Google+ Insights, how Brands can use Google +, facebook vs google+


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As Google debuts Google+ for brands, we look at how brands can use Google+ and also provide some key insights on Facebook vs Google+

Google+ Insights, how Brands can use Google +, facebook vs google+

  1. 1. • Google+ exploits the basic social media functions of sharing thoughts, pictures, links etc.• A key feature is the instant video chat functionality supporting up to 9 users at once• Google+ uses the ‘circles’ function as a USP. It helps you segregate people into various sects like friends, family, colleagues etc. These can then be further segregated into concentrated circles.• Google+ currently boasts of 40 million users• To stumble onto an official brand page, users have to insert a ‘+’ before the name on search.
  2. 2. Customizable Share Options Profile Picture Posts AreCustomizable Viewable ToTabs All Users User Count
  3. 3. Customizable Stationary Profile Picture Customizable Grid Share OptionsUsers Can Be Classified Content Sharing Can BeInto Circles Limited To Circles
  4. 4. Google Circles Facebook Friends• Enables a page to segregate • A user cannot be split into followers groups• Content shared can be limited to • Content shared is visible to all desired circles viewers• The follower must add the brand • Privacy settings restrict the page for the brand to reciprocate brand in interacting with• Creating circles and users communicating is simple
  5. 5. Google+ Hangouts Facebook Video Chat • Enables up to 10 users to • A brand page cannot conduct a video chat simultaneously video chat with followers • For a brand to conduct a video • From an email id, simultaneous chat, the followers need to have chats are not permitted the brand in the circle and vice versa • Group discussions can be carried out Facebook Chats Permits chat only on website. Mobile devices not supported. Group chats permitted on creating of groups. Google+ Huddles Permits android based devices to conduct groupchats on the go
  6. 6. Google+
  7. 7. Account registered to Brand IDEmail ID
  8. 8. Followers need to add a brand to their circlebefore the brand can add them to theirs
  9. 9. Target Content Male- 69% Female- 31% Search shows users are aged between 18-34 years 32+ users have income > $100k**Stat from ComScore
  10. 10. Exploit +1 Stamp of SEO Rankings SEO Rankings approval
  11. 11. Exploit +1Helps followers give their stamp of approval to postsFriends of followers can find content with a +1 given by theuser
  12. 12. Exploit +1Google+ pages with a +1 from a follower rank in accordance to the numberof +1 on the search engineWhen a brand name is googled, the search engine displays the number of+1s it has earned
  13. 13. Exploit +1Google+ boasts of a tab on a users profile which capsulates contentWhen a friend of the user clicks on the tab, he can view content +1d. Thishelps viral content from a brand page