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SEO & Content: How to Build More Than Just Links


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If you are practicing a short-sighted content marketing campaign and struggling to produce results, perhaps it’s time to take a step back and look at the big picture.

Loren Baker, Founder at SEJ and VP of Business Development & Co-founder at Foundation Digital, will let you in on how you can gain maximum SEO value – and more – through content.

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SEO & Content: How to Build More Than Just Links

  1. 1. About Me! • Founder, Search Engine Journal • Digital Marketng since 1998! • Co-Founder, Foundaton Digital • @lorenbaker
  2. 2. Foundation Digital Foundaton Digital is an award winning Los Angeles based boutque digital agency that helps companies develop and execute data-driven earned media & marketng strategies designed to increase market share, targeted trafc and overall brand awareness. Core Focus: • SEO • Content Strategy & Link Building • Content Amplifcaton • Blogging & Blog Management • Infuencer Engagement • Social Media Support • WordPress Development
  3. 3. Award Winning Content
  4. 4. What I’m Talking About Today • The Transiton from SEO Content Marketng to Digital Content Marketng • Not Setng Yourself Up to Fail #FailProof Content • Reinvestng Link Vendor Eforts into Content and Inbound Marketng Eforts • Ways to Squeeze More Value Out of Your Content Marketng Eforts
  5. 5. Poll 1: What Is Your #1 Success Metric with Content Marketng? • Links for SEO • Social Shares • Press & Blog Mentons • Other
  6. 6. Types of Content & Viral Campaigns We develop original content for mass & authority link acquisiton. Ultmately this content helps with onsite SEO strategy along with assistng mass linking eforts for a natural linking approach.
  7. 7. Blog Content Examples
  8. 8. Persona Targeted Content Examples
  9. 9. Holiday & Seasonal Content New Content added each year!
  10. 10. Holiday & Seasonal Content
  11. 11. Industry Vertical Content
  12. 12. Use Cases for Industry Content • Use in Sales Process • Use in Segmented Emails per Vertcal • Outreach to Industry Specifc Publicatons • Social Media Targetng
  13. 13. Don’t Just Stop at Blogging
  14. 14. But How Else Can You Use Ebooks?
  15. 15. But Does This Work for Clients? Yuup!
  16. 16. Time to Go On a Book Tour! (Be a Podcast Guest)
  17. 17. Data Driven Content for Linking & Beyond We feel that by developing proprietary data driven content & research, we can go beyond traditonal linking and empower successful PR and branding initatves.
  18. 18. Data, How To’s & Surveys
  19. 19. Data, How To’s & Surveys
  20. 20. Viral Data Infographic Examples
  21. 21. Viral Data Benefts & Tips • Journalists love original data • Positons your company as The Source • Data Scientsts are readily available • Have an Expert back you up • ProTip: Find fans to pick apart data before publishing
  22. 22. Viral Data Infographic Examples
  23. 23. Survey Benefts & Tools • Positon you as the Source • Proprietary data • Perfect for Link Reclamaton / Link Repo • Great Intro • Superb for PR • Gets Your Audience Involved
  24. 24. Data Driven Infographic Examples
  25. 25. Photos and Tutorials Illustrated content is great, but professional photographs and tutorials are leading to massive growth in 2018 for some vertcals.
  26. 26. How To …..?
  27. 27. Photos, Video & Tutorials
  28. 28. Photos, Videos & Tutorials • YouTube videos used for lead nurturing • Used for lead and customer educaton • Clips Used for Facebook, Instagram & SNAP • Integraton in Ad Campaigns
  29. 29. But What About the SEO? • 430% increase in SEO trafc to blog. • Increase in Leads from blog. • Natural Link pickup from beauty sites and news pubs!
  30. 30. What Does This Mean for 2018? Revamping campaign to focus on How To’s, Tutorials and Real Life Situatons … Content is Social First; Blog Second (but optmized on site for SEO)
  31. 31. Local Guides Ruling Local Search Having people create original content about businesses and locatons in their environment is leading to .
  32. 32. Local Guides & Lifestyle Content • Find Local Experts & Photographers • Write about things in the area that only locals would know or enjoy. • Menton & review businesses in the area then perform outreach to those businesses for social share or even LINKS! • Local content on landing pages which masters SEO & Local Pack but also helps with conversions!
  33. 33. Local Guides & Lifestyle Content
  34. 34. Local Guides & Lifestyle Content
  35. 35. Poll 2: Would You Like to Learn More About How We Can Help With Your Content Marketng in 2018? • Yes • No • Absolutely, I’m Planning My 2018 Strategy Now and Need to Talk to Loren!