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Analysing existing products


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Analysing existing products

  1. 1. Text/Picture ratio- There are 5 images on the front cover and not a lot of writing, whichColour- The main colours of this suggests the magazine is more focused on the music then writing. The writing is shortmagazine are red, black and white . sentences and uses language associated with ‘rockers’, which makes the audience feel atThese colours are normally home.associated with the rock genre whichrepresents the music well. As these Font- The font is large and bold. Thiscolours are normally used when it grabs your attention and makes youcomes to rock music it appeals to want to read it. Also it representsthe audience and makes them feel at the rock genre.home. Overall look- The overall lookPhotography- The image of Hayley of this magazine representsWilliams is posed and was probably rock music well as the languagetaken in a studio. She is in an and colours are what youintimidating stance and has her fist would associate with the rockclenched which is extended genre.outwards. This links to rock music asit is associated with being loud andslightly aggressive genre of music.The angle of the is a eye level shotwhich is an intimate shot and makesthe reader feel involved.Writing style- The writing is boldand in your face like rock music is.The language used, such as, ‘whorocked your world in 2009?’ is whatwe would think people who listento rock music would say, thisappeals to the audience as they usethat kind of language.
  2. 2. Colour- The main colours of this Text/picture Ratio- There is only one image on the front cover, this is of Daft Punk.magazine are blue, black and This tells the audience that this issue is focused on Daft Punk and the dance genre iswhite. These colours have been all about the music.used as they are used in thefeaturing bands logo, ‘Daft Punk’ Font- The font is large on theThis appeals to the audience as mast head and the font is largethey have seen this colours before for the name of the band, thisbeing associated with the band so tells us the magazine is focusingmakes them feel at home. Also the on Daft Punk. ‘Daft Punk’ isfluorescent blue and white could written in a futuristic fontrepresent a night club as dance which represents their musicmusic is used in a night club so and the colours used are thethis also appeals to the audience. colours associated with dance music and with Daft Punk,Photography- The image used is appealing to the audience.from a Daft Punk video, and is atwo shot/mid shot of twomembers from Daft Punk. The Overall Look- The overall lookuse of the image from a video, of this magazine suggests tomakes the audience feel at home me that the target audience isas they have seen the image males and females aged 16+before. This image represents as a lot of teenagers are intothe band well as they are dance music and from the ageassociated with electronic music, of 18 upwards people tend toand the image looks quit e go out clubbing and enjoy thiselectronic as they are wearing genre of music. It alsosuits with fluorescent lighting represents dance music welland it looks quite futuristic. as the colours are normally associated with that genre ofWriting style- The language used music. The use of theseis brief and not a lot of detail. colours, images and languageThe writing is focused on the let the readers know that thisreturn of Daft Punk. The use of the magazine is made for them.word ‘Robots’ suggest that DaftPunks music is robotic andfuturistic, appealing to theaudience as they might refer toDaft Punk as the ‘Robots’ as well.
  3. 3. Colour- The main colour s usedon the text is pink, black andwhite. These colours represent the Font- The font is bold,genre of pop music. These colours ‘Rihanna’ and ‘The statealso appeal to the female of music today’ are inaudience. Also Rihanna has pink bold telling the audiencemake up on which connects the the main focus of thistwo well as it shows she is a pop issue are those twoartist. The colours appeal to the topics. The font is simpleaudience as it is associated with and is the same font asthe pop genre,. the title of the magazinePhotography- The image is of ‘NME’ keeping in theRihanna a hip-hop/pop/dance theme of the magazine.artist. It is a medium shot andshe is posed with a bit of attitude Overall Look- Thewhich represents the hip-hop use of the colourgenre as it is associated with scheme and theattitude. Rihanna is looking photographystylish and feminine which represents theappeals to the female audience. genre of musicAs she is a hip-hop artist, it is well and appealsportrayed in her stance and outfit to both males andas she is looking ‘hip’ female audiences.Writing style- The length ofsentences are quite short and thereis a pull quote, the language used in Text/picturethe quote is quite strong and could ratio- There issuggest she is passionate about her only one imagemusic and needs people to tell her used here andif she is doing something wrong for not a lot of text.her to be successful. It appeals to This tells thethe audience as they used that kind audience thisof language and hip-hop is known issue is focusedfor having artist with attitude and on Rihanna.know what they are doing in theircareers.
  4. 4. Writing style- The languageColour- Like the front covers the used is slang such as, ‘tunes’ andcontents page uses fluorescent ‘tech’ These are probably wordscolours, such as the yellow on the audience use, making themthe word ‘contents’ this could be feel at home and lets them knowa colour used in a night club that this magazine is aimed atwhere a lot of dance music is them.played. It appeals to theaudience as these colours are Text/Picture ratio- Theassociated with dance music. images are the main focus on this page as they are trying to Photography- There are sell you the magazine and three images on the draw you in. There is some contents page, the first text but not a lot and the image is showing the contents of the magazine are fashion. This appeals to the in brief, which makes you audience as they follow a want to buy the magazine certain trend and this is and read more. advertising clothes they want to wear. The second Fonts- The fonts used are the image is of either a night same as the ones on the front club or of a dance music gig. page, keeping in the theme of This appeals to the the dance genre and appealing audience as it shows to the audience as they are something they have used to seeing that certain font; experienced or want to associating it with Mixmag. experience. It shows how exciting and colourful the clubs are and it also reflects the music to be exciting and colourful. The last image is of an artist, but it is a dark image. I believe this image has been used to represent the night club atmosphere as it is dark, but still looks exciting.
  5. 5. Photography- There are 5 images on this Text/Picture ratio- The text contents page. There on the contents page is are two images of a brief and has short dance music gig or a sentences. It doesnt give a ‘rave’ This appeals to lot of detail away, which audiences as they makes you want to have probably been to read/buy the magazine. a ‘rave’ and know how much fun it is, these images are used as Fonts- The font used on advertisement to the words ‘raving mad’ tell/show people that and ‘music’ represent these gigs are fun and the music. The font anyone can go to used is bold, like dance them. One of the music is and the same images is of a music font has been used on deck, this appeals to headings, which the the audience as some reader is used to and may be wanting to get what they would in to the dance music associate it with business and this magazine. magazine provides information on where Colour- The colours used to get the latest ‘tech’ are bright blue and pink, which are colour s normallyWriting style- The associated with dance/clublanguage is quite informal music. This appeals to thewhich could represent the audience as it makes themmusic, as it is quite laid feel at home.back and fun. Also wordssuch as ‘raving’ and ‘tech’make the audience feel athome as that is the kind of The use of this language lets thelanguage they will use. readers know that this magazine is made for them.
  6. 6. Colour- There isnt Writing style- There is a lot ofreally a colour scheme pull quotes. Telling me there is awhich tells me there lot of articles inside thisisn’t really a specific magazine on artists talking aboutgenre of music to this their music. Also there are use ofmagazine. The strong language tells me thatbackground is white and this magazine is aimed at malesthe text is black making and females aged 16+ and theit stand out. language is what the readers are normally used to and probably use them selves, appealing to Photography- There them. are six images on the contents page. In Text/Picture ratio- There is a these images we see bit more text than images artists having fun and which suggest to me that the posing in a fun sort magazine will be more focused of way, showing us on what is being said in the their music is up beat articles, and that the articles and exciting. Also will be on how the artists have there are images of got to where they are today. artist looking serious, and staring out at Fonts- There are two you. The angle of the different fonts used, the shot is eye level, italics one and the bold one. I making it intimate believe some of the text has and involving the been put in bold because reader. As the artist that is a more fun article and look quite serious the writing in italics is on a tells me they are more serious subject linking serious about their to the certain artist. music.
  7. 7. Colour- In the image there are pinks, reds, blues and Writing style- The length of the sentences and of the article suggests yellows. Which suggests to me that this kind of music the magazine is aimed at people aged 16+ as they are used to reading is up beat, fun and appeals to a lot of people. The use books, magazines etc that are quite long. The use of the funny pull of the pinks and purples in the text appeals to female quote appeals to audiences and represents the personality of the audiences and tells me that the article is on a female band and of the music. artist.Photography- The Text/Pictureimage is of ratio- ThereFlorence out of is only oneFlorence and the image onmachine. She is this doubleputting up bright page spreadcolourful banners and it takesup in a run down up an entireroom. The run page whichdown room could tells me thatrepresent the this article ismusic scene at the going to bemoment and the aboutbanners represent Florence andher music. So it the machineshows her bringing and thata new lease of life they areto the music scene. going to talkIt also suggests to about theirme that her music up beat and funas banners arenormallyassociated with funand normally some Fonts- The fonts used on some words are in bold and stand out which suggestssort of event. these are important or interesting sentences. Such as the pull quote in the certain of the page, it is funny and grabs the readers attention and makes you want to read on.
  8. 8. Colour- The background of the double page spread is dark which represents the atmosphere where dance music is normally played. The colours in the images are bright yellows, reds and florescent blues which are normally associated with dance music. This appeals to the audience as they will have seen this colours before so they know that this magazine is aimed at them. Font- The font use is quite a relaxed, funky kind of fontPhotography- whichThere are quite a represents thefew images of genre of musicnight clubs, well. It alsowhere dance gives the articlemusic is normally a fun edge asplayed. In the there is quite aimages it shows lot of writing.people havingfun, which Writing style-suggests the The languagemusic is used in thisentertaining. The article appealspeople in the to theimages could audience as itrepresent the is the kind oftargeted language theyaudience as use and it tellspeople over the them that thisage of 18+ magazine isnormally go out aimed atclubbing, so it them.appeals to themas they have Text/picture ratio- There are more images then text on theseexperienced it. double page spread which suggest to me the magazine is trying to show people that these events are fun and people can really enjoy the dance music to the full if they go to these gigs and events.
  9. 9. Colour- The colours used Writing style- The use of words like ‘rock’ appeals to the audience as this is the kind ofare black, white and red. language they would use on a regular basis as people who listen to rock music are knowThese colours are as ‘rocker’. So the audience know that this magazine is aimed at them.normally associated withrock music, they havebeen used as this is whatthe audience of Kerrang! Fonts- TheWould normally would fonts usedsee and associate with are big andthis magazine, so the bold whichaudience know that this representsmagazine is aimed at the rockthem. genre well as it is loud and in yourPhotography- The face. Theimages used are of the font used isfeatured band also theperforming live. These same asimages have been the logoused as rock is forassociated with live Kerrang! Sogigs. As there is an theimage of the band audienceperforming live it tells are used tome the band is serious seeing itabout their music. and can recognise it. Text/picture ratio- There are 7 images on the double page spread which take up most of the page, which tells me this band is all about the music because the images are of them performing live. Also they want people to have fun at their gigs as the images are of people enjoying their gigs.