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Google+ : Changing The Way We Share


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Google+ recently launched their own social network. This presentation is an introduction to the basics of how to use, why it is important to integrated digital marketing strategies, and what is in store for the future.

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Google+ : Changing The Way We Share

  1. 1. Google +Changing the way we share. + Changing the way we share.
  2. 2. Christian Adams @christiangadamsAccount Manager @ Principal @ Photographer @ Designer @
  3. 3. I have Social Media fatigue. NOT ANOTHER SOCIAL NETWORK!!!!
  4. 4. GOOGLE+ WILL BECOME THECORE OF GOOGLE’S SERVICES “The assumption is that everything will move over to using the Plus infrastructure over time” -Eric Schmidt, Google’s Chairman
  5. 5. Google Sites attract more than 1 billion visitorsworldwide each month and accounts for10.4% of all time spent online. - Source: comScore Media Metrix, Worldwide, June 2011
  6. 6. 20 Million Beta Testers (in 3 weeks)+1 Button is on pace to replace the “Like” Button
  7. 7. Context + Content + Convenience
  8. 8. +calendar
  9. 9. Google+ Socialized Ecosystem Connect Discover Publish Entertain Promote Calendar Search Blogger Blogger Blogger Docs Latitude Youtube Youtube Youtube News Picasa Picasa Picasa Gmail Reader Music Feedburner Groups Maps/Places Places G+ Circles, (Sparks) Adwords Chat, Translate Checkout Voice, Android Market Hangouts, +1 Button Huddle PostRank (Analytics) Platform apps, extensions, developer tools (Android, iOS, Chrome, etc.)Source: G. Grover, Steal ThunderVersion 3.0, 7-26-11
  10. 10. Circles are the new segmentation and collaboration tool. 1rst Gen 2nd Gen Hangouts Circles 3rd Gen Video Conferencing/Webinars Document Sharing Screen Sharing Whiteboards
  11. 11. “Those crazy kids at Google, their ironic metaphors,and renting a Wave pool to celebrate Google+.” -Christian Adams, Sigma Creative
  12. 12. Symmetric SharingYou Facebook MeYou Twitter MeGoogle’s Asymmetric SharingYou Me
  13. 13.
  14. 14. Social Search is about organic relevancy and improving results. - Amit Singhal, Google
  15. 15. Websites Using Googles +1 Button Get 3.5x the Google+ Visits -Hubspot 50% more than Twitter -Rand Fishkin, Resource: Data.aspx#ixzz1UqNewnYw
  16. 16. Does it replace your blog?
  17. 17.’s coming here.
  18. 18. Business Pages/Verified ProfilesThis is my daughter’s wallpaper. Justin Bieber/Lady Gaga I swear.
  19. 19. Pros Cons• #1 Search Engine • Recreating Your Social Graph• Free SaaS applications • Duplicate Content Filtering• Open API (Not Yet) • Comment Filtering (Mute Post)• Better Conversations/Communication • Target Marketing (Not Yet)• Relevancy • No Business Pages (Yet)• Better Business Pages • #nohashtags• Better Market Segmentation •Separate Login for Google Apps• Better Ad Service• Decreased Bounce Rates (GUI)• Privacy Controls• Responsive Project Team
  20. 20. Guides Mashable’s Guide to Google+ Google+ How-To DocumentLifehacker’s Make The Most of Google+ +forGoogle What’s New in Google+ Circle Sunday GPlus Resource Profile Link Shorteners PlusYa Member Directories Social Statistics Google+ Counter Recommended Users gglpls Find People On Plus Extensions Surplus Google Plus Me PhotoZoom Start Google Plus Usability Boost Plus Minus Reply To Author Publish Sync
  22. 22. Christian Adamscadams@sigmacreativeonline.com614-285-7565Google+@christiangadams Creative Marketing Communications