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Plans for Photo Shoot 3/4


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Published in: Education
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Plans for Photo Shoot 3/4

  1. 1. Plans for Photo Shoot 3/4
  2. 2. Then I put together some costumeideas. I went through my wardrobe forany clothes I thought were suitableand decided on costume ideas.Other clothes from my model were alsoput into the book and used on theshoot. I think the mixture of clothes- mostly vintage pieces - created aunique indie feel for the shoot, thatrepresents what the readers arewearing or aspire to wear. They alsomatch the styles of clothing of otherindie artists.
  3. 3. I also gathered together accessories -including shoes, coats, nail-polish,bracelets and necklaces. Some of which wereput into the book, so I could establish thelook I was wanting to achieve, help prompt meduring the shoot for ideas and put across tothe model which type of accessories to bring.
  4. 4. I also collected lots of props that matched the retro theme I was aiming for. I also tried to include props that connoted music, like headphones and a guitar which were heavily used in the shoot.However I felt that using items like the goldframe, would create a more artistic andindividual look that would stand out. It alsoportrays the feeling of having the artist “inthe frame”, which was an interesting idea thatI wanted to explore during the shoot.
  5. 5. Before going out to take someestablishing shots of my locations (whichis in part 4), I quickly sketched a fewstoryboards so that I had an idea of whatsort of angle I wanted to shoot in someof the locations.