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Civil Engineering


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Civil Engineering

  1. 1. CIVIL ENGINEERING“Building” the World
  2. 2. What is Civil Engineering• Civil engineering is the oldest engineering.• Civil Engineering deals with the design, construction, and maintenance of structures or public works as they are related to earth, water or in space.• Civil Engineering is also known as the mother of all engineering.
  3. 3. Marvels of Civil EngineeringBuildings Flyovers Cannel Dams Bridge over waters
  4. 4. Marvels of Civil EngineeringHighways and Tunnels
  5. 5. Marvels of Civil EngineeringUnder Water Tunnels
  6. 6. Discipline – Civil EngineeringBeing a broader field Civil Engineering is divided into the followingsub-categories and / or fields. Rural And Structural Bridge Hydraulic Urban Planning Environmental Transportation Timber Surveying Water Construction Geotechnical Earthquake Resources Management
  7. 7. Scopes of Civil Engineering• Opportunities exist both in India and abroad in the public and private sectors in large numbers.• Constructions industry is booming and will stay so for next few decades.• Scope of civil engineers lies high where infrastructure development is picking up and Indian engineers are in great demand.
  8. 8. Career Options for Civil Engineer
  9. 9. Career Options: Field Jobs
  10. 10. Career Options: Field Jobs