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John Donnelly - Supercharge Your Selling Strategy


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John Donnelly - Supercharge Your Selling Strategy

  1. 1. INBOUND15 Supercharge Your Selling Strategy The Power Of Social Data John Donnelly III SVP, Global Sales & Marketing, Crimson Hexagon
  2. 2. INBOUND15 Today’s Presenters John is responsible for all go-to-market operations across marketing, sales and business development. He has managed several software companies from start-up to over $700M in annual revenues, with four successful exits. At Cisco, John led global sales and services for the company’s cloud automation offering across the service provider market segment. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology from Babson College. John lives with his wife and two children and is still an avid ice hockey player. Most recently the Director of Analytics at Translation, Russell is now doing freelance research projects for a variety of clients including Sprite and Khloe Kardashian. Russell helped win accounts with Bud Light in 2011, Budweiser Global in 2012, Sprite and Champs in 2013 and the NBA in 2014. He lead a team whose insights informed optimization opportunities for Translation's entire roster of clients—improving performance WoW, MoM, and YoY. Russell serves as co-founder and social media specialist for the mobile app, WeShould. John Donnelly Crimson Hexagon SVP of Sales & Marketing @wheelsdonnelly Russell Pinke Analytics & Strategy Consultant Translation, Director of Analytics @russpinke
  3. 3. Speak Prospects’ Language Learn What Prospects Care About Learn When Prospects Are Ready To Buy Know Thy Prospect: Their Brand, Their Industry, Their Competition
  5. 5. The New Jersey Nets were moving to Brooklyn and becoming the Brooklyn Nets Translation was asked to help launch a new team 5
  6. 6. Fans and customers reacted negatively to the nets Prospects use social media to convey their emotions and speak to brands 6
  7. 7. We can see that this particular conversation is already larger than many of the problems related to the Nets Social media can be used to measure conversations & listen to what prospects are saying - & How they are speaking Hello Brooklyn 7
  8. 8. Translation mined & leveraged the organic conversation amongst those who were speaking about Brooklyn. They then leveraged this organic conversation around #HelloBrooklyn to inform their campaign strategy. Translation spoke the language of fans in Brooklyn 8
  9. 9. Which led to a take over of the popular phrase #HelloBrooklyn Brooklyn took notice and responded 9
  11. 11. INBOUND15 Identifying Your Audience What target segments are most aligned with your brand? What else are consumers in your target segments interested in? Who are the key influencers in the segment? What content is most popular in this segment?
  12. 12. INBOUND15 Case Study: Jazz at Lincoln Center Jazz at Lincoln Center asked Schireson Associates to help them better understand who their fans are on social and how they compare to peer organizations
  13. 13. INBOUND15 Jazz Blogging New York City MSNBC Classical Music Broadway Brooklyn Affordable Care Act Museums Politico R&B Advertising Theater Writing Chicago World News London Actors Finance News and Media NFL Beauty Baseball Fashion Science and Technology Hip Hop ESPN Basketball JALC Affinities Findings vs. Twitter More posts than Twitter overall Less posts than Twitter overall AFFINITY
  14. 14. INBOUND15 Symphonies Orchestras Classical Music Opera Blogging New York City Performing Arts Broadway Museums Affordable Care Act Pinoy Writing R&B Chicago Canada London Actors World News News and Media Health Baseball Fashion Science and Technology Basketball Hip Hop Soccer Carnegie Hall Affinities Findings vs. Twitter More posts than Twitter overall Less posts than Twitter overall AFFINITY
  15. 15. INBOUND15 Geographic analysis can help find strongholds for your prospect’s audience NYC: 8.85 % LA: 5.3 % DC: 4.4 % Dayton: 2.9 % ATL: 2.7 % CHI: 2.6 % SF: 1.9 % LA: 2.8 % DC: 2.8 % SF: 2.3 % CHI: 1.9 % NYC: 28.2 % London 3% Mexico City: 2.1% Doha 1.6% Tokyo: 1.3% Toronto: 1.3% London 7.4% Paris 2.5% Tokyo: 1.7% PEER ORGANIZATION
  16. 16. INBOUND15 Ultimately, social data helped derive new segments, new hypotheses, and initial strategy Analysis Implications: Customer intimacy Leveraging for earned media message testing Elevating what’s already working
  18. 18. INBOUND15 Social media can gauge purchase intent & give insight Measuring the volume of a conversation can help gauge purchase intent by categorizing posts around stages of the purchase journey
  19. 19. INBOUND15 Social media data can delve into the phases of the product lifecycle Using specific tweets and examining popular topics through the Crimson platform helps give insights on the entire product lifecycle
  20. 20. INBOUND15 Social media data can provide deep insights across phases of the product lifecycle, such as: • Where the lead falls in the purchase cycle generally (gauging intent) • In-store purchase behavior • Effectiveness of Marketing/Advertising • Product Placement, Packaging & General Merchandising Strategy
  22. 22. INBOUND15 Use Insights To Wow Prospects – Trending Topics, SOV, & Competitive Benchmarking Trending topics
  23. 23. INBOUND15 Social Data: Everyone’s Using It Social data is now a baseline requirement for innovative companies – must have Discover trending topics & consumer preferences to inform more-targeted content Learn who your audience (or your client’s audience) is, and what they care about most Wow prospects with deep insights on their brand & competitors
  24. 24. INBOUND15 THANK YOU!
  25. 25. INBOUND15 Questions? To learn more, contact Crimson Hexagon: @wheelsdonnelly
  26. 26. INBOUND15 These dogs are wanted in seven states for tax evasion & fraud.
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