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Ancillary Research


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Ancillary Research of existing products focusing on cd covers for my A2 media course, where I'm making a music video.

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Ancillary Research

  1. 1. Existing Products Research CD Covers
  2. 2. Birdy is a young female artist so it is good to lookat how she is presenting herself. She also usesblack and white and simple titling, the same asAdele. The fonts are unique to the artist and thuspart of the ‘image’ of Birdy. In the cover above theartist herself features. She looks natural with thewind in her hair on the location of one of hervideos. She connotes youth and innocence, andher pose is almost shy and humbling, which meansthe audience can emphasis with her. The othercovers have coloured backgrounds but are stillsimple.
  3. 3. Katy B is a female dance artist so it isinteresting to look at how she portraysherself, being a little older than Birdy. Thecolours blue, purple and white feature heavily,showing that she is more mainstream. Thecolours catch the eye, while stayingcontemporary and fitting in with the dancegenre. Katy B is a strong presence, lookingindependent and confident, but not makingeye contact with the audience. Like Birdy,however, she has a unique font that is a visualsignifier of her brand.
  4. 4. Calvin Harris also has a font that is unique to himself. It is in capitals and very clear andsimple so makes an impact. What is most interesting to me is that stills from Harris’ videosare used showing that the videos are very important in the marketing of a single. Soimportant that it becomes the central part and sets the tone for the whole marketingcampaign. I’m thinking about using a video still or use one of the photographs I took onlocation like Birdy did to fit in with the conventions of the industry.
  5. 5. I like Two Door Cinema Club’s covers as they are very unusual and stand out. Again theirfonts are unique to them signalling that this is also an important convention that I willneed to look into. I like that the eyes of the cat and dog match the two O’s and therandomness and retro feel adds to their charm. This matches their style of music sosomehow through these simple techniques the band’s ‘sound’ is conveyed, which is veryclever.
  6. 6. Snow Patrol take a more artistic approach with their albums, opting for a traditional takeon their covers. I love the colours and the white capitals (like Calvin Harris) stand out anddraw in the eye. Snow Patrol take a more subtle approach as their band name is smallerand to the left, letting the art take centre stage.
  7. 7. Chase and Status have a clear theme across their covers, using yellow fonts and blackand white photos that are either from their videos or are symbolic to each song. Theartist name is much bigger than the title of the song/album and is in the centre so it isclear that is is their album/singles.
  8. 8. These two covers are very simple but have huge impact. Chase and Status keep withtheir theme of yellow. Swedish House Mafia use black and white. The fonts are moreclassical and less contemporary than other artists. This makes it seem more grand andimportant. The difference in sizes also works as it gives it more depth in such astraightforward way. The stars add to the effect of prestige as it has a royal orauthoritative presence. Power and impact seem to be important for dance artists, butespecially more in the male artists.
  9. 9. Yellow and black are used again which may indicate aconvention in using primary colours to stand out. Thefocus on the words in dance music is prominent. Andthe name of the artist always takes priority over thetitles of the song. This is so fans can easily spot theartists they like and so are drawn to it.
  10. 10. These two covers are from more mainstream artists and so use more ‘pop-py’ colours,lighter shades of dominant colours, rather than darker or more neon shades like dancemusic use in order to reflect their alternative and underground status. The orange coveruses the artists face, and there are no words at all, which is a break from conventions. Theblue one uses art to get their message across, but still uses words in clear white capitals.
  11. 11. These last two covers are from mainstream artists but still show the conventions of usingblack, white and yellow. What’s interesting is that Rihanna uses a picture of herself anddoesn’t focus on her name. This shows that her ‘image’ is all about herself and not her namenow that she is so successful. Instead she goes for a ‘logo’ using the letter R. But she stillsticks with using an image from her video as the single cover, which Bruno Mars doesn’t doand instead features his name and a music note in informal fonts.
  12. 12. Overall these are the points I am taking away from my research...• Black and white is used a lot• Stills from the video are also a convention• Lighter shades are used for more mainstream artists/songs and darker or more neon colours are used for dance music• Every artist has a font individual to them• The font styles match the genre and style of music• Clear fonts in white and capitals are dominant