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This session provides a “Sneak Peek” of SharePoint 2013 IT Pro / Developer perspective. The session is designed to help the audience to understand the changes architectural changes have occurred, storage considerations, browser support, social media supports, workflows and ect… This is a must attend session for leading edge SharePoint IT Pro/Developer looking to jump start their 2013 experience curve.

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SharePoint 2013 Sneak Peek

  1. 1. 2013 Sneak Peek By K.Mohamed Faizal , Lead Consultant, Chief Architect Office SharePoint community @ NCS - 17th Sep. 2012 / @kmdfaizalThe content published in this presentation are completely my working opinion & does not reflect any views of my employers.
  2. 2. Usual Disclaimer:All content in this presentation is forinformation purposes only with no warrantyor guarantees regarding its accuracyAll product names, logos, brands and othertrademarks are the property of theirrespective trademark holders
  3. 3. Outline Share Organize Discover Design &Build Manage IT Pro Developer
  4. 4. Share Ideas
  5. 5. Social net @ Work Post updates to let your colleagues know what you’re working on Follow people, documents sites and tagsAsk questions ?, Like andReply
  6. 6. Share content
  7. 7. Share Content with Social Power  Communities  Community sites with self-service administration and moderation  Modern community features such as achievements and reputation Discussions  Modern discussion boards Blogs  Client application integration  Categories, comments, and moderation
  8. 8. Streamline common tasks
  9. 9. Create Sites in few clicks
  10. 10. Securely work together
  11. 11. Organize Project and Task
  12. 12. Manager your to-do list
  13. 13. Keep track on Projects Integrated task with timelineManage Project withShard calendar andTimelines Task : Gantt chart view
  14. 14. Discover Information
  15. 15. Discover relevant results and Grow your next work
  16. 16. Discover relevant results and Grow yournext work
  17. 17. Design and Build
  18. 18. Themes  The themes engine has been completely reworked  Everything is now based on HTML instead of proprietary format – including support for HTML5  PowerPoint is no longer used to create custom themes  You get much richer themes and common building blocks for customizing them  A background image, palette and fonts with live preview  You can “try it out” to see how it looks
  19. 19. Theme Gallery  This is what the new theme gallery looks like, along with a sample of an HTML 5 based theme:
  20. 20. Mobile  Classic and Contemporary views for mobile browsers  Automatic Mobile Browser Redirection  Target different designs based on user agent string  Office Mobile Web Apps  Excel  PowerPoint  Word  Push notifications
  21. 21. Developer Perspective Change on Developer Perspective
  22. 22. SP App Design A Choice of Three Approaches Developer-Hosted App SharePoint “Bring your own server hosting infrastructure” Your Hosted SiteCloud-based Apps Web Developers will need to isolate tenantsGet remote events fromSharePointUse CSOM/REST + Azure Auto-Provisioned App AzureOAuth to work with SP Windows Azure + SQL Azure SharePoint (from provisioned invisibly as apps are Web WebDeploy, installed DacPac) SharePoint-hosted App Parent Provision an isolated sub web on a parent Web web • Reuse web elements App Web (lists, files, out-of-box web parts) • No server code allowed; use client (from WSP) JavaScript for logic, UX animated
  23. 23. BCS & Development environment Key changes in SP15 for BCS • OData Support as data source • Eventing FrameWork for external notifications • External list enhancements Development environment setup considerations • Windows 8 OS supports also 64 bit clients in Hyper-V • Cloud based hosting of also development environments for easy and fast availability and scale for your team • Windows Azure Workflow service can be installed on same server as SharePoint • Office Web Applications has to be installed on separate server
  24. 24. Windows Azure Workflow in SharePoint 15  Workflow now treated as a service  Moved to Windows Azure Workflow  No longer runs in the content farm  No longer requirement to run on SharePoint WFE / App servers  Harnesses the latest workflow technology from Microsoft  SharePoint deployment drives where workflow runs  Hosted: Azure Workflow  On-Prem: Windows Azure Workflow Service  Improves stability, scalability & transparency
  25. 25. IT Pro Perspective Change on IT Pro Perspective
  26. 26. SharePoint 15 Architecture In general model has stayed same as in previous version Numerous platform level improvements and new capabilities  Shredded Storage  SQL Improvements  Cache Service  Request Management  Themes  Sharing
  27. 27. Service applications in SharePoint 15New service applications available and improvements on existing onesOffice Web Apps is no longer a service applicationWeb Analytics is no longer service application, it’s part of search
  28. 28. Office Web Apps in Wave 15 3rd party apps animated
  29. 29. Browser Support MatrixBrowser Supported in 15 Supported with limitations Not testedInternet Explorer 9 (32-bit) XInternet Explorer 8 (32-bit) XInternet Explorer 9 (64-bit) XInternet Explorer 8 (64-bit) XInternet Explorer 7 (both) XMozilla Firefox (Latest version Xin-market)Google Chrome (Latest Xversion in-market)Safari (Latest version in- Xmarket)