Peran Social Media Dalam Business dan Dampaknya Untuk Penyebaran Idea


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Peran Social Media Dalam Business dan Dampaknya Untuk Penyebaran Idea

  1. 1. SOCIAL MEDIAKresnayana Yahya
  2. 2. The most three most trusted forms of advertising are:Recommendations from people I know - 90%Consumer opinions posted online - 70%Branded websites - 70%What Social Media has done is make the traditional two-way word of mouthmarketing accessible and available to everyone with a computer (or phone).FROM THIS TO THISThe question is, how do we engage the guy with themegaphone?Word-of-Mouth Goes Virtual
  3. 3. def (Wikipedia) - Social media is media designed to be disseminated through socialinteraction, created using highly accessible and scalable publishing techniques.Social Media IS NOTA fadA replacement for traditional advertisingThe first stepThe magic bulletFREEAll about YOUSocial Media ISA big dealGoing where your customers already are or where they want to beApplicable to most companies in some way or anotherTime-consumingAll about THEMWhat is Social Media?
  4. 4. BloggingFacebookLinkedInTwitterYoutubeThe Stats - The Why - The HowThe BIG FIVE
  5. 5. Mobile. Mobile. Mobile.Google BuzzGeolocationCorporate policy & proceduresDiasporaThe end of email marketing?Trends for the Future
  6. 6. Write contentManage the day-to-day uploading of contentTake the place of a true brand and marketing strategistWhat Does A Social MediaStrategist NOT Do?
  7. 7. 1. Formalize your brand strategy.2. Put together a comprehensive marketing plan.3. Take a critical look at your current website.4. Set benchmarksGoogle Analytics; Alexa“How did you hear about us?”SEO Ranking5. Make a decision on time investment.6. RELAX!7. Set up your accounts.8. Take some time learning the tools and the lingo.9. SHARE10. CAREWhat do I do next?(10 steps)
  8. 8. What is your time worth?DIRECT SALESExample:$250/week(5 hours/week x $50/hr)$500/year(Average client spend)2% closing ratio(Through the website – WITHOUT an incentive)100 visitors/month(Approximate increase in site traffic to break even)Are your social media efforts bringing 100 extra site visits/month?Return on Investment“Half of my advertising spend is wasted, but I don’t know which half.”
  9. 9. Active Usage is GrowingFastest Among Older AGEGroup% change in million ofusers between Q2 2012and Q1 2013010%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%16 to 2425 to 3435 to 4455 to 6445 to 54
  10. 10. Younger Social Media users are morelikely use the tools for civic activities% of users of social networkingsites or twitter who use socialmedia these way44%34%42%36% 36%33%26% 25%40%36%34%32% 31%28%21% 20%32%34%28%29% 27% 25%14% 15%24%32%20%31%27%18%8%10%Age 18-29 Age 30-49 Age 50-64 Age 65+Source : pew research center’s internet and american life project civic engagementsurvey, conducted July 16- august 7, 2012
  11. 11. ¨ SocialNetworks& Blogs22,5%¨ Portals ¨ Videos/Movies¨ Classifiieds/auction¨ Instantmassaging¨ Search¨ Current events &global news2,6%3,3%4%4,4%2,9%4,5%¨ OnlineGames ¨ Email¨ Softwaremanufactures9,8%7,6%3,2%¨OTHER35,1%
  12. 12. Compared the Average AdultInternet User, Active Adult SocialNetworkers45%More Likely togo on a date19%More Likely to attenda profesionalsporting event18%More Likely towork out at a gymor health club75%More Likely to beheavy spenderson music47%More Likely to beheavy spenders onclothing, shoes andaccessories26%More Likely to givetheir opinion onpolitics and currentevents33%More Likely togive their opinionon TV programs32%of active socialnetworkersfollow a celebrity53%of active socialnetworkersfollow a brand
  13. 13. Negara dengan Jumlah PenggunaInternet Terbesar (InternetWorld Stats)Sumber : Internet World Stats –
  14. 14. Online Shop Zalora KuasaiPasar Indonesia dengan Cepat¨ Dengan lebih dari 400brand ternama baiklokal maupuninternational.¨ Zalora memiliki brand-brandberkualitas, sepertiCalvin Klein, SteveMadden, HushPuppies, Guess, RipCurl, Nike, Oakley, Ardistia New York¨ Memiliki 100.000 fansdi Facebook.¨ Zalora memasarkanweb-store nya melaluiGoogle, Facebook, dan Twitter.
  15. 15. Tokobagus sukses pikat kelasmenengah¨ adalahplatform e-commerceterbesar di Indonesia.¨ Memiliki lebih dari 3juta anggota .¨ Lebih dari 1,3 jutamacam barang yangdijual.
  16. 16. Dino Market¨ Merupakanlayanan e-commerceprofesionalyang dikelolasecaraeksklusif.
  17. 17. Pengiklan BESAR¨ Pasar iklan Indonesia 2012 : 87 triliun Rp (growth 20 %)¨ TV :64 %; Print 33%;magazine 3%¨ Perusahaan telekomunikasi : 5 triliun¨ Pemerintah plus partai : 4.3 triliun¨ Perawatan rambut dll : 4.1 triliun
  18. 18. Social Networkingand BusinessIntelligenceJuly 2011
  19. 19. Business intelligence trends33% of businessintelligence will bethrough mobile devicesby 2014Mobile Analytics30% of analyticapplications will use in-memory functions to addscale in next threeyearsAnalytics Process40% of spending onbusiness analytics willgo to systemsintegrators, not softwarevendors in next threeyearsSystem Integratorvs.Software Vendors15% of BIdeployments willcombine collaborativeand social decisionmaking environmentsby 2013BI CollaborationandSocial SoftwarePredicted Areas• Life Sciences• Banking Industry• Travel Industry• Cyber WellnesszSource:
  20. 20. One presidential election candidate used the power of social media to connect with people. He engaged with the peopledirectly and allows people to engage at all levels — Advocate, Social, PersonalPower of Social Networking• Facebook now has over 100 pages dedicated to Anna Hazare and hiscampaign.• These 100s of Facebook pages showing support have garnered over200,000 likes in just couple of days.* Word of Mouth NOT real data• Nearly 40,000 blog posts were written after its release date• 13 million people on the email list who received 7,000 variations of morethan 1 billion e-mails• 5 million friends on more than 15 social networking sites, 3 million friendson Facebook alone.• 3 million personal phone calls placed in the last 4 days of campaign• Raised 11M $ in a day using Social network sites Sci-Fi epic movie become the #2nd highest grossing film of all time because of using social networking rightly and timelyOne common man raised the voice against the corruption and became the leader without any designation or title051015Popularity(Index)TimeHazareRamdev
  21. 21. Social Networking and BusinessSocial media data is not ONLY Data It is aboutExperience, People, RelationshipOnly 14% trust on advertisements 90% of consumers trust PeerRecommendations93% of Marketers use socialmedia for businessWord-of-Mouth conversations hasthe impact of 200 TV adsInformation Technology buyers trustsocial media more than any othercontent sourceConversations on socialnetworking sites affects …..sales, credibility, reputation andprofitsWe don’t have a Choice on whether we DO social media, the question is How well we DO it.“Erik Qualman”
  22. 22. Key ObjectivesCorporateFunctionalityObjective/Goal Social Media ActivitiesResearch§ Observe monitoring reports§ Private communities§ Digital vision developmentListening• Customer knowledge• Competitive Insights• Cost savings over focus groupsMarketing• Blog, video blogs• Social network communities• Viral videos, contestsEngagement• Awareness and buzz• Time spent• Change brand perceptions• Purchase incentCustomer Service• User communities, wikis,support forums• Loyalty programs• Observer reportsSupport• Questions answered• Customer satisfaction• Avoided support callsSales• Brand communities• Influencer outreach• WidgetsEnergizing• Community membership• Recommendations• Sales inquires/leads
  23. 23. Steps to convert social media datainto BIListening is the first stepSources of InformationCategorization of InformationIdentifying potential community, SocialAdvocates, Influencers
  24. 24. Steps to convert social media datainto BI (cont.)Analyze Competitive InformationMapping Sales with VolumeOutcome• Promote Sales• Corrective actions• Identify Geographies• Identify Potential CustomersListen, Categorize and Analyze are three steps to gain the Business Intelligence from SocialNetworkingFinally BI from Collected/Categorized Social dataMeasuring the Volume Measuring the Feedbacks/Sentiments
  25. 25. Sentiment Share of Voice Content TypeActivity Timeline1526 21 21 16 17504642 43 44 4135 28 37 36 40 42B1 B2 B3 B4 B5 B644%11%6%21%7%11%175137 36 315738109 8392810 4054164 1099391540 425720B1B2B3B4B5B6030003000300030003000300Dec 6 10 Dec 26 10 Jan 15 11 Feb 4 11 Feb 24 11B1B2B3B4B5B6LegendContent typeTonalityCase Study – Banking Industry(Cont.)
  26. 26. 155035Case Study – Banking Industry (Cont.)030003000300030003000300Dec 6 10 Dec 26 10 Jan 15 11 Feb 4 11 Feb 24 11Sentiment Share of Voice Content TypeActivity Timeline1544230100%B1B2B3B4B5B6• Call center Service is very poor – I had a bad experience and more than 5 times my call transferred to different representative• Not getting statement on time• They are very good and prompt on e-statementLegendContent typeTonality
  27. 27. Enciety Business ConsultYour Logo•Dari 245 juta penduduk Indonesia, penggunainternet di Indonesia mencapai 55 juta orang perDesember 2011•menurut Dirjen Sumber Daya Perangkat Pos danInformatika (SDPP) Kemenkominfo Jumlah penggunainternet di Indonesia menguasai Asia sebesar 22,4persen•Merupakan negara peringkat ketiga di Asiauntuk jumlah pengguna internet
  28. 28. Enciety Business ConsultYour Logo•Hasil Penelitian Nielsen Indonesia juga masuk sebagaipengguna perangkat mobile tertinggi sebanyak48 persen, diikuti oleh Thailand dan Singapura•Dari segi usia, semakin banyak pengguna internetmerupakan anak muda usia 15-20 tahun dan 10-14 tahun•Indonesia menjadi pangsa pasar terbesar untukteknologi informasi komunikasi (TIK), sistemoperasi, gaming, dan hardware (tablet, PC, dan laptop).
  29. 29. Enciety Business ConsultYour Logo•Data Kominfo April 2012, jumlah penggunajejaring sosial di Indonesia juga besar.Setidaknya tercatat sebanyak 44,6 jutapengguna Facebook dan sebanyak 19,5 jutapengguna Twitter di Indonesia.•Indonesia menjadi negara kelima terbesarpengguna Twitter di bawah Inggris dan negara besarlainnya
  30. 30. Peta Penetrasi Teknologi di Indonesia 2011Didasarkan pada penetrasi teknologi dalam rumah tangga, terdapat5 kluster propinsi yang dibandingkan dengan tingkat penetrasi secara Nasional.Jabar, Riau*, & DIY adalah 3 propinsi yangpenetrasi internet, komputer, HP, & PSTN diatas penetrasi NasionalLEGEND:Penetrasi internet, komputer, HP, & PSTN dalam rumah tangga lebih tinggi dibandingkan NasionalPenetrasi internet, komputer, & HP dalam rumah tangga lebih tinggi dibandingkan NasionalPenetrasi internet & HP dalam rumah tangga lebih tinggi dibandingkan NasionalPenetrasi internet dalam rumah tangga lebih tinggi dibandingkan NasionalPenetrasi internet dalam rumah tangga lebih rendah dibandingkan NasionalSumber: diolah dari data BPS
  31. 31. Persentase Penetrasi Teknologi 2011Dalam Rumah Tangga di IndonesiaKeterangan:PSTN: Rumah Tangga yang memiliki PSTNKomputer: Rumah Tangga yang memiliki komputer (PC, laptop, notebook, netbook)Internet: Rumah Tangga yang mengakses internet dalam 3 bulan terakhirSumber: diolah dari data BPS5,6710,178,156,3611,649,538,544,566,107,429,4613,446,017,624,069,215,4610,6227,356,868,644,605,914,236,583,3215,646,3214,253,113,579,6224,9910,709,6212,0014,487,989,4811,529,3010,8219,718,358,475,3411,665,7512,6725,758,059,458,739,077,839,305,4616,9311,7614,608,558,1040,3138,1230,0029,5127,4424,9823,7523,5423,1223,1022,4022,3622,1822,0621,3819,7719,5319,4719,1319,1217,6917,5016,9915,3815,3014,9714,7414,6614,6014,6012,590,005,0010,0015,0020,0025,0030,0035,0040,0045,00BengkuluDIYSumbarKaltengJabarRiau*JatimSultraKalselKalbarNASIONALKaltimBabelSumutNTTSulutLampungSulselDKIJakartaJatengSumselNADJambiSulteng*MalukuNTBBaliPapua*BantenMalukuUtaraGorontaloPSTN KOMPUTER INTERNET
  32. 32. 0.383.40 3.800.606.808.4011.909.500. Tablet Smartphone KomputerJutaUnit201020112012”Konsumen ponsel di Indonesia diperkirakan bakal terus bergesermenggunakan produk smartphone, menyusul penggunaannya yang dinilaimampu mendukung gaya hidup fashion dan aktivitas sosial…”Note: Komputer termasuk didalamnya Laptop/NetbookPertumbuhan Smartphonedi IndonesiaSumber: diolah dari data Harian Bisnis Indonesia (Apkomindo & IDC)
  33. 33. Indonesia Internet Penetration50 55 60 65 70 75 80 85 90 95 100DKI JakartaSulawesi UtaraRiauD.I. YogyakartaKalimantan TimurKep. RiauKalimantan TengahSumatera UtaraSumatera BaratSumatera SelatanBengkuluKep. Bangka BelitungJambiJawa TengahJawa BaratBaliAcehJawa TimurMalukuSulawesi SelatanLampungSulawesi TengahBantenGorontaloSulawesi TenggaraKalimantan SelatanSulawesi BaratKalimantan BaratMaluku UtaraPapua BaratNusa Tenggara TimurNusa Tenggara BaratPapuaInternet Penetration = - 72,33 + 1,15 HDIIndonesia Human Development Index“Propinsi dengan HDI tinggi akan semakin meningkatkan probabilitaspenduduk untuk mengakses internet…”Statistically Significant 0,05
  34. 34. StrategicAreasGreenInnovationLifeInnovationAsiaTourism-Oriented Nation& LocalRevitalizationScience andTechnologyIT OrientedNationEmployment& HumanResourcesFinancialSectorNew Growth Strategy 2010 – 2020
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