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#Women lieabout femina's worldwide trending topic


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#Women lieabout femina's worldwide trending topic

  1. 1. The Idea
  2. 2. Objective• Get users on the digital media to start fun conversations aroundFemina•Get follower attention on Twitter for a yet unknown and neweventApproach• Stir buzz by having OTHERS talk about it• Use the ‘trending topic’ effect to “break-into-the-news”• Customize a branded ‘hashtag’: use # symbol - called hashtag –to mark keywords or topics in a Tweet so a user can find andretrieve all topics associated with it
  3. 3. • Word, phrase or topic that is posted (tweeted) multiple times on the social networking and micro blogging service Twitter• Created either through a concerted effort by users or because of an event that prompts people to talk about one specific topic• Trending topics help Twitter and their users to understand what is happening globally or locally and to discover the "most breaking" stories• Important: trend algorithm favors NOVELTY over POPULARITY• Algorithm identifies topics that are IMMEDIATELY popular, rather than topics that have been popular for a while or on a daily basis
  4. 4. Women often tellhorror stories abouthow they’ve been liedto in past relationships,but the truth is thatwomen are as guilty oflying as men, althoughperhaps for differentreasons.
  5. 5. • The Hashtag we chose was #WomenLieAbout• Call-to-action and feel good usage of the # WomenLieAbout hashtag picking on every user on twitter who shares with us what they think women lie about• Virality increased by the minute and the participation shot off roofs
  6. 6. #WomenLieAbout on # 1 trending topic Worldwide India Mumbai #1 trending Twitter handle India 21.02.2012What do Women Lie About?
  7. 7. In the first hour
  8. 8. In 1.5hours
  9. 9. In 1.5hours
  10. 10. In 1.5hours
  11. 11. In 24 hours
  12. 12. In 43 hours
  13. 13. In 48 hours
  14. 14. • # 1 trending topic Mumbai - non-Promoted, unpaid media (!)• # 1 trending topic India - non-Promoted, unpaid media (!)• # 1 trending topic World- non-Promoted, unpaid media (!)• # 1 most popular handle on twitter in Mumbai and Delhi• Exceeded average trending topic lifespan of 11 mins lasting over 48 hours on 1st position in Mumbai. It was fluctuating at the #1- #3 position in India and World wide for the first 24 hours.• It was at #1 position in India, even after 40 hours.• Challenged and overtook big names in terms of trend popularity: #Filmfare Lent Shakti Kapoor Saif Ali Khan Kapil Dev #ReplaceBrandNamesWithPancake
  15. 15. Femina India was trending at the 1st position in Trendsmapat an all India level.
  16. 16. FeminaIndia was trending at the 1st position on Trendsmap in Mumbai. It overtookpopular hashtags like BollywoodMovies and trends like Lent, Shakti Kapoor, VijayMallya etc.
  17. 17. Our tweets fetched us over 7.96 lac impressions and reached out to anaudience of 6.63 lac followers Worldwide.
  18. 18. We managed to get 595 retweets and 9 mentions by the total audience ontwitter.
  19. 19. Top 10 people whotweeted to us andhave the maximumno. of followers.
  20. 20. On Day 2 our tweets fetched us over 3.01 lac impressions and reachedout to an audience of 2.34 lac followers in India.
  21. 21. We managed to get 309 retweets and 9 mentions by the total audienceon twitter.
  22. 22. Top 10 people who tweeted to Top 10 people who tweeted tous and have the maximum no. us and had the maximum no. ofof followers. impressions.
  23. 23. • Twitter followers increased by 47 in two days• FeminaIndia Handle was the top trending handle in Mumbai and Delhi on 21st Feb• #WomenLieAbout trended in Mumbai, India and Worldwide• In totality we trended for 48 hours• All we can say is that, “This was a truly ‘Foxy’ Trend!”