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Social Media has a strong influence on consumer behaviour and brand commitment. It is part of a new “word of mouth” culture where recommendations are not only given and received amongst family and friends - but amongst a much wider audience. New business models such as group buying, move far beyond a recommendation to an immediate call to action from friends.
Consumers are now used to read other peoples’ comments and that influence their purchase decisions. There are also many consumers who write comments and want to influence companies in doing so. The consumer wants to be heard and enter into a dialog with companies as opposed to the former one-way communication. These trends show the importance of social media conversation and suggests that social media will gain even more importance in the future than it already does. TNS supports Clients in finiding new insights for Growth

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Tns social media insights for growth

  1. 1. Integrating Social Media Insightsto drive growthSocial Media Insights© TNS
  2. 2. Contents1Why social media matters 32Finding insights from social media 83TNS Social Media Insights 136Why TNS 33Social Media Insights© TNSTNS Social Media Insights 134Integrating Social Media Insights 225Case study: Driving growth by maximisingonline sales channels262
  3. 3. 1Why social media mattersSocial Media Insights© TNS
  4. 4. Social media has a strong influence on consumerbehaviour and brand commitment47% of onlineconsumers writecomments aboutproducts orbrands72% of onlineconsumersread commentsabout productsor brandsSocial Media Insights© TNS 4Source: TNS Digital Life 2011, base global online population29% agree thatposting commentsonline is aneffective way toinfluencecompanies46% agree thatreading commentsby other peoplehelps them makequick and easydecisions aboutproducts or brands
  5. 5. Ford Fiesta agents launchedthe new car model.United Airlines breaks guitarsover 12m You Tube viewsNetwork outages cause aTwitter storm but O2 recoverSocial media has accelerated the speed and reachof word of mouthSocial Media Insights© TNSthe new car model.60% nameplate awarenessbefore one traditional ad ranover 12m You Tube views Twitter storm but O2 recoverthe situation5
  6. 6. Social media influences growthUnderstanding how people talk online aboutcompanies, brands, products and serviceshelps you drive growth by:1. Building customer loyalty and improvingonline reputation by understanding peopleand the issues they have2. Winning new customers by understandingconsumer language and relevant topics inSocial Media Insights© TNSconsumer language and relevant topics inthe consumer journey3. Launching successful new products andservices - generating insights throughdiscussion of unmet needs6
  7. 7. Stan StanunathanVP, Marketing Insights and Strategy, Coca-Cola“Listening is a business imperative.. especiallyin a world of empowered consumers. Brandsare (now) getting built in a very different way.Social Media Insights© TNS 7
  8. 8. 2Finding insights from social mediaSocial Media Insights© TNS
  9. 9. How doesthis impactDoes the buzzchange over time?Where do theytalk?Own brand/categoryCompetitor brandsWe need to listen to genuine consumer conversationsWhat do consumers talk about?Social Media Insights© TNSthis impactmybusiness?Why do they talk?change over time? talk?How do they talk(sentiment)?9
  10. 10. But finding meaningful insights in the ocean of socialmedia buzz can be a challengeSocial Media Insights© TNSWhat does it really mean? How can I best use it?What should I do?Too much information;what is relevant andwhat if I don´t find anything?10
  11. 11. So, a focused approach is neededHypothesis driven Focus on product, brand or industrySocial Media Insights© TNSConfirm or disproveyour hypothesesIdentify relevant consumer topics,opinion and motivationsA A A A AAListen11
  12. 12. To answer a multitude of questionsConsumer understandingBrand andBrand protection andreputation managementCompetitor intelligenceProduct launch managementInsights and ideagenerationSocial Media Insights© TNS 12Brand andcommunications evaluationEarly warning systemIssue management andtrend scoutingProduct launch managementGrowing customer relationshipsEmployer reputation management
  13. 13. 3TNS Social Media InsightsSocial Media Insights© TNS
  14. 14. Category &marketexpertiseSocial MediaexpertiseSocial MediaOur unique approach: finding meaningful insights tobuild the big picture and drive growthSocial Media Insights© TNSData integrationSocial MediaInsights14
  15. 15. We use the right tools and identify the insights freeingyour resourcesFree toolse.g. Technorati,Socialmention,GoogleLicensed toolse.g. Alterian SM2,VisibleLicensed toolsand consultancye.g. Alterian SM2or Visible with TNSFull serviceagencyTNSSocial Media Insights© TNS 15LowInternal resource and know howHighHighExternal budgetLowTNS
  16. 16. An established approach for successClear understanding of the business issues through kick-off workshopsPrecisely define the project objectives, research questions and KPIsSpecification of the company processes, i.e. who are the users of Social MediaInsightsValidate findings for the entire target group with other methodologiesEnsure insights are integrated with other informationSocial Media Insights© TNSEnsure insights are integrated with other informationDefine necessary actions resulting from insights, inform implementationstrategy and outline next steps16
  17. 17. Insightful results are gained in a three step processSocial networksOpinion portals3 Report and understand, actionable2 Store, check, clean,analyse, classify text found1Find relevant messagesSocial Media Insights© TNS 17Social bookmarksOnlinenewsBlogsForumInternetTwitter3 Report and understand, actionableinsights and present recommendations
  18. 18. Search terms are adjusted in a multi-step process tofind the right insightsBrandCompetitorsIndustry, marketTarget groupSocial Media Insights© TNS 18If there are no results on your brand or topic, we use an iterative process to definebest search terms across competitors, industry topics or target groups
  19. 19. 4024Precise manual coding guarantees correctsentiment analysisAccurate content analysis requires more than software. Technology evolvesdaily, but computers will never replace humans when interpreting messagesand sentiment.617Social Media Insights© TNS3677TNS manualcodingAutomatedcodingNegative Positive Neutral19
  20. 20. The frequency of listening depends on your needsReal-time analysis over the medium orlong-term, results reflect buzz over timeProvides continuous tracking ofmarketing activities etc.Important early warning systemAnalysis of conversations over a fixedperiod of time - typically results forseveral months to balance seasonalityProvides an overview of current socialmedia buzzUseful post-test on marketing activities orContinuous TrackingSnapshotSocial Media Insights© TNSImportant early warning systemInput for customer service managementStrongly recommended for brands withcontinuously high levels of buzzUseful post-test on marketing activities orlaunchesRecommended as a start point for socialmedia monitoring and for brands with lowlevels of buzzStart your social media monitoring prior to any social media activity20
  21. 21. In a solution customised for your objectivesConsultancy to define the objectives,topics, select the right tools andimplementationManual content analysis and datacleaning by our experts guaranteesrelevanceManual coding ensures accuratesentiment analysisLocal native speakers interpret postsSocial Media Insights© TNS 21Local native speakers interpret poststo guarantee correct understandingMeaningful dashboardsActionable summary reports
  22. 22. 4Integrating Social Media InsightsSocial Media Insights© TNS
  23. 23. Our experts understand the broader context and howto integrate social mediaStakeholder Management Brand & CommunicationRetail & Shopper Innovation & Product DevelopmentSocial Media Insights© TNSRetail & Shopper Innovation & Product Development23
  24. 24. Example: an integrated approach to onlinereputation managementIdentify Evaluate Manage(Digital) channelsfor communicationsCorporate reputation,drivers and impactPublished (online)opinion and issuesSocial Media Insights© TNS 24Social Media Insights TRI*M Corporate Reputation TNS Digital Life
  25. 25. Social Media Insights should inform social mediamarketing strategySocial Media Insights - snapshotDevelopment/adjustment ofWhich departments are engagedin social mediaTarget groups (what proportionof customers can/will bereached?)Social media objectives,definition of KPIs2. Context, strategy and target groupsVolume, places and type of ongoingsocial media discussion about category,product, brand or competitorsExisting social media assetsInternal media maturityGuidelines1. Social media snapshot & assetsSocial mediaoptimisationcircuitSocial Media Insights© TNS 253. Comprehensive analysis of social mediaand other research dataSocial Media Insights - snapshotor continuous trackingLink social media data and otheravailable market researchinsightsCheck of performance on KPIsDevelopment/adjustment ofsocial media strategyCheck to what extent objectiveshave been achieved (including alldepartments involved)4. Implementation and usecircuit
  26. 26. 5Case study: Driving growth by maximising online saleschannelsSocial Media Insights© TNSchannels
  27. 27. Understanding social media conversations to growonline salesObjectivesWhat are the important topics regardingonline grocery purchase being discussed onsocial media?Where do consumers talk about purchasingday-to-day products?What is the sentiment of the posts?How can these insights help me refine ouronline grocery commerce strategy?Social Media Insights© TNS 27KPI’sPinpoint topics with minimum of 60%positive buzz to develop the online offer.Identify 10 websites with most conversationsabout online grocery shopping.
  28. 28. Tracking the volume of conversations and key triggers400500600700800900Floatingaverage ofpostsdecreasesafter launchpeak1st July 2010:Amazon.delaunchesgrocery salesSocial Media Insights© TNS 280100200300
  29. 29. And where the conversations happen3000400050006000Social Media Insights© TNS 29010002000Online press Blog Messageboard/forumMicroblog Wiki SocialnetworkVideo/photosharing
  30. 30. Interpreting the important topicsSocial Media Insights© TNS 30
  31. 31. And how people really feel about each topic1428Manual coding guarantees we correctly understand messages and sentimentAnd how people really feel about each topic“You can´t be spontaneous!I want to cook NOW but my“New: Amazon nowsells food and thus ruinsthe last corner stores!“"I really like the broadrange from diversecompanies on the internet.”“Finally! I don´t need toleave my house anymore!Amazon now sells food! ”Social Media Insights© TNS5512Very negative Negative Neutral Positive Very positiveI want to cook NOW but mytomatoes will be deliveredtomorrow?!”Amazon now sells food! ”“My kids are a pain in theneck in the supermarket!That´s why I buy manythings on the internet.”“Amazonstarted selling food!“31
  32. 32. Understanding pros and cons discussed by consumersBroad range from diverse companiesParticularly good for specialty and foreignfoodService for seniors and people withlimited mobilityTime saving and avoiding stress forworking people and familiesNo experience of freshness(touch, smell, feel)Delivery timeDelivery times may be problematicFresh food may spoilDelivery costLittle transparency/ not sufficientConsProsSocial Media Insights© TNS 32working people and familiesNo queuesCreates new jobsMay help reduce environmental pollutionby delivering to several households atonceLittle transparency/ not sufficientinformation on productsEstablished shops may go brokeDifficult to complain or ask questionsNo spontaneity when cookingMaybe environmental pollution due tolarge number of delivery trucksProduct range currently too limited
  33. 33. Why TNS ?Integrating social media insights to drive growthFor relevant, actionable, business focused results we:Ensure we understand your business issues and the questions you need toaddressFind the right conversations by using the right approaches, meticulously;checking and cleaning search terms, reading original posts and adding newtopicsManually code sentiment analysis to guarantee the right interpretationSocial Media Insights© TNS 33Our experts interpret social media insights in the context of your businessissues and integrate them with other insight platforms to deliver actionablerecommendationsOffer implementation workshops to build actionable strategiesRun social media projects worldwide with local market and categoryexperts and tools
  34. 34. What our clients sayLarge German bank“Through the social media monitoring project weidentified a security issue. The data enabled ourPR department to address this issue quickly andthus we avoided damage to the brand´sreputation.”Social Media Insights© TNS 34reputation.”
  35. 35. Precise plans for growth –We never leave you with insights aloneSocial Media Insights© TNS 35
  36. 36. To get further info, please contactCristina Colombo - Stakholder Practice Headcristina.colombo@tnsglobal.comSocial Media Insights© TNS 36cristina.colombo@tnsglobal.com11/3 Via Bolama, – 20126 Milano18, Corso Vitt. Emanuele II, – 00186 Roma - Tel. + (central. unif.) –
  37. 37. Per informazioni:Cristina Colombo - Stakholder Practice Headcristina.colombo@tnsglobal.comVia Bolama, 11/3 – 20126 MilanoCorso Vitt. Emanuele II, 18 – 00186 RomaTel. + (central. unif.) – tns.italia@tnsglobal.comwww.tns-global.comSocialMediaInsights©TNSTNS – Precision Growth