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Reminders of Conventions


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Reminders of Conventions

  1. 1. Reminders of ConventionsA re-evaluation of where my magazine is going...
  2. 2. • During a recent lesson, we went over the conventions of front covers, contents pages and double page spreads.• We looked at issues of Q and Kerrang! to help us think about how to put together our own front covers.• Here are things I am going to think about as I put together my magazine...
  3. 3. Front Cover• The central image is very striking and immediately connects with the audience.• The masthead is simple, with the tagline incorporated in it and is a direct mode of address to the audience, so I need to think carefully about what I want to say to the audience as it is the first impression they will get of the magazine.• The clear background enables the image to pop out.• Clear captions and the pull-quote hooks you in.• The main heading anchors the main image, creating a feeling of it being thought out.• There’s an online presence with the details in the barcode.• There’s an exclusive ‘button’ which I have already experimented with.
  4. 4. • Front Cover This cover is a lot more cluttered which fits in with the audience and genre conventions. I need to be constantly thinking: who is my audience?• There are messy fonts and layout which can be achieved through laying and differing the styles and colours.• The band names have a red strip behind them, making them stand out against the rest of the writing. This is because readers are on the look out for specific bands and also it makes it clear what genre the magazine is.• At the top of the cover are lures like competitions, and at the bottom is a list of bands inside the magazine.• There are lots of images used on the front cover in the ‘poster special’. This is also a lure and stands out through the colour red. The colouring of the pictures are also similar creating uniformity.
  5. 5. Contents• The page number is really big next to the main article - making it easy for readers to go straight to it.• It isn’t too fussy which is important as it is a functional page.• There is use of brand identity at the top of the page, which is well organised.• This is continued in the footer of each page throughout the magazine.• It is neat with anchoring images.• The headings are of band names that readers could be interested in, along with the corresponding page numbers as readers want to be able to see at a glance which page to go to.
  6. 6. Contents• Along with a picture of the editor, there is a short editorial which introduces the magazine and references some of the highlights.• This is a means of directly addressing the audience and gives it a more personal tone.• Again the band names or article names are in bold next to the page numbers so it is easy to navigate the magazine.• There are also lots of pictures which make it more interesting to look at and helps to highlight some articles.• This contents page is more cluttered, but still easy to read, there are striking images, including a main image along the top.• There is a subscription offer, as well as credits along the side of the page, which makes it look more professional.
  7. 7. • DPS There is a central colour used which runs through the whole magazine creating a flow, which is more pleasing to the eye, as well as brand identity as the masthead’s main colour is red.• It is a simple layout, with the title and main image taking up the top half of the spread and the text at the bottom half. But the red information boxes about the members of the band break it up and makes it more interesting to look at.• The interview is in a Q&A style, which means it is in an informal style which contrasts which the slick layout.• The colouring of the image is the same as the front cover image, and reflects the genre of the band; gritty and real.• Overall it is effective as it isn’t too cluttered, while still being eye-capturing.