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SharePoint 2013 features overview


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What new?
HTML based Master Pages
Enhancements and alignment with mobility
Social and collaboration
SkyDrive Integration
Workflow alignment with Azure Cloud
Important new application services
Cloud App model

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SharePoint 2013 features overview

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Metro as the default UI for SharePoint as well as user tools like Office, Windows, XboxeDiscovery and mobile devices
  3. 3. SkyDrive HTML 5 Master Integration PagesApps, Marketplace &
  4. 4. Optimized mobile browser experience Contemporary view Full-screen UI view
  5. 5. Business iOS 5.0 can now view BI contentIntelligence Content Do more with documentsOffice Web Apps in mobile browsers
  6. 6. Context-driven dashboards across systemsTransparency &accountabilityAccess using browserPower-users will love it!
  7. 7. Bring data togetherVisualization dataDrill downs
  8. 8. Replies are the star!The best reply bubbles upTake SharePoint on the go
  9. 9. People can see all the membersRank them by various metricsPeople can also see their statusPlan what is needed to move to the next level ofreputation
  10. 10. Members can report any post as an abuse of theCommunityMembers are notified real time for their reportingactivity
  11. 11. Participate in conversations by posting comments and replies.Post pictures and linksUse # tags to define keywords that users can follow and search forUse @ to tag users in posts and repliesIndicate agreement with comments and replies by clicking “Like”Follow people, documents, sites, and tags to customize their feed
  12. 12. Easy, visual workflow designing directlyin SharePoint DesignerSharePoint Designer Rich Workflows(Looping and Working with WebServices)
  13. 13. The SharePoint 2010 Workflow platform has been carried forwardWorkflows developed in SharePoint Server 2010 will continue to work in SharePointServer 2013The SharePoint 2013 Workflow platform
  14. 14. AzureTools SharePoint Access Control Solutions Content WF3 OAuth2Visual Studio Host Azure Workflow Apps Events Azure SharePoint OM Workflow Workflow Services REST Calls SharePoint Manager Designer Azure Deployment Messaging ServiceBus Instances Interop Events Azure Workflow Service Application Proxy animated
  15. 15. Translation ServicesApp ManagementWork Management
  16. 16. App ModelSharePoint 2013 introduces a newmechanism for custom codedeployment known as "Apps"Overcome the severe limitations of“Sandbox” solutions
  17. 17. Services (IIS) Services (IIS) Services (IIS) Services (Azure, IIS, Apache, Other, etc…))SharePoint 2007 SharePoint 2010
  18. 18. 7 2 3 SP Platform App Submission 4 61 5
  19. 19. animated
  20. 20. Use Cases for SharePointApps Services and applications hosted in Azure to provide extended services for portal users On-premises LOB systems hosted in other web applications Examples – HR systems, vacation booking, travel expenses Easy integration of existing applications to SharePoint without requirement to host them Integration of other cloud based systems to on-premises or hosted SharePoint environments without requirements to install customizations
  21. 21. Qasim