Business Education Series: Cut Through The Noise: Using Social Media to Grow Your Business"


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Business Education Series: Cut Through The Noise: Using Social Media to Grow Your Business"

  1. 1. Cut Through the NoiseUsing Social Media to Grow Business
  2. 2. How Are Small Businesses Using Social Media?Source:
  3. 3. Business Necessity?•90% of people trust recommendations on Facebook•List your business on Facebook•Post fresh and relevant content on a consistent basis•Create landing pages to lure in new fans•Participate in ongoing conversations•What are your competitors doing?•Create a “Deal” or an “Offer”•Get your Facebook users to “Check-In” at your location (PR Engine)•Add images and personalize your business page•Drive website visitors to your Facebook page (Social Plug-ins)
  4. 4. Vital BusinessInformation
  5. 5. Geo-Targeted Keywords
  6. 6. Stagger Your PostsAdd Value AddedContentGetRecommendationsInteract
  7. 7. Facebook Insights (Analytics)
  8. 8. Business Benefits Of Linked-In•Search Engine Positioning & Optimization in LinkedIn•Prospecting: Identifying the right people at a customer orprospect•Receiving introductions or referrals to prospects•Make yourself be perceived as an expert•Getting notifications when someone changes jobs•Create or be part of a group on LinkedIn•Add Events•Polls on LinkedIn•Advertising on LinkedIn•Integrate other 3rd party Social Media RSS feeds•Add presentations to showcase your product/service•Public Relations
  9. 9. Basic ProfileUse Appropriate Keywords and Phrases in Your Heading and Title
  10. 10. Skill SetTag Your Skills and Expertise
  11. 11. Sales CollateralPower Points Presentations to your profile
  12. 12. Corporate Profile
  13. 13. Groups• Join Relevant Groups• Become an active member• Refer other businesses• Network within the groups• Monitor & respond• Prospect• Best method for finding new business on Linked-In
  14. 14. Prospecting
  15. 15. Introductions
  16. 16. •Twitter is currently growing faster than Facebook in the US (eMarketer)•End of 2011, Facebook = 133 million US users•End of 2011 Twitter = 24 million US users.•By the end of 2014, eMarketer predicts that Twitter will reach 37.6million by 2014.• Let’s talk about tools to use…and how to use them.
  17. 17. How Businesses Use Twitter• Direct: Marketing & Public Relations channel, much like their corporate blogs, press releases, Facebook.• Indirect: Companies let their employees tweet.• Listeners: Using search tools like or desktop applications like TweetDeck & HootSuite are easy ways to keep track of whats being said about the company.• Competitive Research: See what your competition is up to, look at promotions, partnerships, opportunities.
  18. 18.
  19. 19. Prospecting
  20. 20. Brand Research
  21. 21. Competitive Research
  22. 22. The Pinterest User• Over 10 Million Users• 28% of Pinterest users have a household income of $100,000+ or greater.• Average time spent on Pinterest per day is 15.8 minutes vs. 12 minutes spent on Facebook.• 50% of Pinterest users have children.• Roughly 62% are females and 32% are male.• The average age of a Pinterest user falls between 24 and 44.(Source: Mashable)
  23. 23. What Is Pinterest?• Pinterest users can upload, save, sort and manage images (a.k.a. Pins)• Pinboards are generally themed so that pins can easily be organized• Pinterest acts as a personalized media platform, whereby your own content as well as anyone elses uploaded pins can be browsed on the main page.• Users save their favorite pins to one of their own boards using the “Pin It” button .• Most popular categories: Food & drink, DIY, crafts, and womens apparel.Commerce• Fashion e-commerce website Boticca use Pinterest as a virtual storefront for driving customers to their website. Users inbound from Pinterest spent $180 compared with $85 spent from users coming from Facebook.(source: Wikipedia)
  24. 24. Midtown Jewelers
  25. 25. Repins: People take one of yourimages and repin it to one oftheir boardsLike: People “Like” an image –promotes your imagePin an image from your websiteso your URL will show / redirectuser to your website
  26. 26. Google Analytics
  27. 27. Google Analytics – Social Tab
  28. 28. Questions?