Rel=You: How to Take Advantage of Google’s New Emphasis on Quality Authors - Matt Schulz


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  • I’m Matt. I’m the VP of Content…. Etc.
  • Will explain the three key elements of this image. (Picture, byline and “more by” line)
  • Will zoom through this. Should be pretty obvious, but worth quick mention.
  • And once it works, here’s what you’ll see immediately. (Need to update screengrab to include “work” link, too)
  • Will talk about rel=author briefly as being the key bit of code for the process, and will also describe what “contributor” means.
  • Will talk aboutrel=me briefly as being another key bit of code for the process. Will again mentionrel=author and contributor.
  • Here’s my boss’ bio page. The G+ link is in the form of the logo on the page, includes rel=me code
  • Rel=You: How to Take Advantage of Google’s New Emphasis on Quality Authors - Matt Schulz

    1. 1. GOOGLE WANTS your1 QUALITY HOW TO TAKE ADVANTAGE CONTENT! AND GET NOTICED FINCON12, Denver, Colorado, September 8, 2012 A look at the ins and outs of Google’s authorship program and why you should care about it.
    2. 2. Who am I?Aspiring author. Veteran journalist, now VP ofContent with Evangelist forthe Writers League of Texas. Snarky sports fan.Proud Austinite.
    3. 3. 3 I’m ALSO… DAD More info:
    4. 4. WE WANT TO BE NOTICED4 • Unlike my son, we want to people to notice. – More readers – More page views – More ad clicks – More money • That’s where Google authorship comes in
    5. 5. What is authorship?5 For writers: A way to connect your identity to your content on the Internet and get noticed. For Google: A way to identify the best content from the best writers and make sure it gets noticed.
    6. 6. HOW does it look?6 6
    7. 7. GIVING THE WEB A FACE7 “The main thing that we are trying to address is the faceless nature of the web.” - Google’s Sagar Kamdar in an interview with
    8. 8. not just about looks8 • Images draw eyeballs – and clicks • Byline links gives air of credibility • “More by” links mean exposure for older stories by author
    9. 9. 9 GOOD FOR SEO Quality Authors Still evolving, but here’s Higher Author Rank where things are Higher Page Rank headed… Higher Overall Search Rank
    10. 10. Good for you, too10 • Again, still evolving, but: – Writing for reputable sites makes you more reputable – Reputable writers make sites more reputable • Can also help separate you from copycats, thieves
    11. 11. 11 How does it work? With a lot of help from Google Plus
    12. 12. ESTABLISHING IDENTITY12 • Connecting stories to profile pages – Author establishes link between themselves and their article via their Google+ profile – Google confirms author’s identity – Google says, “He’s legit” – Google adds picture & links to search results (though it can be sporadic)
    13. 13. The real reason?13 • Helping Google+ in battle vs Facebook, some say – Fledgling social media tool struggling – Google creates way to integrate G+ into SEO – People now have great incentive to join G+, which they’d otherwise dismiss
    14. 14. 14 Whatever the reason, the reality is this: This matters to Google, and it should matter to you (whether you like it or not)
    15. 15. 15 Start with great content • Google is focused on quality content • Quality content gets ranked higher, others suffer: – Shallow or sloppy content – Stolen or plagiarized content • But you’re probably already writing strong content
    16. 16. 16 Get a Google Plus profile • Profile should include: – Name (matches bylines) – Headshot (No logos) – A short bio – Links to sites you write for (in “Contributor to” section) – Your +1s
    17. 17. MAKING THE CONNECTION17 • There are three main options: – Just an email address – The Google two-step – The triple play
    18. 18. 1. Just YOUR EMAIL18
    19. 19. “Contributor to” link
    20. 20. REMEMBER THIS…20 • Email address must match site URL • Byline name must match G+ profile name • When verified: – Email appears in “Work” part of G+ profile – Link appears in “Contributor to” part of G+ profile
    21. 21. 21 2. The Google two- step Article Article page page “Rel=author” Website Google+ Google+ profile home profile page page page “Contributor”
    22. 22. REL=“WHAT?”22 • • <A HREF=“” rel=“author”>By Christian Hudspeth</A> • Place in the byline or a tagline
    23. 23. CHECKING YOUR WORK23 • • Shows if you’re verified as an author • Can be inconsistent • Links to more info available after presentation
    24. 24. REMEMBER THIS…24 • Must create the loop between site and G+ – Links from site to G+ – Link back from G+ to site • Byline name must match G+ profile name • Use rich snippets tool to test coding
    25. 25. 3. The triple play25 Article Article page page “Rel=author” “Rel=me” Google+ Author Rel=“me” profile bio page page “Contributor”
    26. 26. Author bio page26
    27. 27. ME, ME, ME27 • Coded same way as rel=author • • <A HREF=“” rel=“me”>G+ ICON GOES HERE</A>
    28. 28. REMEMBER THIS…28 • Must create the loop between site and G+ • Byline name must match G+ profile name • Using G+ logo for link is good idea • Use rich snippets tool to test coding
    29. 29. Which should you use?29 Google says, “They’re equal. Just use the easiest one”
    30. 30. Which is the easiest?30 • 1- or 2-person blog: Use email method – Two-step would work, too; triple play = overkill • More complex sites: Use the triple play – Email method or 2-step could work, too
    31. 31. MAKING IT HAPPEN31 • All methods have their quirks • Wordpress has many widgets and add-ons to help with implementation • Recommendations available after presentation
    32. 32. IN CONCLUSION…32 • Good for both you and your site – Improved visibility – Improved credibility – Improved search ranking, eventually • Don’t have to be an SEO or coding expert
    33. 33. Want more?33 Helpful links, implementation documentation, information on blog plug-ins and more available at:
    34. 34. ANY34 QUESTIONS?
    35. 35. I SINCERELY35 THANK YOU! Matt Schulz @matthewschulz