The Wrongway Legacy - 1.2


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The Wrongway Legacy - 1.2

  1. 1. Welcome back to The Wrongway Legacy! Last time, we met our founder, saw him tie the knot, have children, like a usual founder. What wasn't as usual was the fact he bumped into his mean older brother Ralph in the woods who swore revenge over a lie that happened along time ago. When we last saw the Wrongways, Ash had just grown into a teenager, and her copycat little brother had grown into a child. So, on with the legacy.
  2. 2. We rejoin the Wrongways as Ash is taking dating advice from the gypsy. “How much will you pay to meet the love of your life right now?” “Most people would say 'anything', but I can't afford that.” Ash grinned and put her money in the gypsy's palm. “I've got six hundred.” “What? Where does a teenager get that kind of money?” The gypsy continued. “I mean, this is not enough money! The Love of your Life costs more! Lots more!” Ash's smiled dropped. “Six hundred and fifty, then.”
  3. 3. Ash took one look at the boy the Gypsy had picked and looked back. “That guy?” “Don't judge.” Scolded the Gypsy, wisely. “He could have a perfect personality. That's what you get when you pay six hundred, my dear.” With a sigh, Ash accepted the date. “What's his name?” “How should I know? He's just a guy who fell out of the sky for a date, and you're wasting that time talking!”
  4. 4. Unfortunately, and predictably, the date didn't go too well. “Okay, so we figured out we couldn't be a romantic couple, but how about we be friends instead? Come on, give me a hug!” “No! No human contact!” The boy squealed, and backed away from Ash's kindness. “The Gypsy didn't pay me enough to hug people!” “This is the worst first date ever.” Ash muttered.
  5. 5. “Who's a good fortune-telling ball, dropping Mama a guy with social issues when someone doesn't pay up?” The Gypsy smiled at the ball. “Someone deserves a sponge bath for another unsuccessful couple!”
  6. 6. The next morning, over breakfast, Ash decided that if she was ever going to find a decent boy to date, then she would need one thing... “Dad, can I have some money?” Jim swallowed his mouthful and looked at his eldest.. “Me too!” Liam added. “What for?” Jim questioned. “Is this for that gypsy woman again?” “Maybe...yesterday didn't go too well because I didn't pay enough...” “Oh, Ash. Date a boy you didn't meet through a crazy old woman with a glass ball.” Lindsay smiled, and looked to Jim. “I didn't meet my husband that way.”
  7. 7. So Ash set about operation fall-in-love, and invited over her friend Travis. Some might say she was desperate, but Travis wouldn't pick that up. “Wow, Ash, I've never had friends from a legacy before!” Travis gazed around at the walls of the house. “I'm glad we met.” “So am I, Ash.” Remington whispered. “What was that, Remington?” Ash asked. “Nothing. Nothing at all.”
  8. 8. “So Travis, now that Remington is gone, I wanted to ask you something...” “Is it about music? Because I love music. I can tell you anything about music, if-” “It's not about music, Travis.” Ash suddenly felt overwhelmingly shy. “I...Travis, I like..I like you...” Travis blinked, not registering what Ash had just confessed. “I like you too, Ash. We're great friends.”
  9. 9. Ash sighed, but happily. She smiled, her confidence coming back, and put her arms around Travis. He copied her, but didn't really understand what she was getting at. “I like you more than that.” She confessed. “You mean in the way of super-awesome fantastic friends?” Travis beamed. “Sure, let's go with that.”
  10. 10. While Ash had been spending the summer out with her friends, and new Super- Awesome Fantastic Friend, Liam had no one to hang around with. He took the opportunity to spend some time with nature, which his father loved. With a tent in the garden, and a roaring fire, Liam settled in for a night alone, knowing his sister would not be hanging around with him anytime soon.
  11. 11. At the same time as Liam was in the garden, Ash was on the phone to Travis. “Yeah. Exactly. There's no way I'm writing that essay when I could be using my free time to work. You didn't know I had a job in the military?” Ash walked over to the other side of the room, spotting a fire outside. “I'll call you back.”
  12. 12. “Oh, it's just you.” Ash said, relieved, as the rain extinguished the fire. Liam frowned. “It's not 'just me'! I'm your brother, Ash, and you've been ignoring me to hang around with your stupid boyfriend!” Stunned, Ash remained silent for a moment. “I can't help it if I don't want to spend time with a little copycat baby who isn't old enough to go to the places I do.” “Like where? The park? Please.” Liam turned to walk away, but Ash caught his wrist.
  13. 13. Ash released him almost immediately, but Liam didn't leave. He waited to hear what Ash was about to say. “I'm sorry, okay?” Her voice was soft, and Liam knew she meant it. “It's not your fault.” Liam looked at the ground. “I don't really have any friends at all.” “You will when you're my age.” “Do you know how shy I am? Ash, I won't even go to my locker at school in the morning because there's this really pretty teenager just down the hall, waiting with her brother who's the bully in my class...”
  14. 14. “He's not bullying you, is he?” “No, but I'm really scared he might start if I go anywhere near him...” Liam looked up at his sister, fearfully, as it started to rain. “Well, look, forget about it for now, and we'll have spaghetti for dinner.” “You can cook it now?” Ash laughed. “Yeah. Come on, let's go.”
  15. 15. Lindsay came home from work and changed into her pyjamas before heading to the kitchen, where she found her daughter cooking. “Please tell me you didn't wear that dress out today.” Lindsay raised her eyebrows, and put her food on the counter. “It looks like something you'd sleep in.” “Is that because it's short?” Ash asked, as Lindsay nodded. “I wore it to the park...” Lindsay shook her head in disapproval, but smiled as well. Her daughter was growing up.
  16. 16. “There's something terrible, something horrible happening!” What is it, Jim?
  17. 17. “Nothing, really. I was just smustling and pulling funny faces.” Little did Jim know, there was something terrible happening not too far from the Legacy home...
  18. 18. Ralph had been waiting all day. The Protector of the Supernatural was to visit, and they had yet to arrive, five hours after they had said they would. The extra time had given Ralph a chance to form a plan, but without his visitor, he could not rest completely. Still, as night fell, Ralph found himself thinking more and more about what he was going to do to the Wrongways soon.
  19. 19. A man appeared in the doorway, wild unruly hair hiding his elven heritage. “You called for me?” He asked. Ralph looked up, and smiled. “Hex, the Protector of the Supernatural? You don't look like much.” “For the evil brother of a legacy founder you don't look like much.” Hex argued, before sitting down on the sofa next to Ralph. “Fair point.”
  20. 20. “We know you're planning on evil, Ralph.” Hex continued. “And my Court won't have anything to do with it.” “Not even to turn me into a vampire?” Hex was disgusted at the idea. “Why would I arrange for you to become a vampire? I already told you, I do not associate with evil!” “I haven't done anything.” “The Gypsies know what you're going to do, Ralph.”
  21. 21. Hex got up and headed towards the door, preparing to leave, while Ralph looked on in amusement. “Won't you stay for a drink?” He offered. “I know what you're planning.” Hex admitted, sternly. “And I am going to do everything in my power to stop it.” “Interfere with anything and I will hunt you down.” “I'd like to see you try.” Hex scowled at Ralph once more, and then left, leaving Ralph alone with his thoughts.
  22. 22. Ralph grimaced. The plans were coming together, but Hex was always a step ahead. There was nothing Ralph could think of to change this. “Soon, the Wrongway siblings will head to uni, and then I will strike.” Ralph decided. “When Hex is looking the other way...” * * *
  23. 23. The next afternoon, Ash finished school, and headed to the mailbox to fetch Tuesday's bills. Instead of finding a thick envelope of bills, a pink card awaited her. She grinned. “Travis!” Nobody tell her it was Lindsay's to Jim.
  24. 24. After storing her note carefully where her parents or brother couldn't find it, Ash decided to head out. The day after, Liam was going to grow into a teenager, and would undoubtedly follow Ash on her nights out. So Ash went to a nearby shop in the hope that she would find someone new to talk to, because popularity sims can't just have the same set of friends – they always need more.
  25. 25. “Hi, I'm George, do you need help with anything?” The cashier asked straight away. “Not really, I was just hoping to find someone to talk to.” Ash shrugged. “I like people.” “I have to like people. The customer's always right, you know.” “Even when they're yelling at you for something that was their fault?” “It's a struggle to be polite all the time.” George paused. “I usually try to be nice, but if they won't stop...well, I yell back.”
  26. 26. “Doesn't your boss moan?” “Sometimes.” George shrugged again, and followed it with a grin. “But I'm employee of the month so he lets me off.” Ash laughed, and kept talking, losing all track of time. Ash and George were now really good friends, but dawn was creeping unnoticed through the windows. If Ash didn't leave and sneak into the house, she would be in big trouble...
  27. 27. Eventually, Ash gave in and acknowledged the fact that she had to leave. “George, I've got to go, even though I'd love to just stand here and talk pretty much all day.” “Oh.” George swallowed, and then gave her his best smile. “Ash, I was wondering wanted to go out sometime? Like a date?” For a moment, Ash was stunned. It wasn't long before her senses came back. As much as she had wanted to say yes, she gave the truthful answer. “I can't, George. I already have a Super-Awesome Fantastic Friend.” George blinked. Ash nearly laughed, and rephrased what she had just said. “I already have a boyfriend.”
  28. 28. George was disappointed to say the least, but decided to smile and let it pass. “Well, we can still be friends.” “I'll...see you around.” Ash replied. Her thoughts spiraled. If she hadn't dated Travis as a last resort, she could have dated George... Knowing this, Ash left quickly, leaving a confused and tired George to end his shift.
  29. 29. Later that day, when Jim was at work, Liam stood in front of his cake. With mixed emotions, Liam sighed. “I have to grow up sometime.”
  30. 30. “I wish I could be less shy, and I wish I had some friends.”
  31. 31. Grown into an outfit that wasn't too bad, Liam did what everyone does on their birthday in a legacy – look at their hands. But as Liam stared at his hand, something else caught his eye. “Wow, look at my muscles!”
  32. 32. Soon, Jim returned from work, and the Wrongways sat down at the dining table to have a discussion. “Ash, Liam, it's time we talked about something that all Legacy teenagers have to talk about.” Jim raised his eyebrows and smiled. “Who will be heir. Now, your Mum and I were talking, and we think you should choose.”
  33. 33. “How are we going to decide? If I say Liam out of politeness, he'll copy because that's what he does!” Ash cried. She closed her eyes. She didn't know if she wanted to be heir, but she didn't know if Liam wanted it either. Liam made a decision all by himself for the first time. “I think Ash should be heir.” Ash broke the stunned silence. “You really think so?” “Positive.” Liam grinned at his sister.
  34. 34. “If you're happy to do it, then Ash, you are the heir.” Jim said, still leaving Ash with a choice. “I'm happy to be heir, if Liam is.” “Honey, I think Liam is okay with you being heir.” Lindsay smiled. And just like that, the decision was made.
  35. 35. Shortly, Ash left for university, and Liam was by himself again. His wishes from his birthday had yet to come true, but he thought it wouldn't hurt if he went to the local pool to meet some people. However, the plan had failed, leaving Liam sat by himself, watching a group of pretty girls across the other side of the pool.
  36. 36. A complete stranger sat next to Liam, and immediately began talking. “Look, if you like one of those girls over there, go talk to her.” “What?” Liam asked. “Who are you?” “The name's Felix, and I'm a self-acclaimed expert on everything.” “So I should talk to her?” “Absolutely. Talking never fails.”
  37. 37. Meadow Thayer looked up from her friends and spotted Liam and Felix sitting opposite them, Liam quite often glancing at Meadow's red haired friend. “Heads up, Lucy, I think that dude's got a crush on you.” “Felix?” Lucy blinked. “No! The new guy.” Meadow rolled her eyes. “New kids, right?” “He's kind of cute.” Lucy smiled. “He's coming this way!”
  38. 38. But a sudden case of nerves got to Liam, and instead of going to talk to Lucy, he turned and stepped onto the diving board. Felix's eyes widened. “This is not a good way to win her heart!” “It'll all be fine.” “Diving equals instant failure! You'll fall in or something!”
  39. 39. Much to everyone's surprise (including my own) Liam dived properly and landed in the water straight, as he had intended. Felix sat on the side gobsmacked, and the girls began to gossip.
  40. 40. “Did you see that?” Lucy asked, clearly impressed. Meadow sniggered. “Yeah, the guy's clearly a show-off.” Meadow said, and began to laugh. Instead of joining in with the laughter, Lucy looked across the pool to see Liam sit down again, and she was disappointed. Why wouldn't he talk to her?
  41. 41. “Impressive dive. I bet you can't do it again.” Felix smiled. His smile disappeared when Liam sat down again. “You're not going to go talk to her?” “No. I'm too shy.” Liam said, finally. Liam didn't move from his seat all day, but Felix remained at his side, and the pair of them talked. They could probably be friends with a bit more work.
  42. 42. Lucy came out of the Girl's changing rooms in time to see Felix leave, chatting up Meadow. She shook her head at them, grinning. It would do Meadow good to date someone, she would stop complaining about everything. Stepping out into the light of the setting sun, Lucy bumped into Liam.
  43. 43. “Hey, um, Lucy, is it?” Liam asked, trying hard to smile and appear laid back. Lucy put both hands on her hips. “Yeah, I'm Lucy. What's up?” “I...I was wanted to go for a walk, actually.” Liam looked at the pavement, scuffing his shoes by kicking it. “I'm Liam, by the way.” “Alright. Let's go.”
  44. 44. An awkward silence fell over both Lucy and Liam as they walked down the street. Liam could only think of how close her hand was to his, and how much he would like to hold her hand. He restrained, and followed her down the street. “Here okay to talk?” She questioned, in a relaxed tone. “Absolutely.” He replied quickly. She smiled at his shyness.
  45. 45. “So what did you want to say?” Lucy asked, pulling to a stop. Liam swallowed. Now or never, he decided. “I...I think you're beautiful, and I've wanted to talk to you all day, but I didn't have the guts, and...I dunno. I just wanted to spend time with you, I guess.” Lucy smiled again, and Liam felt relieved instead of nervous. “I like you too.” She told him, simply. “I've noticed how shy you are, so I'll make the first move.” “Which is?”
  46. 46. Lucy began to lean forwards, and Liam knew what she was talking about. Boldly, he stepped forwards and kissed her first. When they separated, he looked at her, hoping she had wanted him to kiss her. Luckily, Lucy grinned at him.
  47. 47. In the weeks before Liam left for university, he kept a balance of working, and dating Lucy. Unlike his older sister, Liam had not got himself a job, but no one really minded. Soon the time came when Liam decided he was ready to take on the world...three days early.
  48. 48. “Dad...I'm leaving for uni in three days but I think I'm ready to go now...” Liam looked at his father, as if to ask whether or not it was okay to leave early. Jim smiled. “Look, if you want to go now, go. You're going to have to make decisions for your life, Liam, and this is one of them. You're ready? You go!” “Really?” “Yes. Just don't tell your mother I let you go early. She feels old with you and Ash leaving already.” Jim paused. “And tell Ash to call us, she hasn't phoned home in a while.” “Okay, Dad.”
  49. 49. When Lindsay came home from work to find her youngest baby gone, she immediately went to Jim for comfort. “They're both grown up already.” Lindsay sobbed. “It's okay, Linds, it won't be long before they're home, when Ash will move in with us and Liam will start his own life.” Jim felt Lindsay tighten her grip. “It's okay, sweetie. We have to let them go, is all...” Lindsay wiped her eyes and looked at Jim's optimistic face. “They'll be fine.” She decided, and leaned forwards to kiss Jim.
  50. 50. And now I leave you with a random picture of Ashley throwing leaves. What has Ralph got planned? What will happen at university? Will Ash find another Super-Awesome Fantastic friend? Sorry for the short update, and it may take a bit longer for me to get the next one out due to school starting again this week. Anyway, thanks for reading and happy simming!