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House Style and Caption Ideas


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Published in: Education
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House Style and Caption Ideas

  1. 1. House Style and Caption ideas...Big changes and decisions on fonts, colour schemes and article ideas
  2. 2. Changes... There have been some changes to how my front cover will look...✤ I am hoping to re-shoot the front cover image or manipulate my existing image to make it work better for a more clean-cut and striking front cover.✤ My masthead has also been changed as I feel my original masthead was too fussy, didn’t stand-out enough to capture my audience and it was hard to read from a distance which is very important.
  3. 3. Changes... There have been some changes to how my front cover will look...✤ My new masthead is more simple, while still incorporating the font chosen by my poll, making the M in Maverick stand out as my icon.✤ I have also decided to make a logo for my magazine which can be used throughout the magazine helping form a brand identity. This will be placed in the dead-space in my masthead.
  4. 4. House Style - Fonts✤ I have chosen fonts to use throughout the magazine.✤ The font I have chosen is Andale Mono which looks like this...✤ THIS IS ANDALE MONO.✤ I think this font reflects perfectly my target audience. It is different to standard fonts which is important as I want Maverick to feel individual like it’s readers.✤ It is also similar to a type-writer style, which creates a retro feel, but is also simple enough to be readable and modern.✤ It is unique so that it becomes part of Maverick’s brand identity.
  5. 5. House Style - Colours✤ The colour scheme is based in what my questionnaire results were (see above).✤ For my front cover red, black and white will form the basis of my colour scheme. This is because not only are these the colours of my masthead, but also as red, black and white are used a lot when representing the alternative rock genre. They are simple and crisp, while also standing out to my target audience as they are part f the conventions they are consciously or subconsciously looking for.✤ Green and purple will also feature throughout the magazine, but they have to be a particular shade, so as to appeal to both genders. These are the shades I am considering...
  6. 6. Front Page For now I will use past drafts of my front cover to illustrate my article and cover- line ideas...✤ Cover line 1 will be an “exclusive” bubble, standing out from the regular captions and will relate to a big A 12-PAGE band, like Vampire EXCLUSIVE Weekend or Florence VAMPIRE WEEKEND and The Machine to AND attract more readers as FLORENCE & THE my image will not be of MACHINE a well-known artist. AS WE GO BEHIND THE SCENES ON THEIR NEW TOURS
  7. 7. Front Page✤ Cover lines 2 & 3 will be interesting articles or interview with bands that my target audience are interested in.✤ Ideas are below... MONKEYING AROUND EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH THE ARTIC MONKEYS BOOZE, GIGS & SEX MUSE WHAT DO THEY GET UP TO ON TOUR?
  8. 8. Front Page ✤ There will be a strip down the bottom of the cover with a list of bands included in the magazine. ✤ I’ve done a mock-up of what it will look like below...