machine learning design iot electric vehicle monitoring performance renewable energy deep learning analysis management sensors challenges python image processing svm cnn fuels battery ansys induction motor servo motor internet of things applications user experience usability measurements fault tolerance scalability blockchain data storage augmented reality microcontroller energy efficiency artificial neural network rnn random forest data mining k-means ai ann development crack detection grey water controlling assessing analysing vibration control mass ratio dynamic vibration absorber pendulum tuned mass damper web based application convolutional neural network flexural strength health floating solar system optimization. livestock uav cost effective fea smartphones power charger adjustable electric vehicles simulation air purification auxiliary solar charging four-wheeler calculation arduino vertical axis wind turbine rain water harvesting economical gsm gps power grid automation internet of things (iot) smart city software recommender system metadata filtering advice system 3d internet depth perception modulation lifi intensity social networking social media right for privacy information user experience. system usability scale metric vehicle tokenization security token real estate ethereum touch transistor superposition quantum bits entanglement computation storage space. functional paradigm cloud storage server cloud computing virtual reality. sensor three-dimensional electronic-commerce cyberspace face detection neural network computer vision feature extraction portable desalination open cv pharmaceuticals dc generator rooftop ventilator artificial neural networks data analysis floating construction knn support vector machine rcnn lstm chatbot linear regression segmentation extraction neural networks consensus security teaching pandemic learning impact education effectiveness cosmetics food adulteration sustainable renewable resources depletion electrochemical capacitor compatible mxene. boron nitride graphene gas sensor two dimension proposed method assignment method of matrix one ha-method assignment issue work culture leadership improvement good-will systematic plan. investment –retention wellbeing techno-spirituality self-transcendence positive technology digital wsn. smart agriculture precision agriculture optical data storage systems information density floppy disk dna personalisation finance conversational interfaces chatbots wireless sensor networks reinforcement learning fuzzy logic computational intelligence gear mechanism. security. smart devices privacy aot compilation jit compilation dart virtual machine arm code virtual interaction haptic feedback scheduling techniques modelling layers gps and smart dustbin garbage collection and disposing secure authentication. mental gesture hands-free and wireless interaction electro-encephalography (eec) ear bud machine learning. big four organization auditing artificial intelligence accounting damping ratio. bending moment and axial force. shear force wind load structure columns beam response documentation claim management construction claims energy conveter turbine chamber owc hydraulics hydrology hazardous solid waste. municipal solid waste incineration municipal solid waste waste to energy technology green building. usgbc leed design calculations. software output sap2000 suspension cable materials management process. ict construction materials spss. rii reba qec ergonomics risk assessment construction morphological operations surface degradation samruddhi expressway. construction industry feasibility water supply pressure pipe network nodes epanet 2.0 marketing strategy. sustainable agriculture profitability recirculating system organic production canal irrigation aquaculture hydroponics aquaponics parking system. green roofing water efficiency griha green building storm water. accumulation of water overflow drainage system swmm techniques site 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complexity stakeholders. android application agricultural tf-idf. phishing detection content-based approach verification smart portal evaluation clustering speech signal. regression model personality detection natural language processing svc. sheep precautionary measures goat disease prediction cow dataset mobilenet ssd convolution neural network technology. system heartbeat bod_ temperature hybrid cryptographic system one time password elliptic curve cryptography data deduplication advanced encryption standard path finding dijkstras algorithm arduino uno. crop protection farm security voice recognition text to speech speech to text speech synthesis speech recognition rcnn. hdnn accident detection system wi-fi direct wi-fi alliances wi-fi peer to peer file sharing technology facial recognition face recognition system detection criminal identification system human action recognition. deep neural network body part detection action recognition optical character recognition images to pdf flutter plugins firebase ml toolkit document edge detection facial forgery. super resolution long short term memory deepfake detection convolutional neural networks locally available vermifiltration earthworm specie wastewater treatment vermifiltration auto cad. programming tools staad. pro seismic structural designing remedy for cracks. spraying nozzles road stud water spraying on roads materialavailablity economic supplychain –developmentprogress alkali-silica reaction. paving blocks workers safety respiratory system personal protective equipment linear actuator. wheelchair lifter scissor lift cost effective. table saw light weight portable saw packaging. loadcell screw conveyor taguchi method titanium material laser beam welding cnc machining. optimizing machining parameters optimizing taguchi method productivity lean manufacturing value stream mapping engineering design machine design covid-19 product development ventilator wheelchair zero emission. solenoid engine more load carrying taguchi method. plasma arc cutting material removal rate analysis of variance industry 5.o factory shop floor covid-19 outbreak corporate world digitization types of floating structures for solar power plant solar photovoltalic vertical force horizontal force american iron and steel institute 3 dimension 2 dimension solar power solar panels solar energy taguchi methodology. mig welding tig welding erti5 ti6al4v nickel foam. infectious airborne virus electrostatic precipitator covid-19 pandemic floating solar pv solar power plants solar photo voltaic continuous improvement. quality tqm ix sigma therapeutic pad swelling peltier effect peltier module muscle strain saline water. filtration evaporation condensation pump. nozzle tank frame hexacopter spraying mechanism turbulence model. stirred mixers mixing flows lily impeller impeller computational fluid dynamics (cfd) agitator spray. ppump payload agriculture spraying system esc sprayer hex copter drones unmanned aerial vehicles (uav) bi-fold mechanism ailway bicycle unmanned aerial vehicle blended wing body aerodynamic and structural efficiency smashing potato perforating peeling cutting sae india olidworks rope. paintball gun ldot( larger distances objects transporting) gun ball air pressure stress strength structural analysis heat flux comparison thermal analysis friction disc brake solidworks boring drilling pathogenic. microbial depreciate atrocity amphibious class airfoil hovercraft stol cad vtol cooling rate soaking temperature soaking time mechanical properties tool life performance evaluation tungsten carbide cryogenic treatment increase productivity & consuming less time. better efficiency bowl feeder reduce human efforts semi automatic grub screw inductor circuit. induction heating method tinning machine pcb(printed circuit board) 3dp rapid prototyping am resin. peak exothermic temperature gel time catalyst accelerator and tqm implementation. tqm failures pdsa market based quality effective communication - critical success factors (csfs) sheet metal progressive die emissions. pollution exhaust gases analyzer market analysis market size micromachining products micromachiing jidoka muda pokayoke 5s kaizen design and fabrication rack and pinion spline shaft double carden universal joints bevel gear tribological polyetheretherketone carbon fiber wear property multidisciplinary field recent trends in inspection dt vrf. thermal comfort cooling load air conditioning producer-consumer relationship just in time inventory reduction faster response buffer system variable air volume heat load efficiency air quality ir conditioning explicit adaptive meshing fssw turpentine. linseed oil beeswax plastic natural waterproofing state of charge (soc) lithium-ion batteries hybrid ev energy management systems (ems) segway motor driver mpu 6050 gyroscopic sensor accelerometer sensor indium oxide impinging polytetra-fluoroethylene film triboelectric nanogenerator maxwell regulated power supply (rps) power factor correction (pfc) pic microcontroller metal oxide semiconductor field effect transistor landsman converter discontinuous conduction mode (dcm) diode bridge rectifier (dbr) li-ion battery pack brushless dc motor selection of rating of motor electric bike electric motor photovoltaic panels ozone generator hartley oscillator flyback converter corona effect load flow load balancing distribution network backward/forward sweep wi-fi technology. designing transformer li-ion battery pack. cost li-ion battery regenerative braking reliability generators capacity outage renewable sources wind tree aeroleaves vehicle to grid (v2g) smart charging schedule electric vehicle (ev) demand supply mismatch bi-directional power flow transmission line parameters control third harmonic frequency power flow controller power electronics matlab dpfc ac/dc converters electronic speed controller controlling and monitoring bldc motor revolving door. prototype free energy energy harvesting voltage source inverter (vsi) total harmonic distortion (thd) space vector pulse width modulation (svpwm) pulse width modulation (pwm) wind energy solar tracking highway medium hybrid energy system water filtration rainfall at vasai- virar water reservoir design viva institute of technology heat thermal conductivity thermal insulation li batteries smart city features smart city mission indian smart city indian infrastructure spreadsheets reliability of power system generation outage forced outage rate availability symbolic logic power systems genetic algorithms solid state transformer high-frequency magnetics dc to ac converter conventional transformer ac to dc converter reliable plc fault analysis water sensor ultrasonic sensor renewable energy. green power electrical source distributed energy resource fault. earthing power theft raspberry pi4 sorting machine threshold value prosthesis system human-robot controlled interfaces emg signals arduino uno board amputees traffic lights recognition. rfid tags ir blaster emergency vehicles emotion recognition systemic risks cyberspace dynamics cyber security cyber ethics unauthorized access. face recognitio biometric authentication sign language pattern hand recognition communication system sharding ledger hashing ux research ethnography experience protective mechanisms security policy access control network security firewall technologies steganography image stitching encryption cryptography advanced encryption standard (aes) image processing technique canny edge detection diabetic retinopathy ml model mining hazardous e-waste disposal wireless printer. digital case-paper mysql queue hospital management yolo. vgg16 raspberry pi printed circuit board defect classifier communication. government application awareness scheme infrastructure development brochures unity vuforia sdk feature for claenig water using ardino n gps wi-fi camera. serpentine motion remote control gps module arduino mega stepper motor. servo motor (sg-90) cnc (computer numerical control) arduino nano a4988 stepper motor driver industrial and knowledge platforms. attract young students change driving force young students driving force electrical engineering preprocessing image segmentation feature selection character recognition cheapest scarcity thermal energy ultraviolet light. fingerprint identification remote sensing microlevel plan geo-referencing geographic information system arcgis steam heater electric car wash system oxidation. stability hydrolysis degradation web camera pir sensor natural calamities alive human detection mind-link electroencephalogram (eeg) sensor mobility locomotive disabled persons brain computer interface (bci) gear mechanism region convolution neural networks convolution neural networks random forest algorithms modification of bike low cost bike gobar gas alternate fuel urbanisation concrete pontoon subjective evaluation semantics grading system duplication restricted boltzmann machine random forests naive bayes logistic regression decision trees electronic properties structural properties adsorption energies co density functional theory doped graphene waste managem affordable effective manufacturing safe waste segregator machine electricity dual-axis ldr tracking solar power transmission kinetic energy electrical vehicle drive train brake pads prediction. market basket data it tree frequent itemsets association rule mining particle swarm optimization. tweet-summarization sentiment score. sentiment labels sentiment bar emoji sentiment ranking lassification of emoticons pervasive computing middleware. context-aware systems ubiquitous computing paradigm ubiquitous computing permutation. substitution cipher data security email security advance cipher technique vein algorithm. bim rgb colour genetic algorithm sift glcm active shape model(asm) edge detection otsu’s method nlp sentiment analysis object detection. bisecting k-means text mining pso mwo electromagnetic spectrum. rsa li-fi 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