What's New and Different in SharePoint 2013


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There are a lot of great features at the forefront and behind the scenes in the new SharePoint 2013 Server. This is an introductory session which will help you get a good feel for the new features and functionality of SharePoint 2013 Server including first looks and demos. Whether you are an IT Pro, Developer or End User, if you have worked with any version of SharePoint before, this session will give you a good feel of some of the features that you will love in SharePoint 2013.

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  • Provides support for Windows PowerShell 3.0.NET Framework 4.5Provides in memory distributed cachingProvides support for information protectionEnables the creation & consumption of OData services
  • Minimal Download StrategyDownloads delta between page requestsImplements a download manager interfacing between controls/content placeholders on page and server to determine what content requires updateRequest ManagementPrioritizes and routes incoming requestsRoute requests to Web servers that have good health characteristics Identify and block known bad requestsPrioritize requests by throttling lower-priority requests (such as services that run in the background) and serving higher priority requests (such as end user requests)Route requests of specific types (such as search) to specific servers in the farmCache ServiceNew distributed cache service based on Windows ServerAppFabric Distributed CachingShredded StorageFiles shredded and stored in SQL ServerUpdated bits are mapped to shredded BLOBsMitigates request and update roundtrips to WFE(s)Deferred Site Collection UpgradesSeparation of schema and site collection upgradeSchema is upgraded to SharePoint 2013 and run with SharePoint 2010 features and visualsEnables existing SharePoint 2010 site collections to work unchanged in SharePoint 2013Site Collection Health ChecksExposed to Site Collection Administrators (cmdlets for Farm Administrators)Identifies common known issuesMissing Features and TemplatesHelps address post-upgrade issues:I.e. (Un-ghosted files)Evaluation Site CollectionsAllows Site Collection Administrators to preview SharePoint 2013 w/o upgrading production Site CollectionEnabled through a copy of production Site CollectionAnalytics based on SearchFind relevant information (improve search relevance) – based on views, click thru, etc.See what others are looking at (“hot” indicators and usage numbers – i.e. what’s popular based on # of views as well as # of unique users to view)Understand how much content is being used (i.e. viewed) and how it compares to other documents See discussion thread usage and find the hot topicsUse this popularity info to populate views through the Content by Search (CBS) WebPart
  • Demo: Office 365 Preview Site Apps in Site Content
  • What's New and Different in SharePoint 2013

    1. 1. Noorez Khamis@nkhamishttp://www.khamis.net
    2. 2. Speaker Bio twitter: @nkhamis blog: Rez’s SharePoint Blog Spot - http://www.khamis.net
    3. 3. Agenda
    4. 4. Discontinued features and modified functionality in
    5. 5. What’s discontinued and modified? Document/Meeting Workspace/Group Work/Personalization Site Templates Organization Profiles Inserting Barcodes and Labels from Office PowerPoint Broadcast from SharePoint Web Analytics Want a full list? Go to my blog post: http://www.khamis.net/blog/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=76
    6. 6. What’s discontinued and modified? cont’d RSS feed of Search Results Custom Help Visio Pivot Diagrams based on a SharePoint Task list Visual Upgrade Chart Web Part and Status Indicators Want a full list? Go to my blog post: http://www.khamis.net/blog/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=76
    7. 7. What’s discontinued and modified? cont’d SharePoint Designer “Design View”  Impacts:  Creating full-featured Data view Web Parts (DVWPs)  No more Data form web parts to connect to lists, libraries, databases or web services  Workflow Initiation/association forms can’t be modified  Simple page formatting changes won’t be possible  Unable to Preview your changes  Custom filtering using XSLT  Drop web parts easily into web part zones  Master page and page view editing  Only code view in Wiki Pages, Site Pages, List View pages, Web Part Pages  No conditional formatting, web part connections Want a full list? Go to my blog post: http://www.khamis.net/blog/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=76
    8. 8. User Interface Changes in
    9. 9. SharePoint 2013 User Interface Changes
    10. 10. Architectural Changes in
    11. 11. Hardware Requirements Memory Processor Disk Single Server Foundation (Integrated or 8 GB x64 1x4 80 GB (OS) Standalone Database) Single Server (Integrated or Standalone Database) 24 GB x64 1x4 80 GB (OS) *Development Environment/Evaluati on Web / Application Servers 12 GB x64 1x4 80 GB (OS) *Pilot, Production,Source: SPC 2012 a Farm Servers in (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc262485(v=office.15).aspx)
    12. 12. Software RequirementsSource: SPC 2012 (http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc262485(v=office.15).aspx)
    13. 13. Deployment Requirements SharePoint 2013 SharePoint 2010 Workgroup Unsupported Supported Domain Controller Developer Installation Supported for SBS Client OS Unsupported Developer InstallationDynamic Memory in Unsupported Unsupported VMsWindows Web Server Unsupported SupportedSource: SPC 2012
    14. 14. Browser Support Client Computer Browser Support SP 2010 SP 2013 Internet Explorer 10 32-bit Supported Supported Internet Explorer 10 64-bit Supported with Limitations Supported with Limitations Internet Explorer 9 32-bit Supported Supported Internet Explorer 9 64-bit Supported with Limitations Supported with Limitations Internet Explorer 8 32-bit Supported Supported Internet Explorer 8 64-bit Supported with Limitations Supported with Limitations Internet Explorer 7 32-bit Supported Not supported Internet Explorer 7 64-bit Supported with Limitations Not supported Internet Explorer 6 Not supported Not supported Google Chrome (latest released version) Supported with Limitations Supported with Limitations Mozilla Firefox (latest released version) Supported with Limitations Supported with Limitations Apple Safari (latest released version) Supported with Limitations Supported with LimitationsWant a full list? Go to my blog post: http://www.khamis.net/blog/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=92
    15. 15. Office Web ApplicationsWant more information? http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee855124.aspx
    16. 16. FAST now built into SharePoint Server 2013!
    17. 17. Developer Dashboard
    18. 18. Many other Architecture Improvements……
    19. 19. Many other Architecture Improvements……
    20. 20. Development Environment for your Apps hardware and software requirements CloudShare Amazon Web Services EC2 Windows Azure Virtual Machines Office 365 with SharePoint 2013 Preview SharePoint 2013 Developer Site
    21. 21. Document Libraries and Lists in
    22. 22. Now - Everything is an App!
    23. 23. Callout feature
    24. 24. SkyDrive Pro
    25. 25. Drag and Drop
    26. 26. Bulk Editing Items and Column Quick Edit
    27. 27. Social Networking in
    28. 28. Newsfeeds and Microblogging
    29. 29. Document and Site Sharing
    30. 30. Central Sites and Tasks Pages
    31. 31. Web Content Authoring in
    32. 32. Retained Pasted Text Formatting
    33. 33. Easy Menu Customization
    34. 34. New Video Content Type
    35. 35. Web Content Management in
    36. 36. Cross Search Publishing and Product Catalogs
    37. 37. Content By Search Web Part
    38. 38. New Community and Project Site Template
    39. 39. New App Model in
    40. 40. Introducing Apps for SharePoint 2013 Slide Deck on Introduction to the new SharePoint 2013 App Model
    41. 41. AskTheSharePointExperts.com Tip of the DayApp http://officepreview.microsoft.com/en-us/store/apps-for-sharepoint-FX102804987.aspx
    42. 42. Site Customization in
    43. 43. Design Manager
    44. 44. Theme Gallery
    45. 45. Enterprise Content Management in
    46. 46. Discovery, Content Preservation and Case Manageme
    47. 47. Business Intelligence in
    48. 48. New BI Site, OData access from Excel, MobileAccess
    49. 49. Advanced BI capabilities in Excel and ExcelServices