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Solar PV-D.G. Hybrid Plant


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Solar PV-D.G. Hybrid Power Back-UP Solution

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Solar PV-D.G. Hybrid Plant

  2. 2. Energy is vital for sustaining life on earth. Energy problem is thus synonymous to ecological and economical problems. Grid, batteries and Diesel Generators have been the most common available options for obtaining power for running of equipment & electricity consuming entities But None of them ensures a completely stable availability or total financial feasibility The need for Energy
  3. 3. The need for a Hybrid System As during grid or mains unavailability , we need to shift to these sources of alternative power generation to keep our businesses moving Diesel generators are the most handy and readily available option till now but present problems with • High operating expenses • Rising diesel costs • High maintenance costs And turning completely to Solar PV system cannot ensure reliability on rainy or cloudy days
  4. 4. Proposed Solution- Hybrid System With benefits of cheaper PV electricity and reliable DG set generated electricity We integrate both the Solar PV and existing diesel set with the help of a PROGRAMMABLE LOGIC CIRCUIT to ensure the most economic, reliable and uninterrupted power supply . So that your business does not lose Solar PV – DG set HYBRID SYSTEM
  5. 5. • Pure diesel generator system consume too much fuel and price of diesel is subject to increments • DG needs frequent replacement and maintenance • Pure solar system require much larger initial investment • Pure solar system lack reliability when facing long periods of rainy days Value propositions
  6. 6. Why do you need to shift right now? DEMERITS of DG based power solution • Pollution • Smoke, noise, Heat • Dependence on fuel • world-wide increase of oil prices; limited resources in future • Transportation to the sites • long distances and cost intensive transports • Storage of the fuel at site • safety problems - explosions, vandalism • No unattended operation is possible • high personnel cost • High maintenance cost and limited life-time of DG
  7. 7. Hybrid Renewable Energy Systems On the other hand, the proposed renewable energy based system helps in: • Decrease environmental pollution • Reduction of air emission • Energy saving • Reduces production and purchase of fossil fuels • Abatement of global warming • CO2 and other green house gases are not produced • Socioeconomic development • Develops employment opportunities in rural areas • Fuel supply diversity • Diversity of energy carriers and suppliers • Distributed power generation • Reduces requirement for transmission lines within the electricity grid
  8. 8. Rs 22/UNIT & rising • Maintenance concerns • Dirty and limited source BEFORE PSSP PROGRAM BY CO2BIN Power from Diesel. • Too expensive • Increasing price • Dirty and limited source *Considering maintenance expenses
  9. 9. THE ELECTRICITY PROBLEM Our wallets are struggling, too. Electricity12%/yr
  10. 10. The grid is struggling. THE ELECTRICITY PROBLEM GRID POWER LIMITED DG SET BECOMES A LIABILITY RISING DIESEL COSTS Cannot ensure complete grid penetration
  11. 11. Rs 7-8/UNIT Lock-in electricity prices Professional monitoring and maintenance Customer-friendly process WHAT WE DO Using PV Panels
  12. 12. We can’t keep this up. THE ELECTRICITY PROBLEM Act Now Save Your Money
  13. 13. ‘Go Hybrid with CO2BIN’
  14. 14. Balance between High OPEX DG system and High CAPEX solar system can achieve the lowest Levelised Cost of Energy. We obtain a highly reliable hybrid system with solar energy, battery storage and diesel backup.
  15. 15. GO HYBRID WITH PSSP. OUR SOLUTION •Reduce your dependence on highly inflating diesel fuel for back up requirements •Almost Zero maintenance •Silent and abundant source of power back up •Freedom from erratic govt. fuel cost decisions •Reduce Pollution •Efficiently use your petrol pump canopy Top You buy the whole Solar PV plant at Almost 70% the market cost , under JNNSM MNRE subsidy incentive
  16. 16. Solar is the solution
  17. 17. Technological aspects
  18. 18. A Hybrid energy systems combine Solar PV and Diesel power generation systems that when integrated, overcome limitation in either of the systems. The main reason integrating renewable energy sources in a hybrid system is primarily to save expenditure on diesel. Hybrid system can be configured in three different ways: • Grid connected off-grid with distribution system and for direct supply. The first configuration is able to rely on grid if the hybrid system has problems. Similarly feeding the power to the grid, thereby, boosting the voltage and minimizing power cuts strengthens the grid. • For off-grid configurations, the hybrid can either be connected to many load centres or can act as a source of supply for one or two loads, thus avoiding the need of a distribution system. • An isolated off-grid system is usually used to charge batteries or supply power to small rural industry/households. How does PV-DG hybrid system work?
  19. 19. HOMER: • The system sizing is carried out using HOMER-optimization and simulation software tool. The hybrid system for technical institutes are implemented in HOMER . • Analysis with HOMER requires information on resources, economic constraints, and control methods. • It also requires inputs on component types, their numbers, costs, efficiency, longevity, etc. • Sensitivity analysis could be done with variables having a range of values instead of a specific number. How does PV-DG hybrid system work?
  20. 20. System Details & controls
  21. 21. • Solar PV based renewable power plant with PV, Battery and DG as backup sources • Hybrid controller to implement the energy sources changeover logic based on optimal energy management strategy. • Automatic mode of operation in the hybrid controller for PV and DG changeover operations. 21 System Outline
  22. 22. Commercialization Prospective
  23. 23. • Net present value = Total lifetime savings – Total lifetime investment • Savings include revenue generated from the hybrid PV system by replacing the DG-battery system and savings in the operational cost of the system. • Investment includes the extra first cost which is the difference between the Capex of the hybrid PV system and the Capex of the DG-Battery system COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS
  24. 24. • CAPEX for hybrid PV system to meet 4kW peak load will around 5 Lakh INR • The lifetime of both the systems considered to be 30 years. • Economic analysis for different scenarios gives payback period between 3-5 years 24 COST-BENEFIT ANALYSIS
  25. 25. Financial comparison Hybrid PV system: • CAPEX is the total initial cost of the system. • OPEX in case1 =1% of CAPEX+ 100% of Battery cost in every 5 years +operating cost of DG @Rs 50/hr. • OPEX in case2 =1% of CAPEX+ 100% of Battery cost in every 5 years+100% of DG cost in every 15 years + operating cost of DG @Rs 50/hr. Normal DG system: • CAPEX is the total initial cost of the system. • OPEX =2% of CAPEX+100% of Battery cost in every 5 years+100% of DG cost in every 8 years + operating cost of DG @Rs 50/hr.  The lifetime of both the systems was considered to be 30 years.  The present diesel cost to be taken = Rs 50/litre.  The annual escalation in diesel cost is @ 10 %
  26. 26. Solar is on full blast when the most of the power cuts happen i.e. during after noon THE PSSP SOLAR SOLUTION FOR PETROL PUMPS Makesthepower backup economical Givesupto 6hrsof backup
  27. 27. It will make financial sense for all the captive power generators across the world to go solar hybrid by 2016.
  28. 28. GO HYBRID WITH PSSP What are you waiting for?
  29. 29. GIVE US CALL +9555551716 For our service agents to visit your petrol station for a free survey and Financial analysis
  30. 30. GO HYBRID WITH PSSP PROGRAM Get a free custom quote for your petrol pump. +9555551716 Or mail us at on Twitter: CO2BIN Energy Solutions on Facebook: CO2BIN Energy Solutions