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  • About me, I am the User Group Leader for SharePoint Techies, and I am working as Senior SharePoint Consultant at Twin Technology. I got 3 plus years of experience on SharePoint technology. Plus I am Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist for Application Development in SharePoint 2010
  • Right 7 years back in the month of January, I got the news from my brother that I got admission in Department Of Computer Science, University of Karachi.
  • Now I have to submit my documents to the department, then the department issued a form, first to fill it properly and then submit one section to Semester cell
  • Then I took my form, got it signed from the Mahmud hussain Library, then from Administration Block. From Administration block then to go at Semester Cell, and finally submit this form in the Department
  • Another Scenario Now Shakir is really happy to get the admission in DCS, DCS asked him to submit the form and document Online. Shakir logged on to the department site, fills the e-form and attach the document, a work flow ( series of task intiated for each of representative of library, administration and semester cell to evaluate the forms and documents online and approved It)
  • What you think, what we require to achieve this system, Custom Application Team of Developer who has hands on skills Complex architecture IT Pros to deal with it
  • Microsoft has come up with a lot of new features in SharePoint 2010, As you can see that there are 6 sections in this pie, Sites Communities Content Search Insight Composites This pie charts summarizes the features SharePoint 2010 has.
  • WinHEC 2005
  • AUC Tech-SP 2010

    1. 1. SharePoint 2010 and its development toolsPMI POWERPOINT TEMPLATEMAXIMUM 2 LINES, ARIAL 28PTBOLD 1
    2. 2. SharePoint and its Development tools What’s New in SharePoint 2010 New Developer Tools for SharePoint 2010 2
    3. 3. My Self 3 3
    4. 4. Three giveaways for you• I will ask three question in the end, one who will give right answer gets the giveaway  4 4
    5. 5. A Real scenario 5 5
    6. 6. What Next My documents Submit my documents Got Form into Department 6 6
    7. 7. Signed Signed fromAdmission process… from Administratio Library nSubmit the form back in to the department Signed from Semester Cell 7 7
    8. 8. Another Scenario Fills the E- Attach the Form documents 8 8
    9. 9. What does that system requiredCustom ApplicationDevelopersComplex ArchitectureIT Experts, Professional to use thatsystem 9 9
    10. 10. Microsoft SharePoint 2010The Business Collaboration Platform for theEnterprise and the Web 10
    11. 11. SharePoint to me I can use it for Ironing Studying Computer Table Kitchen Table 11
    12. 12. SharePoint 2010 Ribbon UIBusiness Connectivity Services SharePoint WorkspaceInfoPath Form Services SharePoint MobileExternal Lists Office Client and Office Web App IntegrationWorkflow Standards SupportSharePoint DesignerVisual StudioAPI EnhancementsREST/ATOM/RSS Tagging, Tag Cloud, Ratings Social Bookmarking Blogs and Wikis My Sites Activity Feeds PerformancePoint Services Profiles and Expertise Excel Services Org Browser Chart Web Part Visio Services Web Analytics SQL Server Integration Enterprise Content Types PowerPivot Metadata and Navigation Document Sets Multi-stage Disposition Social Relevance Audio and Video Content Types Phonetic Search Remote Blob Storage Navigation List Enhancements FAST Integration Enhanced Pipeline 12 12
    13. 13. SharePoint 2007 Windows SharePoint Services (WSS v3)  Site and Workspace Provisioning Engine  Out-of-the-box Collaboration Services Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS)  User Profiles, Search, Workflows, WCM  BDC, Excel Services, Forms Services, ECM Browser Clients Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) MS Word Clients Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS v3) MS Outlook Clients .NET Framework 3.0 Internet Information Services 6.0 or 7.0 Windows Server 2003 or 2008 (32-bit or x64) 13
    14. 14. SharePoint Server 2010 and relatedtechnologies An evolved version of MOSS and WSS v3  Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010  Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010  Development can now be done on client OS  Significant enhancement for many development teams Browser Clients Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 MS Word Clients Microsoft SharePoint Foundation 2010 MS Outlook Clients .NET Framework and ASP.NET 3.5 SP1 Internet Information Services 7.0 Windows Server 2008 (x64 only) for Production Environments Windows 7 or Vista (x64 only) for Development Environments only 14
    15. 15. Platform InvestmentsLINQEntity based programmingSupports list joins and projectionsList Relationships and LookupsSupport for creating joins between listsLookups can enforce referential integrity betweentwo listsProject columns from referenced listREST APIsAbility to retrieve list data via ADO.NET data services(Astoria) 15
    16. 16. SharePoint Designer 2010SharePoint Designer 2010’s focus has changed from page-oriented tofeature/functionality orientedSPD 2010 is THE tool for building complete, rich, reusable, process-centric applications on the SharePoint platform that integrate withexternal dataTarget Users  Primary: Business Unit IT, Power IW Secondary: Developers (Rapid Development, Prototyping) 16
    17. 17. SharePoint Designer 2010 InvestmentsNew User Experience  SharePoint artifact-centric navigation  Fluent UI IntegrationTools for all objects  New  BDC Entities  List Schema  Custom Actions  Task/Approval DesignerImproved  Workflow Designer  Page EditorUnified packaging  Visual Studio 2010 can take SPD created workflows to extend and add custom code 17
    18. 18. Tool Flow – Moving Between 18
    19. 19. Visual Studio 2010 ew project templates for most SharePoint objects harePoint Explorer offers read only view into site collections tandardized WSP development and packaging an import WSPs from SPD or “save site as” in WSS browser UI isual designers for creating most objects eatures, List templates, Workflows, Content types ull F5 debugging 19
    20. 20. Development Environments Local or remote “development” with the browser and SharePoint Designer  Local development with Visual Studio 2010  SharePoint installation on client operating systems supported for development  Support for Vista and Windows 7 installations  Requires 64-bit installation 20
    21. 21. Visio and SharePointWorkflow designVisual designer for SharePoint workflowsExport design to VS2010 for modificationsVisio ServicesSharePoint web part UIPNG rendering of Visio fileSilverlight XAML renderingData connectivity and refresh from SQL, WSS lists,Excel Services 21
    22. 22. Business Connectivity ServicesMicrosoft Business Connectivity Services is a set of services and features thatconnect SharePoint-based solutions to sources of external data 22
    23. 23. Office 2010 BCS Investments 23
    24. 24. Demo 24 24
    25. 25. Its time for Giveaways• First Question – Tell us what are the 6 main feature in the SharePoint 2010 25 25
    26. 26. Its time for Giveaways• Second Question – Tell us the software application stack for SharePoint 2007 Browser Clients Microsoft Office SharePoint Server 2007 (MOSS) MS Word Clients Windows SharePoint Services 3.0 (WSS v3) MS Outlook Clients .NET Framework 3.0 Internet Information Services 6.0 or 7.0 Windows Server 2003 or 2008 (32-bit or x64) 26 26
    27. 27. Its time for Giveaways• And the final question – Tell us 5 out of 6 platform investment for Platform Investment 2. LINQ 3. REST APIs 4. Client APIs 5. Events 6. Workflows 7. External Lists 27 27
    28. 28. Thank YouFacebook: 28