture in the house, the necessities and life was good. Aren't they a happy couple? Even if they do sit on the sofa in their underwear quite often.
  8. 8. So, it was only a matter of time before this happened. A proposal. “Lindsay Lawson, will you be my wife?” Jim asked. “Is this because you knocked me up a few minutes ago?” “Yes. No. I don't know.” Jim shook his head. “I love you, be my wife, please?”
  9. 9. “I accept!” Lindsay pulled Jim close, into a hug. “I'm a Legacy bride!” It appears that even the most streetwise of the Downtownies can have a soft centre, all you have to do is buy them a shiny ring. Lindsay is a Knowledge sim that wants to be a Mad Scientist, with a personality of 5/3/7/3/7, making her a Pisces
  10. 10. So they held a wedding. Complete with random townies, and a black cat. Which I think is a bit of an ominous sign, but you never know. Some people think black cats are good luck. “Jim, I love you so much I would put up with hearing voices, a cheap house, lots of babies and eventual death to be with you forever.” Aw.
  11. 11. “Lindsay, my dearest, I would love to gush about how much I love you right now, but I'm going to miss my carpool. Can we just skip to the I dos?” “Absolutely.” Well, that's one way to get your promotion. To leave in the middle of your wedding ceremony for work. The party was a roof raiser, so they must have done something right.
  12. 12. And that's when the vomiting started. Now, I already knew she was pregnant, but for a pregnant sim, she was surprisingly easy to take care of. She only ever puked once. “Are you going to comment on everything I do?” No, just when I have nothing else to look at.
  13. 13. Compulsory shot of the mother and the father. Seriously, there's one in every legacy. It's still adorable, though.
  14. 14. Time flies when you're having a baby. Here is Lindsay screaming and moaning at five in the morning. Luckily, Jim was already up, painting pictures for the walls of the nursery. He came running. Lindsay told him it was all his fault. He stood in the corner and put up with the insults until the baby was born.
  15. 15. “A beautiful baby girl!” Announced Lindsay as Jim cheered from the corner. “I shall name her Ashley.” Ashley looks like her Mum a lot now, but she has Jim's blonde hair.
  16. 16. “Little Ashley. There's nothing wrong with your name, but next time my darling gives birth, I shall choose the name.” Jim raised the bottle slightly, and Ash's tiny little hands reached out to cup the bottle. Jim smiled proudly at his daughter. Just holding her in his arms had made the nights when he slept in a bed outside on the grass worthwhile.
  17. 17. Babyhood is so short that this is the next photo I got of Ash, and it was on her birthday. Winter was just beginning in the neighbourhood, and there was already a light dusting of snow. With Jim working hard to give Ash everything she could ever want, it happened that he was at work when Lindsay took her to the cake. A quiet chorus of 'Happy Birthday' and Ash was thrown into toddler-hood
  18. 18. “You are adorable!” Lindsay exclaimed, holding her only child up into a cloud of confetti. Ash giggled, and as the confetti fell and disappeared, Lindsay lifted her down and held her close. Her little girl was still young, but Lindsay knew it wouldn't be long before her little girl was no longer little.
  19. 19. With Ash's blonde hair combed into bunches, and her outfit changed to something quite similar to the one she had been wearing, Lindsay was carrying Ash to bed. Ash was reluctant to be settled down for the night, but Lindsay was exhausted and wanted sleep. “Tell me a story?” Ash blinked, in an expression too cute to resist. Lindsay smiled, and reached for the book, letting Ash have her own way again.
  20. 20. Ash was well-loved, despite the lack of pictures of it. Jim was patient with her, reading her endless fairy tales, and when she got bored of those, making up stories for her. She particularly loved the stories about princesses, but could never get to grips with pronouncing their names right. Ash had named her purple bear after her favourite princess, Cinderella, or for Ash, simply 'Rella'.
  21. 21. So time passes. Ash was growing quickly, and needed to be taught. “See, this is walking.” Lindsay gave a weak, but reassuring smile to her daughter. This had been happening all morning. The minute Lindsay let go of Ash's hands and asked her to walk over to her, Ash sat down. “Right, now walk to me.” Lindsay asked. Ash sat down, predictably, and Lindsay straightened up. “Jim! Takeover!” It took the rest of the day, but it was Jim who finally taught Ash how to toddle.
  22. 22. I know it's usually like father, like son, but in this case, it's like father, like daughter. Ash has received Jim's love of dancing. There is something to celebrate, however. It is Ash's birthday.
  23. 23. For Ash's child birthday, Lindsay was at work instead of Jim, so he got the honour of taking Ash to the cake. This would be the last time Ash was held in front of a cake – next time, she'd be old enough to do it herself. Feeling incredibly old, Jim smiled, and bent down towards the candles. “Make a wish, sweetheart.” He told her, and blew out the four candles.
  24. 24. Ash grew up to look a lot like her father, with very few elements of Lindsay thrown in. Also, it appears Ash has a love for the colour purple.
  25. 25. Unfortunately for Jim, he was also given the task of putting Ash to bed that night. Ashley never went to sleep unless you told her a story, and because Ash was Ash, she could usually get her parents to tell her two or three stories before they put their foot down. “Daddy,” Ash had began, and Jim already knew what was coming. “will you tell me another story? But not one with princesses or stuff.”
  26. 26. “A story that isn't about princesses?” Jim repeated, but realized his daughter was probably bored of them – they were mostly the same. “One with pirates?” But Ash was already shaking her head. Jim was forced to choose a different story. “Why don't I tell you a real story? The story of me and my brother.” Ash was hooked, and paying attention.
  27. 27. “When I was a child, I loved nothing more than playing with my toys.” Jim began, uncertain of his beginning. He didn't need to worry, Ash was listening, curious to find out what her Dad was like as a boy. “Embarrassing as it is to me now, at the time I had a thing for horses. My older brother Ralph had never understood that I didn't have to like the same things as he did.”
  28. 28. “Ralph liked computers. Mostly the internet, because of the possibilities it held. He wanted to go places, and be instantly popular.” Jim shook his head at the memory. “One evening, he had been on the internet looking up something called a 'legacy'.” “Like the one we have?” Ash asked, in a sweet voice. “Yes.”
  29. 29. “I was as curious about what a legacy was as well as Ralph, and I trusted what he told me. You see, Ralph liked to lie to me. I don't know why he did it, but he did.” Jim swallowed, thinking deeply. “Ralph told me I didn't want to start a legacy, because it was a horrible thing. That he would start one so I didn't have to. I laughed, I thought he was telling me the truth.”
  30. 30. “Ralph and I got older, and I started to question things. I wondered why Ralph would want a legacy if they were horrid things. So I did my own research, and discovered what a liar my older brother was.” “That's terrible.” Ash whispered. “I'd never lie to any of my brothers or sisters.” Jim chuckled. “Naturally, I went to Ralph and demanded to know why he had lied. Turns out he wanted the instant fame that Founders got. Which I thought was pretty shallow.”
  31. 31. “Ralph disagreed with me, we argued. We both decided we'd start legacies that day, but I never saw my brother after he left home. The last I heard, his legacy had been a flop when his wife left him at the alter.” Jim had more to say on how he felt about the whole situation, but decided that Ash was too young, and it was too late to go into that now. “So that's my story.”
  32. 32. “At least you're happy now, Dad.” Ash told him. Jim smiled as he stood up to tuck his daughter into bed. “I couldn't be happier, Ash.” He kissed her forehead. “Goodnight.”
  33. 33. Whilst Jim had been telling his story and settling Ash down to sleep, Lindsay had returned from work showing signs of a second pregnancy.
  34. 34. It was early spring now, a pleasant Friday afternoon. Ash had completed her first day of school and was stood outside with her mother, who had been anxious to know exactly how her daughter's day had been. “My teacher's nice.” Ash shrugged. “Did you make any friends?” “No one really talked at all today they were all really nervous.” Ash grinned, but decided to lie. “I wasn't!” Lindsay, who knew her daughter was shy in crowds of people she didn't know, just went along with it.
  35. 35. “Glad to hear it.” Chuckled Lindsay. She gently lifted Ash off of her feet and back onto the pavement. “Now, you need to go put your hoodie on, Dad's taking you for a walk in the woods.” “We're going out?” Ash asked, excitedly. “You and Dad are going. I need to rest, the baby's making me tired.” Lindsay let go off her daughter's hands. Ash pouted, but accepted her Mum couldn't come. “I'll miss you but the woods will be fun!”
  36. 36. Ash waited expectantly as Jim opened the jar to look inside. Despite the fact it was just a woodland, Ash was having a surprisingly good time. “Catch anything, Dad?” Ash questioned. Trying not to disappoint her, Jim opened and shut the jar, trying again. “Not yet, sweetheart, but I'll keep trying.” He promised. She smiled at him. But someone else commented on their situation. “Failing again, Jim?” Came a voice.
  37. 37. The voice was that of a young man sat up on the hill behind them. Jim turned around, lowering the jar, ready to get angry when he saw who the man was. “Ralph?” He gasped.
  38. 38. “Yeah.” The man said. “It's me.” Silence fell over both of them, and Jim was unsure for a moment on whether or not Ralph deserved forgiveness. However, despite the fact he hadn't decided what to do, Jim found himself scowling.
  39. 39. “What are you doing here, Ralph?” Jim's voice was sour as he glared at his older brother. He had not forgotten what had happened in the past. Ralph stood up and came down the hill towards his younger brother, and his niece. Ashley waited awkwardly, not wanting to talk to the stranger, but not liking seeing her Dad angry.
  40. 40. Ash decided to speak up, despite her sudden shyness in front of the man who had lied to her Dad as a child. “You should...both forgive...and forget.” She said, in a quiet little voice. Both Jim and Ralph looked at her with smiles. “I see you put down roots.” Ralph murmured. “Yeah.” Jim agreed, proud of his little girl. Ralph looked at his brother. “This doesn't change anything.”
  41. 41. Jim fell silent and looked at Ralph, who looked exactly like Jim except from the hair and the eyes. Surprisingly, Ralph was smirking. Jim waited unsure of what Ralph was on about. “You cursed my legacy when you started your own,” Ralph stated. “How does that work?” Jim asked, furiously. “I had nothing to do with you!” “Your success meant my failure.” Ralph yelled, scaring the birds in the treetops. Ralph's eyes locked on Jim. “I will have revenge. I know how to live forever, and it will be your descendants that pay.”
  42. 42. With his threats finished, Ralph ran, leaving Jim alone with his daughter in the words. Ash slid her hand into Jim's, and with one exchanged glance, both Jim and his daughter ran for home.
  43. 43. Jim and Ash avoided saying anything about the event that took place in the woods when they got home, and tried to avoid any questions that Lindsay asked about the walk. It didn't take long for one of them to accidentally let something slip out... “So how was your walk with Dad this afternoon?” Lindsay asked, casually. Seeing as neither her husband nor her daughter had mentioned it, something must have happened. “Good. We met a man.” “A nice man?” “Um...maybe not. But we won't go to those woods again.” Ash added the last bit, trying to please her mother.
  44. 44. Soon, Lindsay got up from the sofa, and Jim took her place. It was clear that some form of conversation had happened between Lindsay and Jim whilst they were swapping seats. “Your Mum said that you said that we met a weirdo in the woods.” Jim began, in an amused voice. “I didn't say 'weirdo'!” Ash cried. “What if he takes his revenge on me?” “Chill, sweetie, he's got no chance. You know why?”
  45. 45. Jim pulled his daughter close. “You'll be fine because you'll always be surrounded by family. You know that?” Ash grinned and rested her head on Jim's chest, feeling the security that only a hug from your Dad can provide.
  46. 46. And the next morning it's time for the baby to arrive. Jim wasn't home this time so she couldn't insult him and tell him it was all his fault. Fortunately, Ash slept right through it.
  47. 47. Lindsay had a baby boy, who got the green eyes, blonde hair of his father, and his mother's skin tone. Clone of his sister, so far. His name is Liam Wrongway.
  48. 48. Babyhood flies by, doesn't it? Unfortunately for little Liam, his Mum brought home one of her work friends, so Liam's birthday party consisted of two scary-looking scientists. “The subject is about to age. Once the transition is complete, the subject will be old enough for testing.” “Hurry up with it, I'm bored of holding my face like this.”
  49. 49. “The subject grew into a Hawaiian shirt, and a hair colour that doesn't match his eyebrows...” Okay, let's stop referring to Liam as if he was a test subject or he'll end up as mentally damaged as Nervous Subject.
  50. 50. Yeah, I could talk about how he looks like he's going to beat up the bunny, but he's sweet and smiling. Besides, if it was an attack, Liam could blame it on the fact he's being used as a test subject by his mother and her friend. Liam, the little copycat, grew into the same personality as Ash – 10/1/7/10/7, so he is a Virgo as well. Ladies and Gentlemen, we have the first born effect.
  51. 51. “Liam, why are you crying?” Jim asked, doing push-ups in order to get promoted. “Daddy, I'm not crying, I'm laughing.” Giggled Liam. “But...why?” “Because it's funny when Daddy tries fitness!” Jim didn't have a comeback, and continued his push-ups in silence.
  52. 52. Huh. Looks like that was it for pictures of Liam's toddler days. But I suppose that slide after slide of Liam following around his parents would get pretty tiresome. Anyway, it's time for a double birthday! No creepy science guy, just some friends of Lindsay.
  53. 53. Also, Jim was dressed as a Knight for the entire duration of the party. I suppose that's what you get when you're in the Entertainment career. What I did realize was that Lindsay's friends were mostly dormies from Simstate, despite the fact neither Jim nor Lindsay went anywhere near university.
  54. 54. Sticking to his tradition of being a copycat, Liam grew into the same pyjamas as his older sister. “Hey! Liam!” Ash exclaimed, as soon as she noticed she was dressed the same as he was. “We look like twins! Go and change! I demand it!” “Why does it matter?” He questioned. “You grow up in a minute anyway.”
  55. 55. “Fine.” Ash sighed, but soon cheered up. She ran towards her cake, chanting “My turn! My turn! My turn!”
  56. 56. “This is pretty cool.” Ash decided, putting a hand on her hip and admiring her new curves. Behind her, the dormies waited for her to finish so they could have cake. “Ugh, it's only a matter of time before the Legacy Kids join us at the U.” The girl said, wrinkling her nose. The ape-boy didn't smile, but instead, his eyes twinkled. “That might not be that bad. You have a chance to marry in.” Ape-boy continued. “Maybe I do too.” “Sure.” The girl answered, with a wistful tone to her voice.
  57. 57. Ash grew into a Popularity Sim, with a Lifetime want to beocme a celebrity chef. If you ask me, she still looks a lot like her Dad.
  58. 58. “Do I look alright, do you think? Not dressed too tomboyish? Are the bunches too childish? Tell me honestly, Liam! Tell me!” “Hey, what do I know?” Liam shrugged. “I'm your younger brother. I don't really get why it matters anyway.” “I want to fit in at school tomorrow.” “Ash, it's private school, we all wear the same.” “Silence!”
  59. 59. And this is where I leave you for the first chapter! I know it was short, but I'm just starting out, and I didn't want a huge long chapter that would bore you to tears. Anyway, what will happen to Liam's copycat ways? How will Ralph take his revenge? Who will be heir? Thanks for Reading!