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Social Media Strategy & Facebook


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Short discussion on my journey how to manage the company to enter the social media and launch their Facebook presence

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Social Media Strategy & Facebook

  1. 1. Click to edit Master title styleSOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGYAND FACEBOOK Jussi Wacklin Managing Director Own. Bought. Earned. Ltd.
  2. 2. Social Media TrendsClick to edit Master title style Social Network usage has exploded. Now one out of six person in the world is involved with social networks Source Search Engine Journal
  3. 3. Companies Master title styleClick to edit Using Social Media This means that more brands are populating this space Source Search Engine Journal
  4. 4. B2B to edit Master title styleClickMarketing Investment While B2B marketing is still led by traditional tactics, like events, the digital is increasing its proportion continuously Source Google
  5. 5. Starting PointClick to edit Master title style If you use social media to broadcast your marketing propaganda, the likelihood of your success is from slim to none.
  6. 6. My Social Media Strategy JourneyClick to edit Master title style • 2006, we define a digital framework (O-B- E) • November 2007, Facebook introduces Pages… • Soon after, our FB presence is established… • Global is leading the roll-out initially… • Our social presences spin out of control… • Social Media Guidelines are born… • Digital resourcing takes place… • Objectives and metrics kick in… • Social engagement becomes a routine…
  7. 7. Managing Online PresencesClick to edit Master title style General Global Brand dilemma • Hundreds of markets • 80 + languages • Hundreds of products • Thousands of workers How to be locally relevant while maintaining brand unity, centralized asset production with cost effective tools and processes? Without many exceptions, most global brands have 100+ social presences, where more than half are poorly managed. Moreover, consumer created presences add another layer of complexity
  8. 8. Brands edit Master title styleClick to Overrate Acquisition Brands love Fans because of • Sign of popularity • Source of insight • Allows improved engagement • Can provide increased revenues • Can drive loyalty • Nurture advocacy Earned Media Value • (Fans*posts) * CPM 1000 • 1M fans * daily post = 30 M impressions • 30M / 1000 *5€ CPM = 150,000 € • 150,000€ * 12 months = 1,8M € • 1,8M / 1M fans = 1,8€ • Right? Not Quite.
  9. 9. Facebook Engagement styleClick to edit Master title Tactics Tactics • Posts • Competitions • Polling • Freebies • Games • Photos and Videos • Exclusive offers • Online Stores • Customer Support • CRM sign-ups • Social graph profiling • Links to Corporate Blogs • Events
  10. 10. Customer Care & RetentionClick to edit Master title style Social Customer Services • Improve reach • Forums to share expertise • Link to downloads • Find contact details • Appointment booking services Challenges • How to deal issues in public • Organizational silos • Care resources and competencies • Customer case progress monitoring • Duplication of content
  11. 11. Why to edit “like” brandsClick people Master title style Source: Exact Target/CoTweet September 2010
  12. 12. Resourcing Master titleClick to edit the efforts style • Global presences need roughly 1 full-time employee • Local rarely has the manpower to operate earned media sites so they outsource the people • The whole social media investment is becoming significant while it’s still a fraction from the bought media budgets • Serious effort needed to value different digital media to optimize the investment • Shift expected from bought media more towards own and earned media
  13. 13. Click to edit Master title style Considerations
  14. 14. Facebook PostsClick to edit Master title style • Majority of post responses (often more than 80%) take place within 3 hours of posting  WHAT you post is the most important factor  WHEN you post seems to impact the engagement • The more often you post, the wider reach  But Unlikes increase too (up to 50% when posting 2 times daily compared to 1 time only)  Some new evidence shows that hide post may reduce the
  15. 15. Look beyond FacebookClick to edit Master title style • Social networks  Orkut, Qzone, StumbleUpon • Video sharing  Youtube, Metacafe, Vimeo • Photos  Flickr • Documents  Slideshare • Professional networks  LinkedIn • Blogs  Technorati, Wordpress
  16. 16. Integrate Social Media styleClick to edit Master titlepresences 1. Discover an 2. State your own 3. Post Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn 4. Link Youtube interesting and view point on it videos, also from trending topic using your blog: updates with strong headline, your partner sites if relevant to your pics, video, they are available brand commentary ask a question or feedback, then follow up 5. Follow similar discussion 6. Make social 7. Let your social stories threads, participate, presences/accounts as travel: widgets, Badges, comment, re-tweet other visible as your website Feeds, Share buttons people’s stories. Give URL, including ATL and network support, do not Retail just self-promote
  17. 17. ConclusionClick to edit Master title style • Set clear objectives and analyze results • Resource and train your social media correctly • Keep testing, learning and improving your tactics • Remember to listen , not just post • Never get too self-centered • Give love to get love • Integrate social with the rest of digital • Integrate digital with the rest of marketing • Stop replacing time with money
  18. 18. Click to edit Master title styleINFO@OWNBOUGHTEARNED.COM