Digital Media and Hospitality Industry


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The travel, tourism and hospitality industry is one of the most dynamic industries in today’s global economy. Tourism is typically one of the top three sources of revenues for  cities, states and countries worldwide

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Digital Media and Hospitality Industry

  1. 1. Social Media and Travel &Tourism
  2. 2. Brazil Russia China India62.63365952 44.532249.148.9Jul 11 Jul 126% 20%41%5%UniqueVisitors (in millions)15+ Age,Home andWork usersIndia62.644.5• Indiais the fastest growingonline market in the last 12 months• Russiaand China have added over 10 million users in the last 12 months andcontinue to grow• India’s explosive online growth to continue,as most online categories showbelow average penetration compared to global averagesOnline Marketgrowth comparisonIndia is the fastest growing online market in the last 12 months.Data source: ComScore
  3. 3. 75% of the audience is below the age of 35 years, makes it one of the youngestonline populationFemales form 39.3% of the total audienceHighest growth seen among 15-24 male and female segmentUser demographicsYouth driving the growth
  4. 4. GamesNewsSearchRetailHealthSNTravel 414343434354604495.521.159.991.580.340YoY Growth % Jul’12 Reach %21.14159.9• Unprecedented growth inTravel,Search,SN and News,surpassingWW averages• Growth to continue in Retail,Games and Health,as they are below WW averages• Key drivers being content and accessibility• Coupons category has de-grown by 38%as players have moved to allied verticals..Unprecedented growth in News, Search and Social Networks(SN), surpassingworldwide averages; it is the main reason why people are more connected, awareand activeGrowth RateHigh growth categories
  5. 5. The Web is being Rebuilt around People
  6. 6. The travel, tourism and hospitality industry is one of the most dynamic industries in today’sglobal economy. Tourism is typically one of the top three sources of revenues for cities,states and countries worldwide.understandingTourism IndustryWhy do people travel?
  7. 7. Top spending categories fortravelers
  8. 8. The habits oftravelers
  9. 9. The web was originally built to link static documents together(left) but evolved toincorporate social media(center) and we are now seeing a web built aroundpeople, where their profiles and content are moving with them as they visitdifferent websites(right).Change in last 10 yearsThe paradigm shift
  10. 10. Friends recommendation38%World renownedMust see destinations32%Information onthe web22%Cheap dealsSpecial offers15%If we want to understand what motivates people to act in the way they do, we needto 1st understand that people live in networks.People’s network influences almost every aspect of their lives. What theydo, where they go, what they buy.User behaviorWhat drives decisions?
  11. 11. Friendsmatter
  12. 12. Travel & Tourism industry is heavily dependent onWord of mouth
  13. 13. Face-to-Face Email Blog Twitter Facebook LinkedInYouYourCustomersTheirFriendsHow word of mouth works onSocial media
  14. 14. Offline conversation is still the dominant form of Social MediaHow Brands can utilize Social Media to control WOMBefore ConversationThe ‘Trigger’ or Spark,Source of prior knowledgeDuring ConversationReference resource, factchecking,Content to shareAfter ConversationLearnmore, verify, takeaction, share morewidelyWhat effect do theinternet and internetenabled devices haveon Word of Mouth?Conversationsthat involve abrand per dayBrandimpressionsper dayImpressionsper word ofmouthconversation Marketing content is an importantresource before, during and afterbrand conversations94% of WOM brandimpressions occurofflineInternet is at par with TV as atop catalyst for WOMconversationInternet is the #1 resource utilized to take action after conversationsPrimary use is toseek additionalinformationInternet is twice as importantas any other media after WOMconversationInternet is most important sourceof content before, during andafter the conversationThe Internet is where people turn to after conversation for more informationInternet is often aresource after WOMstimulated by TVSearch is utilized morethan any other site typeSocial Media trendingtopics majorly effectWOMWhat’s in there forThe brands
  15. 15. Frequency&typeofsocialActivitiesSource: NielsenBrands may or may not be present on social media but their customers are70%Hear others’ experiences65%Learn more about brands53%Compliment brands50%Express concern/complaints
  16. 16. THEGLOBALSOCIALCONSUMERSource: NielsenAccessibility: How people connect and interact with social media
  17. 17. Likelihood to make a purchase based on Websites, Social Media and Onlineproduct reviewsTHEGLOBALSOCIALCONSUMERSource: Nielsen
  18. 18. The ability to send and retrieveInformationfrom everywhere hasChangedthe way wework and live.Hence Brands need toChangethe way theyThink.emergence of the new trend: Social CRMCustomerserviceviasocialmediaSocialcare
  19. 19. Social careWhen customers choose when and where they voice their questions and complaintsWhen the line between Marketing and Customer service gets blurredWhen Brands get ready to react on all the channels
  20. 20. ..Frequency of social care use among users9% Daily21% Weekly70% MonthlyOn average 47% of social media Users engage insocial careCustomerserviceviasocialmediaSocialcareSocial care has become an immediate imperative for global brands
  21. 21. Customerservicebyphonev/sSocialcare1 in 3 users prefer social care to contacting a company by phoneTotal18-2425-3435-4445-5455-6465+Agebreakup
  22. 22. Understand what Motivates people to act inthe way that they do
  23. 23. Understand Behavior not Technology
  24. 24. Understanding userBehavior
  25. 25. Social Media Analytical CentreHow can Webenza IncPot help CustomerSupport Team take control of social media?
  26. 26. We give Meaning to theconversations and Enhancethem With meaningful Insights
  27. 27. We Bridge the GapBetween Brands and Customers.Through our engagement consolewe let you connect and talk to theCustomers thereby improvingDialogue & Participation
  28. 28. We Measure & ComparethePerformanceOur Account Analytics lets youmeasure the performance of yourFacebook, Twitter profile andGoogle analytics at one place.It also allows you to compareYour performance against yourCompetitor.
  29. 29. DiscussionsTrack conversations around certain keywordsListen to the conversationsEnter into DialogueInfluence the influencers Manage your Reputation Competitive Edge123• Track keywords like:Trip Planning, Best place to visit,Vacations, Travel in India, CheapFlights, Holiday Packages andHotels etc.• Identify the people who aretalking the most about thesekeywords.• Establish direct contact withthem• Achieve + WOM• Track keywords like:your brand name• Greet, Treat and engage• Damage control• Build precautionary measures• Build affiliate network• Build volunteer network• Crisis Management• Track competitors’activities• People upset with themare your friends• Control negative WOMcoming from thecompetitionReal Time Tracking strategy: IncPot*IncPot is Webenza’s Proprietary tool
  30. 30. Identify the researchtrends and publishreports about hottestdestinations/trendsetc. Help people intheir research andbuild strong followerbase.Create interestingvideos and let peoplespend time watchingthem on your channel.Videos create strongbrand recall.Interaction withcustomers on socialchannels is importantas Happy customerswill generate +WOMfor your brand onreview sites.Make your brandsearchable on allsocial platforms;enhance discoverythrough SEO,Make people come toyou through theirsearches andgenerate leads.EstablishThoughtLeadershipCreate brandpresence andawarenessBuild HappycustomercommunityCreate top ofmind recallSocial Media engagement strategy
  31. 31. EngagementIdeasShare picturesand facts abouttraveldestinationsBe a travelexpert onSocial MediaPeople like freestuff anddiscounts74% said "After interactingwith companies or brandsvia new media, I generallyhave a more positiveimpression of the companyor brand."ConsumersDemandBrandInteractionExotic Travel Destinations
  32. 32. Can you find out most famous tourist destinationsof India?PuzzlesCan you identify the place whereAshoka was shotIndirect connect with season and destinationis also a good way of engagementBookings using Facebook Apps
  33. 33. Twitter Strategy• HashTags are Like Twitter SEO• If you are looking to expand your business and increase your success, relying on thehashtag is a great way of making your Tweet more visible• Twitter can be used for cross content sharing and promotion. Also for engaging andattracting followers by starting unique #tags (e.g. #mytrip, #exotictrip #tripdeals, #triptips#tipsontravel etc).• #tags can be used to brand the tweets for categories by including them in conversations(e.g. #beaches, #hillstations etc.)• Twitter list is great way to creat interest based communities within Twitter.LinkedIn Strategy• LinkedIn: A company page for corporate relationship, coordinating employer and companynews updates• LinkedIn Group: for general discussions (e.g. Which is the most memorable trip you’ve gonefor) to involve customers• Professional network can be reached out for excusive offer promotions.
  34. 34. Pinterest strategies• Pinterest profile with boards for different trip categories and activities.• On Pinterest also #tags can be used and branded as like twitter;• Boards ideas like-Places Must Visit, Best beaches on the earth & Special Trip Offer etc canengage a lots of visitors/customers.
  35. 35. YouTube strategy• You-tube channel with multiple play-lists for all categories, so that visitors will have a clearmessage of services offered by the brand.• Tags and descriptions of videos play a very important role in indexing of the channel onsearch engines and increase the chances of being found if used properly.• Videos are great ways of building top of mind recall for the brands; especially Travel &Tourism industry can go really experimental with the humor and ways of creating an impact.
  36. 36. Keyword researchOn Page SEO Off Page SEOCreate Presentations Create Videos Create Blog PostsCreate content using researched keywords for above mentioned websites. These sites have highest page ranksand thus help your website to show up on 1st page of search engines.Make your brand Searchable through seo
  37. 37. Having a good social media presence might be inexpensive in monetary terms, butcostly in time, so therefore it is best to plan campaigns around a theme with multipletypes of supporting content.VideosInfographicsCase StudiesCreate Content.
  38. 38. Social Media PlanSocial Profile Creation•Creating profile inFacebook, twitter, LinkedIn etc.Branding Social Profile•Designing profiles such as Facebookto suit the brand.Building a decent sized community•Increasing the fan or follower base ofthe profile and attracting more.Creating Facebook Campaign•Engaging the community throughcompetitions in the online space whichcreates a viral effect.•Engaging in forums and discussions•Participating in relevant group andbuilding a communityBrand Engagement•Updating and replying on SocialNetworking SitesCreating articles and posting in onlinesites•Posting discussions in forumsResearch Phase•Understanding the onlinepresence of the industry•Analyzing social media trendsof the competitors•Finding the brand influencers•Keyword Research for theIndustryResearch Phase(1 week)Social Profile CreationPhase(1 week)EngagementPhase(On-Going)
  39. 39. Social MediaConversationsWebenza IncPot Buzz FilterWebenza IncPotDashboardResponding afterapproval by the ClientWebenza Team ClientSOCIAL MEDIAStrategyContent WritingEngagement &Community BuildingCreativesSAAS INTEGRATED SUITEClientLicenseClient’s team:Listening, Monitoring,Analytics &EngagementMODEL 1 MODEL 2 MODEL 3 MODEL 4Social AnalyticsMODEL 1MODEL 2Social MediaChannelManagementSEO & SEMAnalytics