Digital Trends of 2014 - Predictions by FoxyMoron


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2013 has been a stellar year for the digital industry! Here's a few interesting trends for digital enthusiasts to look out for in 2014.

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Digital Trends of 2014 - Predictions by FoxyMoron

  1. 1. Focus will shift from gaining followers and interactions to building Advocacy amongst fans. Brands on Facebook and Twitter will focus on co creating products and content basis user generated content hence paving the way for Repeat Trials, Loyalty and Advocacy
  2. 2. We will now focus on metrics beyond the CPC and CPM Get ready for • • • • Cost per Engaged Viewer Cost per Loyalist Cost of Resolving Queries Cost per Product Mention
  3. 3. People interacting with the app 2,72,323 Those who submitted a design 5,075 Those who won free stencils 800 Inducing Trials & Creating Advocates Those who used the stencils on their wall and shared a picture 400
  4. 4. Smartphone features (such as QR Codes & Apps) and IVR + SMS based services will help brands keep in touch with their fans one on one, with customised content.
  5. 5. The consumer visits an outlet and buys 3 bottles of Foster’s The consumer sends an SMS as per instructions spotted on a standee placed at the outlet The consumer receives an activation code which helps him claim his free bottle of Foster’s SMS 7
  6. 6. • Applications which serve a purpose and are personalised work best on Mobile - It recognises a SmartPhone when it is next to a store - Sends points to the phone each time it passes by the store - Allows the points to be redeemed when at the store
  7. 7. With internet connections getting cheaper and faster, users will be more open to watching videos online. There will be more emphasis on story telling, making communication more image centric and fun. Instagram as a platform may hence gain further popularity.
  8. 8. With the growth of SnapChat and Instagram, more and more advertising starts becoming part of content and context
  9. 9. • At the end of December 2013, the number of mobile internet users in India stood at 103 million out of which 47 million were smartphone users • 76% of all smartphone users in India use WhatsApp, who spend around 33 percent of their browsing time on this application • Whatsapp is the undisputed leader in the smartphone chat segment • As of December 2013, Whatsapp has 400 million active users worldwide
  10. 10. • Mobile money in the form of M-pesa is empowering 67.5 Million Unique Users (those in Tier2 and Tier3 cities) • At the same QR codes and mobile extensions will help smartphone users shop more comfortably using their credit cards.