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Floating Power Plant


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Floating Power Plant
The most efficient converter kinetic energy of ocean waves

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Floating Power Plant

  1. 1. Ivec Ru Floating Power PlantThe most efficient converter kinetic energy of ocean waves Ivan Voropaev Director
  2. 2. 1. Conversion kinetic energy of the ocean wavesKinetic energy of the ocean wave is one of the bestsources of clean energy. Water density is 800 timeshigher than air. Ocean provides waves almost 24/7 Driving factors1. Growing electricity market, speciallyclean energy segment2. Growing prices of coal and other fossilfuels3. The absence of the commerciallysuccessful ocean wave energy converters
  3. 3. 2. FPP is a new standard in industryThere are many different designs of wave energy converters Figure Oceanlinx Power Unit Figure ORECon MRC Figure WaveGen LIMPET 500 We analysed advantages and disadvantages of the each known approach and created ultimate design which combines simplicity of the oscillating water column and efficiency and durability of the modern wind turbines 1. Our floating power plant is efficient and durable device. 2. The simplicity of our design is a key to commercial success. FPP has 25 year life span and low operation expenses.
  4. 4. 3. MarketFPP’s market consists of next main segments1. Off the main grid customers located in close to shore areas2. Grid connected customers located in close to shore areas3. Offshore industry and offshore wind projects4. Aqua culture, marinas, boatels1. The generated capacity of off the main grid customers located in close to shore areas – tens Gigawatt-hours. Only in Queensland (Australia) Ergon Energy runs 30 diesel generators with total generating capacity of 100MW.2. The average power demand of one oil rig is 5MWh. The annual fuel cost is $6,000,000.003. FPP can be used as a floating foundation for Offshore wind energy projects. The cost of the foundation for offshore wind turbines is 35% of CAPEX
  5. 5. 4. AdvantagesThe cost of power from FPP competes power from themain grid and from wind turbines1. FPP is most efficient converter kinetic energy of ocean waves.2. The cost kWh from mid range FPP is equal to power from the main grid or wind turbine, which is 7c/kWh. The cost of kWh from large FPP is less. We estimate it as 2c/kW.3. FPP can be used as a floating foundation for off shore wind projects. This solution increases generating capacity up to 100% and significantly reduces period of investment return.
  6. 6. 5. FPP: Design and technologyThe unique design of the floating power plant createsconstant unidirectional airflow which eliminates theneed for expensive and complex air turbine systems 1. Floating power plant is array of OWC’s. Each OWC has inlet and outlet valves. Oscillating water pushes air up through the outlet valve and sucks it back through the inlet valve. It creates constant unidirectional airflow.2. To protect intellectualproperty we lodged PCT andpatent applications in Australia,US, Europe and Japan. Wecontinue to improve ourtechnology and we will lodgemore patents.
  7. 7. 4. Market Russian Far East, Alaska, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Japan, Australia, New Zealand2MW Diesel 2MW FPPDiesel-generator($) 2000000.00 Size(m): 150Х150Х10OPEX,10% of CAPEX($) 200000.00 OWC(m): 3Х3Power output (kW) 2,000.00 Wave parametersFuel consumption (L-h) 600.00 Height (m) 3.2Annual fuel (L) 5,256,000.00 Period (sec) 7.5Fuel price ($/L) 0.50 Length (m) 99Fuel annual ($) 2,628,000.00 Velocity (m/s) 12.5Annual power output kWh 7,886,600.50 Power from 1 linear meter (kW) 70Diesel generator life-span (year) 3.00 Power outputOperational time (year) 25.00 Input from waves (kW) 5000Cost of kW ($) 0.44 Efficiency from wave to wire (%) 40Total expenditure ($) 87,366,666.67 Power output (kW) 2000 CAPEX($) 16,000,000.00 OPEX, 0% от CAPEX($) 1,600,000.00 Annual power output (kWh) 17,544,065.93 Operational time (year) 25.00 Cost of kW ($) 0.12 Total expenditure($) 56,000,000.00
  8. 8. 6. Project team We are the team of professionals Mr Ivan Voropaev is the founder and shareholder of IVEC. Mr. Voropaev previously worked for the largest Australian power distributors and power generators; and as the chief research officer for the Russian Military Space program. He has 25 year experience of project development and commercialisation. Mr Viktor Petunin is director and shareholder of IVEC RU. 20 year experience in project management and commercialisation Professor Peter Nielsen, the University of Queensland. Peter has 20 year experience of R&D projects, related to ocean energy, waves and coastal monitoringOur engineering team has 100 year plus of experience in powergenerating and marine industry projects.
  9. 9. 7. FPP: Business modelWe design, manufacture and deploy Floating powerplants for our customers. We sell and license ourpower plants and we sell power1. Our model is based on the business model of the windenergy projects. Exactly as wind energy projects, wemanufacture and deploy wave farms for our customers.2. We sign power purchase agreements with power distributorsto sale power.3. We licence our floating power plants to our customers4. Our current project is commercial unit for the oceanmonitoring centre. Our clients are two Australian universities5. We already received letters from perspective customers
  10. 10. 8. Next StepsAfter deployment of the small commercial unit for theocean monitoring centre we will initiate next round ofthe technology commercialisation.We will organise technology presentation on therunning and generating power commercial unit.We will invite largest power distributors and powergenerators, representatives from offshore industry andlocal councils from the remote and close to shore areas1. We will sign off power purchase agreements with powerdistributors2. To attract more perspective customers we will participate inconferences and clean energy exhibitions3. We will organise fund raising functions
  11. 11. 9. To investorsAfter deployment of the first commercial unit we willgenerate cash flow from licensing.We already have two offers for mid range platforms forremote island communities.We are going to develop small and mid range platformsfor Far East of Russia and South Pacific.Estimated project budget for 2MW platform is $16MWe are happy to discuss equity funding or projectfunding opportunities with perspective investors
  12. 12. Thank you Ivan Voropaev Director +61 438046507