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Nosa evaluation

  1. 1. EvaluationBy Nosa Iredia
  2. 2. 1. In what ways do your media products use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?• These are some of the conventions of Euro dance music.Vocals-The vocals are often very upbeat and speak of love and peace or of dancing and having a good time, and oftenthe lyrics are very limited to allow more time for the instrumental to stand out. Euro dance lyrics are almostalways sung in English, regardless of the artists nationalities.PercussionThe percussion is always done by synthesizers. Most Euro dance songs have a tempo of around 140 beats perminute. Euro dance percussion is done most times with a bass drum and the sound is usually a thumpingsound, similar to knocking on a door in a 4/4 signature.MelodyAlmost all Euro dance music is melody-driven, they are usually done in minor keys unlike most popsongs, which use major key melody because in pop songs the melody is the most important by far, while inmost Euro dance, the instrumental is meant to stand out a lot more.
  3. 3. Euro Dance videos codes and conventionsThere are large groups of people dancing to the song or itfocuses on them just before they go out as well, but it is usuallybased around party going people.There are either a lot of lights when people dance or the videoitself is infested with aluminous lighting in a relatively dark placethat shows the lights off even more when they dance. Thisobviously is to add to the atmosphere of dancing in a club.When they are just talking the lighting is usually at a darker level.This is to highlight that the dancing is the enjoyment that bringsout the light as well as using the darker lighting of one scene, tomake another scene with lighter lighting stand out.
  4. 4. How My video and song choice develops these conventions • Song- My song is called “Be Free” it is by the artist, who is not an English speaking artist but sings his song in English. Also the lyrics to the song are limited to a short chorus that comes up twice in the song. • The melody is in a minor key to have the instrumental and beat stand out more. The beat itself is percussion played to a 4/4 rhythm. In this, I have started to Video-In my video there is plenty of dancing in it. sing along to the lyrics and dance, so the lighting is brighterI had different scenes that showed medancing and me looking for my clothes. Inthe scene with me only looking for myclothes to wear has a dark lighting, to thepoint that you can’t see my face. My video challenges these conventions because I am dancing on my own at home whereas the usual would be with various others.
  5. 5. My advert and Digipak • Digipak The album cover sticks to usualThe head phones codes andare used in the conventions of aalbum twice to club dance albumshow that this is cover. The image ismy symbol. Also simple, headphonthe two fonts or es that shine on aHeavy Loud Edge dull background.and Impact are To show that thetwo fonts that I headphones aredownloaded and the reason foruse in my Advert being free andas well as this. ending theThis is also a way monotony andof differentiating dullness themyself from backgroundother artists. A shows.lot of Euro Danceartists don’t have Most euro dancea particular album covers aresymbol or font quite simple butstyle other than effective tothe font that is portray theused in their messagenames.
  6. 6. The image here isagain being used asmy image andsymbol, something a I have added quoteslot of other artist’s from critics that aredon’t. known for criticising my type of music. This is to show that I have a target audience of Euro dance listeners who are fairly young, and that I am aiming towards them by posting quotes from these particular criticsTheFacebook, Twitterand YouTubeemblems show howI am expanding intothe internet tofurther my career.This is somethingthat has becomethe norm over thepast few years.
  7. 7. 2. How effective is the combination of your main product and ancillary product?• The way I branded my artist is that I did not want there to be a face of my artist or for my artist to be held in any light because of the face.• There are Euro Dance artists who don’t really model in their work to a great degree. For e.g. the instrumentalists behind the face of Cascada.• To do this I created a symbol for my artist when making my advert and digipak The image of the big headphones helps to create the image of my artist being more of a DJ than a Pop- like solo artist. I also use my video to help with this theme that my artist doesn’t want a face to represent him, just the music.
  8. 8. How my video helps thisThe shots in my video of me playing the character are not very flattering tothe face, in most of the shots you can just about make out my face and what Iwould look like.This is because in the video, I am not meant to be the artist, I am justsomeone who does the video. The artist is separate.So in the shots the lighting is set to be darker, even in the brighter shots whereI’m singing and dancing.
  9. 9. 3. What have you learned from your audience feedback?• This was the audience feed back for my first music video draft which is on my blog as well as my response to the audience feedback for my class• post_13.html
  10. 10. Music video• For My music video first draft, I had a lot of shots from Tom Cruise’s risky business. So the feedback helped me to make sure that I didn’t make the crucial mistake of copyright infringement.• After the feedback, I was able to make the decision of why I would have a lot of darker shots of my character, so you would not notice his face as much because the face is not supposed to matter.
  11. 11. Magazine Advert?First draft Final draft I received audience feedback for my magazine advert. I received more than a few points of feedback, but the one that I took in the most was that If I want my artist to not be concerned with the face then I should not have a face on my magazine advert or at least not a clear one. Also I received feedback that I should remove the quote that says “Fastest selling dance-pop album of the year”. This is because the album was only meant to be out fairly recently and not a re-branding of an already successful product.
  12. 12. First draft I received feedback for my Final Draft digipak, and the main one I took into consideration is that it does not look like anything a supposedly cool artist would have as images for a digipak. I was told it seemed looked like a children’s album. I looked at this myself and my thoughts were that it was awful and needed changing. I also added a barcode and trademark to my back of album as well as change the title of the album to the title of my music video song
  13. 13. 4. How Did you use technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages• Construction• In construction of my Music video and ancillary products I used technologies such as and Adobe premier 2.0• I used from the beginning of the construction of my ancillary products I had been using to construct my ancillary since the first preliminary task to the first draft front cover of my digipak to my final front cover of my digipak.
  14. 14. This is how Iused paint.netto add effects toan image.The finaldigipak frontcover has a dullbackgroundwith ahighlightedimage of theheadphones tomake themstand out
  15. 15. Using Adobe Premier 2.0• I used Adobe Premier 2.0 to construct my music video shots into the order that I wanted and inserted the music to fit the shots accordingly. Before I started to use Adobe Premier 2.0, I filmed the shots into the camera and then added all the shots I had to my area and inserted them into Adobe Premier 2.0.• I made a first draft music video which I showed to my class and received audience feedback for, after looking at the audience feedback, I made certain changes to shots for e.g. Removing all the shots from Tom Cruise film “Risky Business” and replaced it with shots of me doing similar dance moves to it.• Reading the audience feedback, which said I should make more shots brighter, I then decided to make clearer the validation of my point in having a lot of the shots dark. This was so that I can relate to the theme of my artist not wanting the face to be so important as well as having the shots with brighter lighting when I dance, meaning that the dancing brings out the brightness, which is similar to many Euro dance videos.
  16. 16. Research and Planning• For my research I have posted music videos on my blog.• I have added my analysis of these videos, also how they could inspire me in my video and what about them makes them similar products.• You can view these on my blog.•• I uploaded these videos from YouTube into my blog by clicking upload from YouTube. It was very convenient as this meant I didn’t have to go on to YouTube to embed it into my blog, meaning I could also do this in school, where YouTube is blocked.
  17. 17. This is how Iuploaded videosfrom YouTube.There was onedisadvantage todoing this is school.This was that youcould not view thevideos in school sosometimes you’d findthat the videos aren’tallowed in thiscountry for example
  18. 18. • I posted info of ancillary products like album covers from Google images Album covers like these where the inspiration for making my album simple, with not too many colours flying about. However unlike mine these covers have faces on them. I decided to make my digipak simple but not to have faces to match the type of artist I am claiming to be.
  19. 19. • When planning for my digipak and magazine advert I looked to download a cool techno-like font to use. I found the font on the website•• This font I chose was called Heavy Loud edge and I used it for my artist name (Beat Chaser) and song name(Be Free) on
  20. 20. Evaluation• For My Evaluation I used the PowerPoint 2010.• This is because with PowerPoint It is easy to paste links on here, similar to my blog.• I have added screen shots of my Music video, Digipak and Magazine Advert to aid my Power point presentation.• With PowerPoint I can easily post this on to slideshare and share it on my blog.