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AJ Gerritson, Founding Partner at 451 Marketing, discusses the basics of using social media for hospitality in this seminar hosted by HSMAI.

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HSMAI Social Media for Hospitality

  1. Social Media for Hospitality
  2. AJ GerritsonFounding Partner 617.986.0224 aj@451marketing.com linkedin.com/in/ajgerritson @ajgerritsonwww.451Marketing.com
  3. Agenda • Background on Social Media • Steps to Engagement • Open Q & A
  4. What is Social Media?
  5. >800 Million Users 1.3 billion 1.1 billion 800 million 311 million (if it were a country, it would be the 3rd most populated)
  6. Americans Spend More Time onFacebook Than Any Other U.S. SiteAverage Facebook Visit is 20 Minutes (Qualmann, Socialnomics, 2010)
  7. of people say that they trustpeer recommendations…only 14% trust advertisements (Qualmann, 2011) (Qualmann, Socialnomics, 2010)
  8. 64% use social media to make travel plans among 25-34 year olds, it’s 76%
  9. Mobile internet access 91% of mobile internet 425 million mobiledoubled every year since access is to socialize Facebook users2009-2011
  10. 72%of social networkusers accesssocial sites dailywhile travelling
  11. 1. Listen
  12. WHAT are people saying aboutyour hotel online?WHERE are people discussingyour hotel online?WHO is discussing your hotel online?
  13. AJ Gerritson
  14. 451 Marketing
  15. Also monitor…Industry Competitors News #TrendingTopics
  16. Step 2: Define Goals
  17. Do Your Goals Include… • Generating more brand awareness? • Driving brand loyalty or build fan culture? • Monitoring and managing brand reputation? • Generating awareness of services or offerings and increasing sales? • Attracting new employees, investors, partners/vendors?
  18. 3. Find your audience…
  19. … and target media online
  20. 4. Know the Tools!
  21. Social Tools Explained… I’m eating a #doughnut I ‘like’ doughnuts and doughnut-eating groups I am at the doughnut shop These are my opinions and expertise on doughnuts …Using Doughnuts
  22. 5. Define your voice
  23. Depending on your venue, your voicecan take on different tone… Conversational/Casual News Source/Formal
  24. 6. Just Like Your Venue,Important to Create a Branded Identity Online
  25. Timeline for BrandsOn March 30, ALL brand pages will be changed to Timeline. What does this mean for your brand?
  26. Cover PhotoTimeline’s cover photo gives you the opportunity to get creative and further extend your brand experience for Facebook users.
  27. Timeline Apps and Tabs
  28. Posts on Timeline Added ability to “pin” posts to keep them top of mind for your fans - great for events, promotions, featured specials.
  29. Posts on Timeline: Larger, more eye-catching images to showcase events, drink specials, special guests at your venue
  30. 7. Identify key influencers
  31. How is influence determined?
  32. 8. Create and ShareDefine Content Topics Schedule Share! & Create Content
  33. Step 9: Measure Results Measure Track Plan Execute
  34. Measure • Have your networks grown or changed? How? • Are there new social media roles to explore? • What worked/didn’t work? • What can we do differently? • What should we eliminate? • What should we focus more on? • How much time is spent on each social media initiative? • What is our most valuable feedback? • How is social media changing right now? • Are we ahead of our competitors?
  35. To Review… • Background on Social Media • Steps to Engagement • Open Q & A
  36. Questions?
  37. • Founded in 2004• Based in Boston• 30 Communications Professionals• Partners Nicholas Lowe, AJ Gerritson, and Tom Lee• Named a 2011 & 2012
  38. AJ GerritsonFounding Partner 617.986.0224 aj@451marketing.com linkedin.com/in/ajgerritson @ajgerritsonwww.451Marketing.com
  39. Social Media for Hospitality