Emerging Platforms (Feb 2011)


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An overview of the emerging platforms in 2012 that brands should sit up and notice.

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Emerging Platforms (Feb 2011)

  1. 1. Emerging PlatformsWWW.ANALOGFOLK.COM
  2. 2. Social networks areproviding the primary communications platforms.
  3. 3. And they aren‘t limited to Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.
  4. 4. 1Google+
  5. 5. A social network designed to…―transform the overall Googleexperience — weaving identity and sharing into all of our products‖
  6. 6. It sits at the core of Google‘s services “Google’s newly one-bucket data system will make its infant social network, Google+, more useful and relevant, both for surfacing thingsyou care above the chatter, and, perhaps, getting your profile and posts in front of those who might care.”
  7. 7. *pssst…. it‘s a bit like Facebook*
  8. 8. It‘s grown quickly (very quickly) since launch >90 million users >60% active = >54m active users
  9. 9. But despite a huge user base, some brands aren‘t paying attention.
  10. 10. Why???Look at what it can do…
  11. 11. A huge search advantageGoogle+ Pages will appear in the first few results (above Facebook pages)even when they have only been live for a few hours.A ‗+‘ before a brand name will trigger instant search results for the page
  12. 12. AdvocacyA ‗+1‘ is Google‘s equivalent to a Facebook‗Likes‘. Google+ pools +1s from around theweb. ―Consumers will be able to see all therecommendations your business has received,whether they are looking at an ad, a searchresult or your page, meaning your +1‘s willreach not only the 40 million users of Google+,but all the people who come to Google everyday.‖
  13. 13. Better Search ResultsCreate a page to reap the benefits of (biased!) searchresultsAdvocacy (+1s)A ‗+1‘ is Google‘s equivalent to a Facebook ‗Likes‘.Google+ pools +1s from around the web. ―Consumerswill be able to see all the recommendations yourbusiness has received, whether they are looking at an ad,a search result or your page, meaning your +1‘s willreach not only the 40 million users of Google+, but allthe people who come to Google every day.‖HangoutsGive fans access to the people at the heart of the brandallowing a live debate or questions and answersAdvertisingGoogle+ will recognise topics within conversations onthe platform meaning advertisers can capitalise onhighly targeted audiences
  14. 14. Intelligent targetingGoogle+ will recognise topics within conversations on the platform meaning advertisers can capitalise on highly targeted audiences
  15. 15. Users…• Segment friends• Share photos, videos & links• Tag and edit photos using Google owned Picasa• Sort friends into groups called ‗Circles‘ enabling content curation. So you just share your party photos with your Circles allows users to segment their friends, just as they do in real life. party friends, and work photos with work friends.• Discover, share & discuss new content via Sparks• Speak to up to 10 friends in one videocall Hangouts allow up to ten users to talk in one videocall
  16. 16. Brands…• Share product news• Share exclusive photos & videos with fans• Start and curate conversations• Discover advocates• Give fans access to the heart of the brand – people eg David Beckham, Obama, Branson The Muppets page David Beckham announces his underwear range
  17. 17. Design options are limited lowering the barrier to entry (no fancy tabs currently supported)
  18. 18. Photo galleries are rich with full screen slideshows
  19. 19. Photo galleries are rich with full screen slideshows
  20. 20. Commenting, sharing, +1s are enabled on photos
  21. 21. 2LinkedIn
  22. 22. YOU The leading online professional social network150 million members 105% YoY revenue growth Source: LinkedIn demographic statistics Photo: InMaps
  23. 23. YOUBut why is it relevant to brands…? Source: LinkedIn demographic statistics Photo: InMaps
  24. 24. LinkedIn is moving from an online CV service…to a business platform
  25. 25. What you already know• A place to connect to industry peers• A place to create a professional profile for potential recruiters• A place to find job opportunities
  26. 26. What you may not knowLinkedIn Groups:• Participate in relevant industry discussions• Find top influencers• Create open or private discussions• There are more than 1m groups
  27. 27. What you may not knowLinkedIn Today:A daily newspaper of the most shared articles on LinkedIn
  28. 28. What you may not knowLinkedIn Apps:• Share your work & articles, work collaboratively• Key apps: Amazon.com Reading List, Google Presentation & Huddle, TripIt, BlogLink, SlideShare
  29. 29. What you may not knowLinkedIn Follow:• Follow individual companies• Companies can post updates, product news and more• Adjust frequency and delivery method of updates
  30. 30. Best Practice• Grow a base: Allow users to ‗follow‘ your company• Post job opportunities: allow prospects to apply via the LinkedIn applications process• Design a page: Use customization to stand out and reflect the company image Take advantage of page functionality to make your page bespoke
  31. 31. Best Practice• Showcase products: create a tab to showcase your products or services• Enable advocacy: add ‗Recommendations‘ to your site and profile to give your advocates a voice• Discuss: start and own a group where discussions around your Volkswagen India showcases it‘s products using unmistakable VW branding product or services can take place
  32. 32. 3Pinterest
  33. 33. A social discovery engine. A place where users add images from around the web onto themed virtual pinboards.
  34. 34. Weddings
  35. 35. Fashion
  36. 36. Travel
  37. 37. FMCG
  38. 38. Even Conference Guides
  39. 39. • Launched in May 2011• The fastest independent social site to hit 10 million monthly unique visitors• Feb 2012: 13 million monthly users• Average user spends 98 minutes per month on the site (CF 2.5 hours on Tumblr, 7 hours on Facebook)
  40. 40. • Not early adopters• 4:1 ratio female:male• $25,000 - $75,000 a year earners• Mainstream appeal
  41. 41. 3Path
  42. 42. What is it?• The intimate social network. Restricted to 150 friends (originally 50) the mobile-only app is designed for you to share experiences with only your closest friends and family.Who uses it?• Consumers only• There is no business model currentlyWhy is it important?• Expresses the importance of intimacy within social networks• 1 million users and growing• A mobile only social network
  43. 43. • Post a photo or video for friends to see • Add an Instagram-style filter to photos & videos • Check in to a location (optional export to Foursquare) • Check in to music • Export photos and checkins to Facebook, Twitter & Tumblr • Check in to friendsView your friends‘ posts in your timelines & comment Take a photo or video Add caption, friends, location & add filters
  44. 44. 3Retail Discovery:Fancy & SVPPLY
  45. 45. What is it?• Akin to Pinterest, Fancy & SVPPLY are social scrapbooks designed to act as wishlists• Find anything online and add them to your lists via a bookmarkletWho uses it?• Consumers and brandsWhy is it important?• Signposts the emerging trend of retail curation• High traffic to retail sites provides genuine ROI
  46. 46. 4Second Screen
  47. 47. Why is it important?• Viewers are already using second screen to augment their viewing• 51% of UK X Factor viewers used Facebook as they watched the programme and an estimated 60% of Superbowl 2012‘s 100m viewers using a second screen• An opportunity for entertainment brands to augment their shows• An opportunity for third-parties to advertise products, music and services seen in the show
  48. 48. What is it?• Platforms designed to be used whilst watching television and films• Provide additional content or enable social conversation around a show or film• Predominantly designed for mobile and tablet but for web tooWho uses it?• Consumers and entertainment brands
  49. 49. Ones to watch• Zeebox (recently acquired by BSkyB)• Into_Now (from Yahoo)• Gracenote• Shazam• GetGlue & Miso
  50. 50. What can it do?• Augment the storyline with key stats provided at specific moments during shows• Enable live discussion, polls, voting• Deliver a list of products on screen (fashion, automotive etc…)• Deliver a list of music featured in the show• Deliver a list of actors and crew in the show• Deliver tweets from actors and crew during watching akin to a DVD commentary• Sync (via audio) with time-shifted shows so viewers get relevant content at the right time• Provide data for sports and films (from IMDB)• Add shows to streaming services eg Netflix, LoveFilm