SharePoint 2013 - What's new for Devs - Belgian IT Bootcamp 2012


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  • Visual Studio support for automatically generating BDC metadata models from and oData SourceAls
  • SharePoint 2013 - What's new for Devs - Belgian IT Bootcamp 2012

    1. 1. Work at RealDolmenSharePoint Server MVP since
    3. 3. Share
    4. 4. Web StandardsScalable and SafeAccessible
    5. 5. Packaging and deployment options inSPS 2013 New!
    6. 6. Why SharePoint 2013 apps?• End users => consumerization through app catalogs• IT Pro => keep SharePoint environment stable• Developers => reuse existing skills setsApps are an alternative deployment but farm solutions mightstill be valid
    7. 7. Apps – three possible scenarios Developer-Hosted AppCloud-based “Bring your own server hosting SharePoint Your HostedApps infrastructure” Web Site Developers will need to isolateGet remote tenantsevents fromSharePoint Azure Auto-Use CSOM/REST Provisioned App SharePoint Azure+ Windows Azure + SQL AzureOAuth to work provisioned invisibly as apps Webwith SPS are installed SharePoint-hosted App Parent Provision an isolated sub web on a parent web Web • Reuse web elements App Web (lists, files, out-of-box web parts) • No server code allowed; use client JavaScript for logic, UX
    8. 8. SharePoint 2013 app developmentscenarios
    9. 9.  Local development  Has to be on Windows Server 2008 R2 (or later)  Memory reqs have gone up – 12 GB RAM seems workable ... But TechNet recommends 24 GB  Extra configuration needed for app development  Visual Studio 2012 Remote development  Sign up for Office 365 Developer Site  Possible to use NAPA – app for building apps
    10. 10.  Apps connect to SharePoint using  SharePoint 2013 Client Side Object Model (CSOM)  SharePoint 2013 REST API  Javascript cross-domain library (SP.RequestExecutor.js) Main investments in 2013  Client.svc is extended with REST capabilities  Easier for javascript and non .NET code  Implemented in accordance with oData protocol  Programming style is largely unchanged  New APIs for SharePoint Server functionality  User Profiles, Search, Taxonomy, Feeds, ....
    11. 11. • CSOM URLs can go through _api folder• Replace http://sharepoint/_vti_bin/client.svc/web• With http://sharepoint/_api/web• Example REST URLs targeting SharePoint sites • _api/web/lists • _api/web/lists/List1 • _api/web/?$select=title,id • /_api/web/lists/getByTitle(Consultants)/Items • ....
    12. 12.  Immersive App - app is shown full screen with in a separate page Part - App is shown as a part on the SharePoint page – similar experience to web part UI Custom Actions – possible to make the App available through ribbon or menu actions for documents and itemsSee Apps for SharePoint UX design guidelines
    13. 13. Guidance about apps• Use apps whenever you can• Use apps for decoupling scenario based business applications• SharePoint hosted apps for small reusable standalone applications (stock tickers, RSS feeds, ...)• Provider hosted for large corporate business applications (time registration, budgetting, ...)• Azure auto-hosted apps for public marketplace large scale applications• Avoid apps for tight UI and feature integration• Use farm level solutions for administrative interfaces
    14. 14. Accelerate Site CreationSimple Site CustomizationAdaptive Experiences
    15. 15. Custom Nav provider HTMLSketches CSS Dreamweaver, Microsoft Expression, … SharePoint Designer + Visual Studio
    16. 16. SharePoint HTML Auto Snippet ChannelSketches Upload Convert Gallery settings CSS Dreamweaver, Expression, etc…
    17. 17.  Support the tools and workflows designers use Variations & Content Translation Search Engine Optimization Cross Site Publishing Video & Embedding Image renditions Clean Urls Metadata navigation
    18. 18. Friendly URL CONTENT SEARCH WEB PARTTERM STORENAVIGATION TAXONOMY Filter query byAudio CATEGORY:Cameras COMPUTERSComputersHome appliancesPhones SearchTV and video Use page maincategory.aspx
    19. 19. New search architecturePersonalized search resultsNew customisation model for Search
    20. 20. Search Architecture
    21. 21. 2013 Search UI
    22. 22. 2013 Search UI
    23. 23. 2013 Search UI
    24. 24. 2013 Search UI
    25. 25. 2013 Search UI
    26. 26. 2013 Search UI
    27. 27. Search for Developers Deprecated or changed  SOAP web service has been deprecated _layouts/_vti_bin/search.asmx  SQL Query syntax removed  XSLT is replaced with Display Templates What’s new  CSOM – Microsoft.SharePoint.Client.Search.Query  REST web service - _api/search/
    28. 28. Typical search customizationscenarios for core results search webpart No more XSLT The Search UI is driven by  Query rules  Display templates  Result types  Result sources
    29. 29. Customizing search – Query Rules Control over query results Defined via a Condition and Action Query rules:  Result Blocks  Promoted Results  Ranked Results
    30. 30. Customizing search – DisplayTemplates that define HTML templates how a search result looks SharePoint auto-generates the JS version and the HTML  Stored in the master page gallery Support full debugging
    31. 31. Customizing search – Result types Define what Display Templates will display a search result based upon a condition  Search service  Site Collection  Site Owners
    32. 32. Customizing search – ResultSources and Federated Locations Replace Scopes Extended federation options  Remote SharePoint farms  Exchange  OpenSearch Definable at  Search Service – search administrator – globally available  Site collection level – site collection admin – available to all sites in site collection  Site – site owners – this site only
    33. 33. Content By Search Web Part Similar to Content by Query Web Part – but based on indexed content  Show content cross site collections Show content cross multiple site collections New presentation template model for easy content presentation fine tuning  Content rendered in client side  Provides full control on rendering capabilities using html templates Easy editors as web part editors for defining planned query
    34. 34. Write once, run anywhereHosting freedomRe-use logic and assetsUse cloud dataAzure Workflow
    35. 35. Azure Access Control SharePoint Solutions Content WF3 OAuth2Visual Studio Host Azure Workflow Apps Events Azure SharePoint OM Workflow Workflow Services REST Calls SharePoint Manager Designer Azure Deployment Messaging ServiceBus Instances Interop Events Azure Workflow Service Application Proxy animated