Twitter in india


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Want a broad overview on Twitter in India? Here are some insights from FoxyMoron.

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Twitter in india

  1. 1. Rank in the worldIndia ranks in the top 6 countries with a little over 10 Million Accounts.
  2. 2. Top 20 Countries in terms of engagementThe Global average activity rate being 27%, India’s activity rate is 19% i.e. -9% from the average.
  3. 3. DemographicsOut of the total Indian population on twitter, 69% are maleand 31% are female. Majority of the Indian youth audienceis on twitter – a high number of these are graduates (36%) indicating that it is a ‘smarter’ social medium.
  4. 4. Demographics Majority users are from Maharashtra, UP and Tamil Nadu.Out of which the highest users are from Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai.
  5. 5. Page ViewsTwitter in India has 22.6 Million page views in the past one month.