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Scoopit's Content Marketing Grader for ROI


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Are you on path to Content Marketing ROI?
Do you know how good is your Content Marketing?
These are not easy questions to answer. Yet, there are effective ways to measure if you're in the right direction with your content marketing strategy and if your efforts do or will pay off in the near future.

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Scoopit's Content Marketing Grader for ROI

  2. 2. Marketing used to look more or less like this.
  3. 3. And then this happened…
  4. 4. In other words,Internet.It changed things a bit…
  5. 5. Access to information was made available to all
  6. 6. Prospects started researching before buying
  7. 7. The SEO rules changed to deliver better information
  8. 8. And King Content rose to the throne
  9. 9. Content Marketing grew from tactic to strategic
  10. 10. But achieving ROI is a marathon run,not a sprint
  11. 11. And to succeed you need to follow best practices
  12. 12. Don’t panic,90% of marketers don’t know how to measure their content marketing effectiveness
  13. 13. So… which best practices should you follow?
  14. 14. There are so many articles it can be overwhelming
  15. 15. That’s where we come in! 2 million users 3,000+ marketers dozens of influencers 3 years of research We gathered a complete set of content marketing best practices
  16. 16. We created an interactive Content Marketing Grader 5 minutes to take the test Your score /100 Details + tips What to do to improve What to do to improve Why it matters Why it matters Why it matters
  17. 17. Have a look at what the experts that shaped content marketing as we know it think about our content marketing ROI grader
  18. 18.’s Content Marketing grader is a fast, visual way to grade your performance. It's the smartest evaluation tool I've seen in a long time. “ Andy Crestodina Principal, Strategic Director, Orbit Media Andy scored 83 100
  19. 19. He scored 81 100 “’s Content Marketing grader is a great learning experience for business owners and marketers who are looking to figure out what's missing from their content strategy, or how to initiate one. Jayson DeMers Founder & CEO, The AudienceBloom Agency
  20. 20. “ Barry Feldman Founder & CEO, Feldman Creative Any tool that helps you assess your strengths and weaknesses - especially a fun and informative one like’s Content Marketing grader - is gold because it'll help you improve. Barry scored 91100 “
  21. 21.’s Content Marketing Grader is very useful to identify gaps in your content marketing plans. Take it for a spin and identify issues you need to resolve. Ian Cleary Founder, Razorsocial He scored 86 100 “
  22. 22. “ Mike Allton CMO, SiteSell The struggle marketers face today is understanding how they're doing and what to do to improve.’s Content Marketing Grader is an excellent place to start: they can get a baseline for how they're doing today and key resources to help them improve where needed. Mike scored 79100 “